The miracle of Heal N Soothe

     The answer most of us have to pain is; go to the pharmacy and get over the counter pain killers. Doesn’t it bother you that the pain often comes back when the pain killer wears off?

The feeling of pain you have when you get hurt comes as a result of healing. When you get hurt, the nervous system sends a message to the brain. The brain in turn sends a message to the white blood cells which will rush to the hurt region to create a mesh like structure that traps nutrients, blood and other useful components from spilling out. Since blood flow will be restrained for a while, you start feeling pain in the affected area. Once the healing process is complete, a message is sent to the brain which in turn releases proteolytic enzyme that dissolves the mesh created by the white blood cells. Once the mesh is dissolved, blood can circulate properly and as a result, the pain goes away.

At the age of 27, the body’s rate of producing the proteolytic enzyme starts declining. This means that in older people, it takes much longer for the mesh to dissolve. Therefore, a cut that would cause a 20 year old pain for three hours may cause a 60 year old pain for three days. The answer to this is not pain killers; medicine that tricks the brain into thinking the pain is non-existent. The answer is to take medicine that helps dissolve the mesh. By taking pain killers, what you are doing is masking the pain, not solving it.

Heal N Soothe is medicine made out of natural components such as the proteolytic enzyme, Papain, Boswellia, Turmeric, Ginger and Bromelain. Heal N Sooth helps the body dissolve the mesh formed by the white blood cells during healing and therefore relieving you of pain. This gives your body the chance to deal with the pain naturally without introducing many foreign chemicals.

What makes Heal N Soothe the best pain reliever in the market is the fact that it is purely natural. Other medicines out there consist of some chemical components. This means that after you ingest the tablets, your kidney will have to work really hard to get rid of the toxic chemicals. The danger in this is the possibility of overworking the kidney. If the kidneys get constantly overworked trying to clear your system of the chemical toxins that come from the medicine you take, they could fail. Since Heal N Soothe is purely natural, there are no toxic chemicals that will need to be expelled from the body. Therefore it does not pose any danger to your health.

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Heal N Soothe Takes Care of the Pain and Strengthens the Body

For most of us, when we feel pain, we reach for the nearest painkillers to get rid of it, but that is just a temporary relief. Heal N Soothe actually works hard to help heal the body in order to make it better and healthier, so it is able to defend itself from ailments, aches, and pains.

Our bodies produce what is known as proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes are our body’s natural defense against inflammation that sets in whenever we get injured. Our bodies do not produce as many of these powerful enzymes as we age and we have more inflammation because of it. Age is not the only reason we may have a lot more inflammation and things like allergies, medications, toxins in our environment, and infections can all contribute to inflammation. Inflammation can cause damage to our bodies and can actually cause additional pain in the form of arthritis, cataracts, sinusitis, fatigue, and colitis. It can even cause hair loss, heart disease. Alzheimer’s and can even bring on a stroke.

Heal N Soothe contains many natural ingredients that will effectively combat inflammation and get your bodies healthy and strong again. It only costs about $50 a bottle which is enough for a month’s supply and is available online at Amazon and on the Heal N Soothe website. Heal N Soothe is a natural way to manage inflammation, is not toxic to the liver as many painkillers are, and does not cause unwanted side effects. It is safe to take and effective.

Heal N Soothe contains powerful ingredients like bromelain, turmeric extract, proteolytic enzymes, Boswellia extract, papain, rutin, devil’s claw, and ginger extract. These ingredients combined make it a powerful supplement that cleanses the blood, kills viruses, and helps to strengthen the immune system.

It is important to have the blood cleansed because excess fibrin can build up and actually thicken the blood. If you have thick blood, you are much more likely to get painful and life-threatening blood clots. Having a healthy immune system means that you can stay healthy and you will not get sick from every little virus that comes along so you will have much less downtime. Heal N Soothe also helps to break down fibrosis and scar tissue that can build up in your bodies over time. This can greatly reduce the strain on your organs and can help to keep everything working smoothly.

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The Real Estate Market in NJ with Boraie

As published in NY Times, the crisis of rising real estate markets has moved on to New Jersey. And as per the real estate company Zillow, New Jersey outdid majority of the states by having the uppermost rates and shares of residential mortgages, which are delinquent and are for foreclosure. This scenario shows that the New Jersey real estate markets are following the rest of the country.

