Eric Lefkofsky co-founder of Tempus details investments

We are in midst of a healthcare revolution. Gone are the days the general application of healthcare solutions to cover a broad spectrum of patients. Now most healthcare facilities utilize an electronic healthcare system in some capacity. The utilization of electronic tools to deliver healthcare has yielded lots of data. Today we are faced with ways to utilize the data to create a patient centered healthcare model. Tempus, is healthcare tool that is used to pull data from various sources and create a personalized healthcare plan for cancer patients. Tempus applies data analytical protocols and artificial intelligence tools to data and create a patient centered medical solution specifically in an attempt to fight cancer on a personalized level.

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus has just announced additional investments have been made to the company. Kinship Trust Co. and T. Rowe Price Associates are the latest companies that have invested an additional $80 million. Eric Lefkofsky shared this latest invest along with $210 million Tempus has received since the beginning of the year has made Tempus a “Unicorn” startup, now worth over a billion.

Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has a Juris Doctor Degree from the University Of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky is also co-founder of Groupon and co-founder of Lightbanks. Lightbanks is a group of investors, who invest primarily in distributive technologies. In addition to many business affairs, Mr. Lefkofsky is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago, and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Steppendwolf Theater, and at Lurie Children’s Hospital.

In 2006 Eric and his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a private charitable foundation that focuses on underserved communities pertaining to women and girls rights, ensure access to a well round and empowering education, innovative medical research and expand cultural initiatives.

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Anthony Petrello Encourages Nabors Industries Field Workers To Help With Hurricane Damage Restoration

2017 had several major storms that hit the US including hurricane Harvey, one of the worst storms that’s ever ravaged the Texas coast. The damage from this storm was wide-spread and brought hundreds of billions worth of property damage and even claimed several lives. But that’s why many big business leaders stepped in to help victims and work at rebuilding flooded areas of Houston and other coastal cities, and one of those leaders was Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries. Petrello decided to launch a fundraiser that was open to public donations, and it ended up bringing in about $176,000 which he matched with his own money. He also decided to give oil field workers time off and offer bonus pay to any who volunteered to help with both local and federal rescue agencies.

Anthony Petrello has been a big leader in the oil industry who’s helped turn Nabors Industries into a company with one of the largest drilling territories and a leader in advanced drilling technology. But his childhood and early career didn’t start there. A writer for the Daily Beast who knew Petrello back in college mentions that his early career plans were to possibly become a mathematician. Petrello earned both a bachelor’s and master’s in mathematics, but he instead went into law for 13 years. He connected with Nabors Industries while serving as a managing partner of Baker & McKenzie law firm, and in 1991 he left his law career to become the chief operating officer of Nabors. He became CEO and Chairman of the Board of Nabors in 2011.

Petrello has his milestones as CEO of Nabors Industries including becoming the US’s top-paid CEO in 2013 and leading the buyout of Tesco Corporation in 2017. But the most important part of his life has been his role as a father to his young daughter Carena who was born with an illness that caused cerebral palsy. Even though Petrello could afford to visit the world’s top doctors, they all told him that there was no cure for CP and Carena would be dependent on a wheelchair for the rest of her life. But he did dedicate millions of dollars to help professionals research a cure, and the organization that’s received his gift is the Texas Children’s Hospital and their neurological research facility. Petrello and his friends Dan and Jan Duncan have helped this facility become one of the best neurological centers in the US and are hopeful that children like Carena will one day be given a chance to be free of their ailments.

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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

The dedication of all of the many employees working at Sussex Healthcare is noteworthy. This healthcare provider cares deeply about their valued patients and their many employees working in their respected senior living homes. One of the secrets that this company utilizes to draw reputable employees to their doors is the relaxed work environment that gives each employee room to perform their very best.

Since this large healthcare provider keeps expanding on its wonderful elder care services, the company recently announced that it will begin hiring for their available open job positions. Those interested in working for a caring healthcare center that allows their employees to grow can apply online or in person.

Some of the job postings include registered and licensed practical nurses on all shifts. Both full time and part time positions are open. Physiology therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and recreational therapist positions are being taken. Those with experience in hospital or healthcare accounting, billing, secretarial, administrative and IT specialists are among the large number of available healthcare jobs. Experienced and certified drivers with a safe driving history are needed at several facilities. Maintenance, laundry room, kitchen staff and housekeeping positions are also open currently.