On the other hand, the lowering rates of foreclosures and delinquency are considered significant signs of better household formations, gains in home prices and higher rates of employment. Hence, it is expected that the positive trends will carry on as the real estate industry change its concentration in establishing and solving shortages along with the looming crises in home affordability and the increasing number of markets.

Lawrence Yun, Real Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, commented that housing shortages may increase which could escalate into a housing emergency if the gap between housing demand and housing supplies continue to widen. Economists are pessimistic that the real estate will soon recover in New Jersey since there was a fall in the issuance of housing permits in May. However, economic reports indicate that home prices are expected to rise, thus, selling circumstances will improve in the future. But the fact is, there are plenty of vacant houses which are not being put on the market just yet because homeowners are expecting to make higher profits once the selling conditions become better.

Regardless of the collapsed real estate market in New Jersey, towns saw high demands for housing since prices in the cities have skyrocketed within the past months. The housing trend is seen in areas that can easily access the transit and this feature is attractive to future homeowners who would want to be near the NJ Transit. Capital Economists expect that the real estate market will change since higher interest rates and lower house prices will lead to more homes being shelved.

The constant creation of jobs is expected to increase the demands for housing, although higher home prices and high rents have been constantly rising. Moreover, mortgage rates remain low allowing more mortgage credits. All of these factors will certainly reduce the housing escalation in State Theatre New Jersey.

Boraie Development is a real estate development company located in New Jersey. It specializes in projects that attract financial partners, tenants, and residents who will commit to a long lasting working partnership. It offers a wide variance of real estate development services aimed at providing unrivaled service to existing and potential clients.

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Top Artists Want Tour Manager Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is tour manager and stage engineer for many of the top musical artists and bands. The tours take him from location to location, moving from one to the other in very short periods of time. The setting for each show has to be perfectly orchestrated to ultimately deliver a flawless, on-stage sound experience. This is just a part of what Clayton does.


He attended Central Michigan University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Theater Design and Production. He achieved an MBA at the University of Michigan. Soon after that, he moved to Minneapolis for a position as production manager for Evangelist Billy Graham.


After several years, Clayton was very happy to get the chance to go on tour with Marilyn Manson, which he did for 3 years. He shone with his technical expertise, knowledge, attention to detail, precision timing, and everything else he put into every production. His career took off.


Clayton Hutson, with 25 years of experience, is well known, and much sought after by some of the biggest names in the industry. He has worked as tour manager for the Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Nettles, Pink, Alice in Chains, Aaron Lewis and Staind, and New Kids on the Block, just to name a few. The tours have taken him around the world.


Clayton Hutson uses the DiGiCo brand consoles, and he likes the portability of the SD11 model. The company introduced its SD11 console in 2011, and it was first used during the Aaron Lewis tour that year. Clayton was the tour manager for Aaron Lewis, founder of Staind. He had used earlier model consoles by DiGiCo, such as the SD7 and the SD8. He was anxious to try out the SD 11 because of its smaller size, which he felt would be more convenient when traveling.


“I also had the very first, hand-built D5 out with Marilyn Manson almost ten years ago. Considering the volatility of that artist, taking a new console out was a risk… but it worked out fantastically. DiGiCo had my back then and I’ve been a supporter ever since,” Clayton Hutson commented. Learn more:’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html


How Eric Lefkofsky’s New Business Is Helping Those With Cancer

Tempus, Inc. is a company that was founded to help doctors treat cancer much more effectively. It built a huge database of past cancer patient’s whole genomic sequences and DNA as well as RNA sequencing of tumors and other medical information. This database can be accessed by doctor’s which through machine learning helps them pinpoint what cancer therapy will work most effectively for each individual patient. This eliminates much of the guesswork that doctors have had to go through in the past when treating patients with cancer and it is far more efficient.

Tempus is based in Chicago, Illinois. It was co-founded by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky and a long-time business partner. When helping someone he knows go through cancer treatment Lefkofsky was surprised to learn how antiquated much of the technology was that they were using. As he has been in the technology industry for over 20 years he saw a great need to change this situation so that patients would be more likely to have a favorable outcome when it comes to cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is also the chief executive officer of this medical technology company. Since the company was founded in 2015 it has developed collaborations with a number of universities across the United States. He has also partnered with the majority of America’s top cancer centers. The ultimate goal is to help everyone diagnosed with cancer being treated with the online database that his company has built.

As an entrepreneur in the technology sector, Eric Lefkofsky had founded or co-founded a number of companies. These include Groupon, Lightbank, Mediabank, and Echo Global Logistics amongst others. He earned his undergraduate degree in 1991 from the University of Michigan and also attended this academic institution’s law school where he graduated in 1994 with his law degree.

In 2006 Eric Lefkofsky, along with his wife Liz, established a charitable organization called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. They donate money to nonprofits around the world such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, John Hopkins Medicine, Stanford Medicine, the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities, and Teach for America amongst many others.

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How Important the USHEALTH Group is to Americans

The necessity to enjoy health coverage is a subject of consideration to everyone. Most ailments and accidents cannot be prevented, and for this reason, health insurance is important. There are a number of health insurance firms in America but very few get to provide affordable and flexible insurance plans. USHEALTH Group has been in the insurance market for more than 50 years and the reputation speaks for itself.

About USHEALTH Group Inc

USHEALTH Group is a family of different health companies that offer quality health insurance to Americans. The group has over a half century of collective health provision experience. They focus on availing flexible, secure, and affordable health insurance plans. The brand is focussed at instilling hope to the common citizen, and especially to those who cannot meet the high hospital charges. They prioritize on making positive health contributions in the lives of many. Choosing USHEALTH Group offers you the following advantages:

  • Affordable and reliable health provision
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Informed advice on the most suitable health options and cover to suit you and your family.

The group is headed by a very able CEO, Troy McQuagge. Over the years of its operation, the group has managed to serve over 15 million individuals. Learn more at about US Health Group.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

Through its insurance subsidiaries, principally Freedom Life and National Foundation Life, the group is dedicated to availing health insurance to the vulnerable American. The companies offer insurance plans for individual and groups at flexible rates. With such options, you have the freedom to cover all members of your family or workforce under flexible payment plans. The companies under USHEALTH Group are fully licensed to offer quality health coverage. There are many market options that you can choose from ranging from specific illness to accidents, and they include:

USHEALTH Group Location

  • Dental health coverage
  • Vision insurance
  • Critical illness cover
  • Disability cover
  • Income protector
  • Term life cover

The group’s head office is at Fort Worth Texas. You can also contact them via the subsidiaries, namely Freedom Life Insurance, National Foundation, and Enterprise Life Insurance companies. All of them are located in Texas.


The role that USHEALTH Group plays in health insurance is fundamental. With the availability of affordable and flexible payment plans and insurance options, the American community is happy to enjoy the provisions from the group. In spite of the high competition, the group’s leadership prioritize on quality health insurance to maintain the brand’s market relevance and reputation. Read more:


Barbara Stokes Is Leading Green Structure Homes Successfully Through A Complex Industry

Green Structure Homes is a big name when it comes to disaster relief and the company is headquartered in the U.S. The disaster relief industry is a difficult one to survive in, given the unpredictability of the field, there are no specific strategies or management techniques to ensure results or progress for the long term. For long periods out of the year, there may be no business at all for a company in disaster relief, which is where many tend to run dry and go out of business. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Green Structure Homes success is thanks to their great team and leader, Barbara Stokes, who has decades of experience in the business field. Her dedication and strategic thinking has allowed her to make her dream a reality and created a successful company in a challenging industry, proving her capability as a leader. Follow Barbara Stokes on


As the CEO of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes is regularly on the lookout for new ideas and strategies to keep up the innovation and she also maintains the day to day operations. Barbara’s expertise in the industry has allowed her to seamlessly expand on the services of the company while improving on current services, including construction and building design. With all of their modular and mobile homes, Green Structure Homes allows for on-site construction choices for their projects all over the U.S. With their reputable name, Green Structure Homes has landed several contracts with government and the private sector but also work with public and commercial residences as well.



In recent years, the demands for a company like Green Structure Homes has grown, as such Barbara has developed a strong understanding of the need to innovate and meet the needs of her growing clients. According to Barbara, Green Structure Homes housing solutions are friendly for the environment, energy efficient, manufactured with cutting-edge technology, and highly economical. With the homes lower maintenance and insurance costs, the overall cost of the modular and mobile homes is very affordable. All these low costs may worry some in the interest of quality, but there is no need to worry since Green Structure homes are made of quality materials. They are even resistant to the weather, keeping out pests, mold, and more. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Why Dr. David Samadi Prefers Surgery to Radiation when Treating Prostate Cancer

Over 160 thousand new cases of prostate cancer were uncovered in 2017, according to the National Cancer Institute. Over 26 thousand men succumbed to death as a result of prostate cancer during the same year. The American Cancer Society predicts that over 164 thousand new cases of prostate cancer will be confirmed in 2018. The cancer is predominant in older men—65 years or older; In fact, six men out of 10 diagnosed with prostate cancer are aged 65 or older.