Sussex Healthcare is a premier privately operated group of senior care homes known for their beautiful buildings and warm personable care. The leaders at Sussex Healthcare are adamant about only hiring people that are respected and convey compassion for those that they care for. This precise detailing that Sussex Healthcare administrators use pays off in more experienced employees serious about performing their work with kindness and dedication working for the company. Many employees continue in the company as they take advanced training opportunities in their fields. Nursing assistants often follow through with becoming nurses or therapists. Many employees working at Sussex Healthcare are long term employees that have spent much or all of their careers in the company network.

Sussex Healthcare offers their valued employees many opportunities to work independently to improve how the company gives care. This positive environment is part of the relaxed atmosphere that patients and visitors see and feel each day in the facilities. There are lots of exciting opportunities for the seniors to participate in that include group activities, various interesting classes, art and music lessons and even community outings to see theater groups, recitals and concerts. Investigate how a career in healthcare can benefit you today.

Jordan Lindsey and JCL Capital’s Bitcoin Trading Bot

If you’ve been paying attention to the investment world in recent times, then you are likely well aware of the fact that digital currency, particularly Bitcoin, has become one of the industry’s biggest stories as of late. The price of Bitcoin has experienced an incredibly dramatic increase in a relatively short amount of time, and it has produced unfathomable profits for the investors who were fortunate enough to get involved in trading Bitcoin in the early days.

One of these aforementioned early investors is named Jordan Lindsey. In addition to being a profitable Bitcoin investor, he is also quite well-known for his other accomplishments, especially the establishment of JCL Capital. JCL Capital, which Mr. Lindsey founded back in 2005, is a relatively small firm, but it is poise to maintain continued success over the years. One reason for the company’s longevity is the fact that they are constantly refining and updating their trading strategies in an attempt to adapt to the current conditions of the market. One recent change in JCL Capital’s investment strategy is their approach with regards to trading Bitcoin, which benefits greatly from an algorithm that was created by JCL Capital’s founder, Jordan Lindsey.

Jordan Lindsey developed this unique, new trading algorithm to address a common problem that new digital currency traders often do not know how to properly combat. This problem is the fact that the short-term changes in Bitcoin’s price are likely to cause a decent amount of stress and frustration for individuals who are trying to invest in the currency. This often results in traders shooting themselves in the foot by making decisions based on emotions, such as selling too early in reaction to a price fluctuation. JCL Capital’s Bitcoin trading algorithm allows these individuals to finally remove their emotions for their decision making process, allowing for a less stressful and more profitable trading experience.


Wes Edens is a Principal, Founder and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group’s Directors Board, a company that was founded in 1998. This is an alternative company of asset management worth $72 billion whose headquarters are in New York and has many offices around the world. At Fortress, he is in charge of its equity businesses that are private and mainly invests in real estate, transport and infrastructure, financial services, media and healthcare. In 1987 to 1993, he worked at Lehman Brothers’ as a partner and managing director. That was the start of his career life. He then left to BlackRock Financial Management as a partner and managing director. There, he was BlackRock Asset Investors’ head, a private fund of equity until 1997. He has a BS degree in finance from the State University of Oregon. He was ranked position 962 in the Forbes World Billionaires’ list in 2008.

In 2007, an article in the Wall Street Journal described Wes Edens’ style of investment as one whose base is creative financing, contrarian bets and skill for business building from investments. Fortress’ startup public offering had him together with his partners take the company public. It was on 9th February 2009 declared the first company to be publicly traded after having sold 8% shares to the public at $600 million. He also pushed Fortress into purchasing subprime lender from the financial services of Springleaf making it the majority stakeholder. He was then made its chairman. He is also Nationstar Mortgage chairman after it was acquired for $575 million by Fortress in 2006.

Wes Edens co-owns an NBA franchise by the name Milwaukee Bucks that operates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also is the owner an eSports Team of the League of Legends team by the name FlyQuest that is one of the ten teams selected by North American LCS as permanent members.

Fortress Investment Group has over 2,500 employees working in their different locations and departments. Careers are advertised on their website for interested individuals to apply. Shortlisting is then done, and successful applicants are conducted for interviews. Reviews on the job experience at Fortress have been conducted by different employees. From these reviews, it is clear and factual that they give the best training to interns. One of the former interns said that the firm is rich in elite investment professionals who are excited to work with interns giving then the best training. If an intern is quick to learn and motivated he/she is given responsibilities that will help enhance their skills.

Fortress is a company that runs at a fast pace and in line with the current market trends for the best turnover. It offers its workers with challenges that result in the dedication and hard work. It also provides a broad knowledge of financial services to its employees. It offers good benefits, i.e. a good pay that goes in line with the kind of work that one does in the firm. The environment is friendly allowing for inspiration and growth. Co-workers are smart and thoughtful.

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PSI Pay — Attractive Application of Contactless Payment

The convenience of contactless pay is hard to beat. Customers do not have to pull cash from their wallet, they do not have to worry about local currencies, and they do not have to worry about fraudulent card readers stealing their credit card information. PSI Pay has been offering these great contactless services to their customers for many years. They have been at the top of the financial industry in Europe because of these great contactless payment services. Their customers trust them with their hard earned money because they have proven their safety through their prepaid services across Europe. PSI Pay has the reputation of being easy to use and customer friendly.

PSI Pay’s latest invention is the contactless payment ring. The ring sits on a customer’s hand comfortably. It is made out of ceramic. But, there is no need to worry about it breaking. PSI Pay has a contract with Kerv Wearables, and this company specializes in making premium wearable items. Their jewelry is trendy and strong. The ceramic ring is made from an element that is chemically proven to be stronger than steel. The ring will outlast normal wear and tear, and for customers who live an active lifestyle it will outlast heavy abuse. The hard material will not scratch or break. Underneath the hard outer shell, the inside is made of a material that is soft and hypoallergenic. This will allow customers from all walks of life to wear the ring without worrying.


PSI Pay started retailing the contactless payment rings in 2017. They are available in two colors – white and steel gray. The attractive appearance makes the ring a great gift for someone who wants an easy way to hold their money. There is never a need to sign a receipt, there is no PIN, and you don’t need to pair it with your phone. The ring is super easy to use! The rings also do not need to be charged or have a battery replaced.

The payment method is conducted using the European wallet method. This allows the rings to behave as a store of value. The cash deposited into the account will be available in every country, and the payments are made instantly. The American wallet method will not allow this. Instead, PSI Pay uses the European method so their customers have the most mobility possible. This type of mobility is what has made them the best in the financial industry at contactless payments.

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NGP VAN: Truly Progressive Software

NGP VAN is building and refining intuitive software called Distributive Canvasing that is helping the grassroots political process. Their design uses a smartphone app that helps campaign organizers reach their voters in a streamlined way, which saves time and money when sending out canvassers to knock on doors and increase voter turnout. An organizer can simply contact NGP VAN, and they will assist them in setting up the software.


The software itself is saving a great deal of time and effort on the part of the campaigns. Rather than cutting turf and distributing information manually, an organizer can style their own universe via the software, and consequently get voter information out to their volunteers and canvassers using the MiniVAN mobile app. Leaders can simply inform their base to download the app, which then generates the nearest doors in their area for them to knock on and get voter information. The app also aggregates voter information, so that this information can be used in future campaigns.


NPG VAN created this software, originally known as Knock-10, in collaboration with the DNC, and has been influential in helping the campaigns of candidates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. On the cutting edge of canvassing technology, NPG VAN has been listening intently to the feedback of their clients and creating additional tools, such as “Street Team Canvassing“, which allows canvassers to gather voter information from places like political rallies and fundraisers, and compile that information for future endeavors. Another addition, “Social Advocacy”, is intended to bolster groups of people to join together on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and make their voices heard by their political leaders who use these platforms.

Clearly a progressive company, the team at NPG VAN has also created inclusive verbiage to their app, so that the 10 million-plus LGBTQ community can be called upon using their preferred gender-identification, rather than the customary ‘male’ and ‘female’ nomenclature. Many aspects of this software company help promote social activism by the ease in which like-minded voters can be reached. One of the tools has even been referred to as “a tool for the resistance”, by NPG VAN’s general manager of organizing, Amanda Coulombe.

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Sean Penn Trades the Camera for the Blank Page with “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is a noted actor, writer, producer, director, columnist, war correspondent, and interviewer. He has two Academy Awards for Best Actor under his belt, and a host of memorable characters that will outlive him in the years to come. All of this success, however, has centered in front of and around the camera. Not anymore. Penn has retired from the acting business, and is now trying his hand at being a novelist. His first book is titled, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, and it is currently making its laps around the literary world. The book, which is a dystopian satire, focuses on a septic tank salesman who moonlights as a killer contracted by the U.S. government. It is garnering positive and negative reviews. Penn, who is presently on a book tour promoting the book, stated that it finally feels good to stand behind something that is completely his.

Many actors have retired and moved on to other things. Many of them weird, scandalous, inspiring, or mundane. Penn’s retirement is much like Michael Jordon opting for Baseball instead of Basketball. His name is still going to be out there but in a completely different medium. At present the jury is still out on whether this medium will be kind to him. Many critics are praising the book. The New York Times even described it as an enigmatic riddle shrouded in insanity. Of course other critics are saying Penn should return to acting. Penn himself is enjoying the change, and even views it as an interesting new challenge after finishing Bob Honey who just do stuff.

According to Sean Penn his retirement spurred from being burned out. Being an active actor for a number of decades it is no mystery that Penn could grow tired of the business. In his own words he described the fatigue felt in dealing with multiple personalities and endless collaboration. He enjoys the fact that it is just him being able to play with his own creativity. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff will not be Penn’s only book, according to the actor he has something else in the works.

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The Mystery of Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

The name Matt Badiali may not mean much to you, unless you have been reading about his “freedom checks”. You may have also watched a few of his videos on YouTube, but the good news is that the checks are real. What are these checks, and where do they come from? Matt Badiali’s freedom checks are what he refers to as dividends being paid out to investors. This isn’t about hedge funds but about investing in natural oil and gas companies. The good news is that these companies do exist, and during his time working for his employer, interviewing CEO’s and other top-level executives, he learned about these investments and the regulations the oil companies have to follow. The payouts are real, and according to Badiali, these companies can issue checks for nearly six figures or more. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

He is emphatic that freedom checks are not from the IRS, and they are not from any other government entity. However, these checks are real, and they do somewhat look like checks that you would receive from the treasure for your tax refund. One of the most popular photos circulating with Badiali, is a check that he received for more than $114,000. Although it seems like a lot to take in, he maintains that the checks are real. Once again, those checks he says are legitimate payouts from companies that investors buy shares from.

Keep in mind that Badiali himself shares this information on his own website with Banyan Hill Publishing. He makes it very clear that there are tons of offers out there today that are scams and nothing less. He also understands that there are numerous get-rich-quick schemes, all designed to take your money and run. Matt Badiali takes the time to share his side, and yet he gives you the information you need to understand why these freedom checks are possible. He knows all too well that when an opportunity arises for someone to invest and earn money back that it can be a bit scary. His reassurance and sharing his own story has made a dramatic difference for those who desire to learn more about these freedom checks and how it’s all possible. Follow Matt on

Badiali explains that turning to natural resources here in the United States is the core of how this works. After spending time with legendary oil drillers, Badiali is focused on educating you about how to get your share.


Jeunesse Global: Live Your Best Life

Jeunesse Global is a world-renowned direct selling company on a mission to positively impact people by helping them feel and look both better and younger, while also empowering them to unleash their utmost potential. Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were inspired by the desire to not only survive, but to thrive. Thus, they set out to create a revolutionary product designed to enhance youth and overall well-being. They then went on to share their products with the world using a cutting-edge, innovative platform that has harnessed the power of technology to share innovative products and opportunities. Today, Jeunesse Global empowers thousands of people to live their best life.

Look younger, feel younger and live younger: the foundation of all Jeunesse products. Jeunesse’s product line Y.E.S, or Youth Enhancement System, is carefully crafted to combine healthful benefits into a system of top line skincare and supplemental products like no other. Y.E.S products keep you young and feeling your best in nine vital ways, which include rejuvenation, defense, diminishing, restoration, enhancement, balance, energize, clarity and beautify. By using Jeunesse products, you can expect to restore youthful radiance, reduce fine lines, minimize pores, increase energy, burn fat and much more. In addition, these products are made with clinically proven proteins that combine unique and powerful natural extracts. The best part? Some of these products, such as the Instantly Ageless cream, work in only minutes. Within two minutes of application, Instantly Ageless drastically reduces under-eye bags and wrinkles for up to 9 hours.

In addition to Jeunesse’s life-changing products, they also offer life-changing opportunities. For people looking to make a difference and not just a living, Jeunesse hires partners and distributors to help spread their mission across the globe. Distributors who have the most success are the people who work the hardest and the smartest, who are also passionate about living their best life.