Many prominent men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. They include Colin Powell, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, etc. Romney case is the most recent, having been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. One thing is common among the three men: they beat prostate cancer. Romney, just like Powell and Kerry, chose surgery as opposed to radiation for treatment.

Dr. David Samadi, a renowned urologist with a bias in favor of the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, is convinced that surgery is the way to go, concerning the treatment of prostate cancer. The physician, presently based at Lenox Hill Hospital, recently penned an informative article at Huff Post contributor’s column alluding that surgery is superior to radiation, especially when prostate cancer is localized—affecting only the prostate gland. According to Dr. David Samadi, men that opt for radiation instead of surgery are not only twice more likely to die from prostate cancer but also more likely to die sooner than men that settle on surgery as their preferred treatment method.

Apart from the alarming statistics that Dr. David Samadi put forward, he argues that radiation as a mode of combating prostate cancer is likely to result in secondary cancer. Cancer of the bladder and that of the rectum may arise as a result of the harmful effects of radiation. Even more worrying is the revelation that physicians find it extremely difficult to perform surgery on men who opted for radiation and later on experienced a resurgence of prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi’s parting shot to men—diagnosed with prostate cancer—is to strive to find an experienced and qualified urologist, who will guide them to beating back prostate cancer.

More about Dr. David Samadi

He is also known as a celebrity doctor, owing to his frequent appearances on television, the internet, social media, etc. He is in charge of urology and robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Prior to joining Lenox, Dr. David Samadi was served as a senior fellow regarding prostate cancer at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

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Lime Crime Is Redefining Self-Expression

When Kim Walls, Global General Manager for Lime Crime Cosmetics, began making plans to launch the product in China, she knew she would face a few obstacles. One of the biggest hurdles was shipping. Chinas market mandates that all cosmetics be tested on animals before they can be sold. Lime Crime is a vegan brand and does not participate in such testing. The only way to avoid this would be to ship orders directly from the U.S., but that could possibly cause issues with tax, tracking, and logistics.

Revolve is a Los Angeles based e-commerce platform that connects fashion brands to their consumers. And, for Lime Crime, the solution to their problem. To announce their product launch in China, Lime Crime hosted an event encouraging fans and followers of the brand to visit Revolve’s website. Those who regularly followed the brand were given access to the e-commerce site two hours before its official launch, which prompted anticipation in others who waited for their turn to be a part of the LimeCrime movement.

LimeCrime was founded in 2008 with one simple goal: To revolutionize the cosmetic industry. For as long as she can remember, Doe Deere, the mastermind behind the brand, often struggled to find lip shades and eye color that matched her personality. Refusing to settle for the typical natural hues or red shades, she began building her own brand. Deere believes we use our bodies as a form of expression, and self-expression should be uninhibited, right? Lime Crime has completely broken the mold and redefined what it means to express yourself, unapologetically.

How to Pick an Insurance Policy from a Life Insurance Company

Life insurance isn’t necessarily something any of us wants to think about, but it can truly save your family financially in the event of your death. If you are afraid of leaving your loved ones with nothing if you pass away, a life insurance policy can do wonders for your mental well-being. However, with the wrong company, you’re only going to deal with frustration and high costs with not much in return. This is why it is crucial that you choose a good company for yourself so that you know they will pay out in the event of your passing.

One of the most reputable life insurance companies out there is known as Freedom Life Insurance. The reason a lot of people have chosen Freedom Life Insurance is because they pay out quickly and provide great plans that are low-cost. You will not have to spend a small fortune just to receive the coverage that you need and want. In fact, you will find that you just need to sign up on the Freedom Life Insurance website and you will be well on your way to receiving the coverage that you need and want for the future of your family. Read this article at to know more.

When you choose the company you are going to be using, you will want to consider the different plans that they have available. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you need to look at low-cost plans that are not going to break the bank. Once you choose the policy, it is just a matter of choosing what you need and signing up right on the internet. The fact that the vast majority of life insurance companies do not require a health check to sign up is why a lot of individuals are finally signing up for the coverage that they have always wanted to get for themselves. If you have questions about the policy or need to know more before signing up, it is time for you to contact Freedom Life Insurance and see what they are going to be able to do for you. For more information about Life Insurance, click here: