Vijay Eswaran’s Endeavors to Build A Green City

Vijay Eswaran has helped build a company that has shaped the Asian business markets in multiple ways. The company is QI Group Ltd., the parent group to international direct selling phenomena QNet, and data analytics and consulting company Qstride. But Eswaran is also a founding member of QI University, a college located in Ipoh City that is soon going to be building a green campus known as QI City.

Eswaran is excited about this plan because of the potential it has to show how green energy can be used. This new campus will use a combination of wind and solar power not only to power residential and commercial spaces, but also public transportation and street lighting.

Vijay Eswaran is known as a man who got to where he is by listening to others and drawing inspiration from great leaders. One of the people who inspired him the most was his father Vijayratnam who taught him about respecting others, health and dieting, and even spiritualism.

Eswaran has also taken a lot of inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi and his movement. Eswaran received his formal education first from the London School of Economics, and then his master’s degree from Southern Illinois University.

Prior to founding QI Group, Eswaran worked several manual labor jobs that included construction, grape plucking and cab driving. After serving as a consultant for several years to various companies, he started looking at multilevel marketing and direct selling and believed he could use this not only to start his own business, but also to help others which was his ultimate goal. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

He officially started QI Group in 1998 along with his partner, the current Managing Director of QI Group, Joseph Bismarck.

Over the years Eswaran overcame both financial and personal hardships to turn QI Group and its subsidiaries into one of the most profitable Asian enterprises. He often speaks about business values and leadership at international conferences such as the World Economic Forum and other lectures at universities around the world.

He also has written about how spiritual ideas have influenced him in books such as “In The Sphere of Silence” and “18 Stepping Stones.”

Getting to Known Jason Hope and his Technology

The one strategy that has helped Jason Hope succeed in his line of business is keeping in touch with his referrals. Jason Hope says that knowing people at the opportune time has helped him achieve a lot in this life. Networking is a key tool if someone is to succeed in life. He acknowledges that he has made some serious mistakes in his life especially when he established mobile company. However, he encourages young people with the vibe that it’s not important to dwell on failures and the past. If you are to succeed in business, you must accept some failure and learn from your mistakes.

Jason Hope says that he is a fan of mobile technologies help people stay organized. On a personal level, he says that he has benefited a lot from these apps. At the moment, the app that is influencing him most is an app known as ASANA. Through this app, he can manage his projects from whenever he is. This means taking care of deadlines, files and handling all sorts of tasks. He recommends a book by Andrew McAfee and Eric Brynjolfsson known as The Second Machine Age. This book talks about artificial intelligence and how it will be used to control the future.

He has a favorite quote by Nolan Bushnell that encourages people to work hard. He also discourages on procrastination terming it as the mother of all failures. If you are to do something about your life, you better start now and not tomorrow. One thing that Jason Hope believes in that other people cannot agree on is that ageing can be reversed. This is the reason he committed some considerable part of his wealth to the SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope is a fan of the Internet of Things and believes that it holds the key to the future.

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Scott Rocklage and His Role with 5AM Ventures


Dr. Scott Rocklage’s High Level Of Intelligence Has Built An Incredible Career

Dr. Scott Rocklage has achieved many milestones in his career and inspired entrepreneurship and biochemical research. He began his work with 5AM Ventures in 2003 with almost thirty years of experience. His strategies in healthcare are a combination of his scientific experience, background and leadership capabilities. He additionally chairs the Boards for Achaogen, Relypsa, Cidara Therapeutics, Rennovia, Kinestral, and Semprus. He has served prestigious companies in the healthcare field as CEO and his leadership abilities are superb.


Dr. Scott Rocklage’s educational background is impressive. He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Philosophy degree in Chemistry. He worked with Richard R. Schrock, the Nobel Prize Winner in 2005 and was responsible for three new drugs receiving approval from the FDA. Six new drugs are being clinically tested because of Dr. Scott Rocklage. He holds thirty United States Patents and has in excess of 100 publications. Through 5AM Ventures he has studied new aspects regarding life science in addition to working with entrepreneurs. He is working on ways to improve healthcare with medical and scientific advancements.


Dr. Scott Rocklage uses modern techniques to diagnose, treat, and prevent numerous medical conditions. He has been involved with research regarding treating cancer with the use of new advancements and due to his efforts certain genotypes have more than one treatment option. He has contributed to extending the lives of cancer patients. His success is partially attributed to his organizational skills, time management, and prioritization. He firmly believes a companies success is based on the process of selection. He is insistent that when an entrepreneur fails it is connected to the area of management.


Dr. Scott Rocklage has built a reputation for bravery because he shows no fear of measured risks. He does not believe success is about going to work for a Fortune 500 company but based on the decision to become an entrepreneur. He places the success of his current company on their focus to work hard at what they are most qualified for and taking advantage of their strengths in business. This is the strategy that has kept his company successful even in the toughest times instead of the common approach of taking an easier direction. He has thanked the book Good to Great for supplying him with the basis for his career in business and calls the book a timeless tome. He feels it helped him understand performance and business and gives all the credit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 2003, Dr. Scott Rocklage joined the 5AM Ventures team and in 2004 he was promoted to Managing Partner. He has over 30 years experience in management in healthcare. His leadership abilities are phenomenal and that landed the FDA approval of three new drugs. They are Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan. Dr. Scott Rocklage has held several positions over the course of his career. He served on the board as Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and held numerous positions within the companies of Catalvtica and Salutar. Dr. Scott Rocklage actively is on the board as Chairman of Cidara, Rennovia, Epirus, Pulmatrix, and Kinestral. Dr. Rocklage has created or co-created more than 30 United States patents and over a 100 peer related publications. His office is located in Boston, MA.

He was interviewed by Ideamensch and it offered insight about his background and how the ideas of his business came to be. 5AM Ventures is his business that is based on science and life. For Dr. Rocklage, a typical day varies. Some of his days are spent researching untouched areas of life science and other days are spent working on his management portfolio. And when he’s not doing that, he is attending board meetings.

The ideas that become reality come from the people he works with. Dr. Rocklage works with various scientists, business executives, and physicians to help bring their ideas to life in areas where medical needs have not be touched or treated. One project that has captivated his interest is cancer treatments using mutations in different ways. He wants to save lives or extend patients that has been touched with cancer.

Organization keeps Dr. Rocklage on track with managing his time with the busy schedule he keeps on a daily basis. He was asked what would he change if he could start over again. Dr. Rocklage’s reply was to put more focus on more people. Team selection is imperative when starting a new company and what Scott knows.

Dr. Rocklage has offered advice to entrepreneurs out there and that is to not be afraid of risk-taking. That when you can control your future, you advance further than you would if you worked with an already established company. Stay true to what you can do well and don’t stray from your strengths. The best advice he can give the community is to read this classic book called “Good To Great“. This will help those on the outside understand performance and business.

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Tammy Mazzocco Assists Homeowners to Benefit from the Booming Real Estate Market in Ohio

It is dependably a benefit to be a trader in the real-estate market of Ohio. Real estate market in the whole of U.S. has been growing in the couple of years, and Ohio has changed out into a champion. That is regarding the increase of value level in the industry. Apartment suites and homes in Central Ohio approximately do at $199,950 which is 8.1% more from the same time one year ago. It is in like manner another trend of homes in Central Ohio, with the new higher costs expected to continue going up as analyzed by Tammy Mazzocco.

Beside the present rising in home estimations, the national homebuilder has exhibited the immense course of action to put down around 240 homes within New Albany, Ohio. The change is anticipated to guarantee a rise in home value in the near future. Specialists within the sector such as Tammy Mazzocco predict will the neighborhood communities will lay foundation and become part of the predicted growth. Check out Business for more info.

Tammy Mazzocco has had a privilege to work for more than two decades as the real-operator within Ohio. The specialist in the sector has also helped endless homebuyers to get their dream homes inside the state where she exercises her skills and experience. In regard to that, she spent her entire profession in real estate with her wide history expertise of neighborhood markets and patterns. Visit Medium to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco focuses on the New Albany zone despite the fact that she gives her services to other locales. Exactly when asked on how she managed to achieve such an extraordinary level of triumph in her general vicinity, Tammy credited her target-oriented nature and also her personal drive. She remains focused on the present tasks in order to accomplish her day to day obligations. That has made her one of the key choices for clients who go hand in hand seeking for properties in the sector.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Brings Perils of Sleep Apnea to the Fore

Dr. Avi Weisfogel graduated from New York University’s School of Dentistry in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he started his own practice. Over the next 15 years, Weisfogel built Old Bridge Dentistry into one of the most respected practices in the state of New Jersey. Even with his extremely busy schedule of building a dental practice, he found time to conduct independent research into other areas of medicine. Always looking for ways to improve his service to patients, Dr. Weisfogel’s inquiries eventually led him to the severely underdiagnosed condition called sleep apnea.

A silent killer hiding in plain sight

Sleep apnea is regarded by many laypeople as a little understood or even comical disease, something, like fibromyalgia, with all the signs and symptoms of straight-ahead malingering. But medical professionals are quick to point out this disease’s deadly seriousness. In fact, sleep apnea is strongly correlated with such severe threats to health as heart attack, atrial fibrillation, stroke, diabetes, obesity and even fatal car crashes. It also causes considerable morbidity. Many sufferers are severely fatigued nearly every day of their lives. Many do not know why.

Sleep apnea goes undiagnosed an astonishing 90% of the time, by some estimates. This dismal rate of sensitivity isn’t due to any poorly designed test so much as it is due to poor education of physicians and other health care professionals who may come into contact with sufferers. But even with increasingly aware primary care physicians, people with the disease often slip through the cracks simply because they don’t seek medical treatment.

What Dr. Weisfogel contributed was recognizing that dentists are in a unique place to diagnose the disease in its early stages, when it’s most likely to be treatable. Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2010 to train dentists in the art of early detection of diseased and at-risk patients. This program has proven to be highly successful. Many of Dr. Weisfogel’s students have gone on to add sleep dentistry to their practice and have sold a combined total of millions of dollars worth of dental appliances. Ultimately, these programs have saved thousands of lives and countless dollars in lost productivity thanks to early detection and treatment of sleep apnea.

Cassio Audi: The Early Years

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassio Audi was an exceedingly prominent percussionist during his early career in music. He composed several prevalent songs, and is recognized as being a pioneer, popularizing heavy metal in Latin America. As an adolescent, he was greatly influenced by the pre-eminent Iron Maiden. Subsequently, Audi joined Viper; a popular Brazilian heavy metal band comprised of teenagers 13 and 14 years of age. The band was established in 1985 and played an array of music, including, but not limited to, power metal, thrash metal, and alternative rock. He remained with the band throughout the 1980’s. An incredibly gifted and talented musician, Audi was the exceptional lead drummer for Viper. During this time, he was featured exclusively during all live performances, as well as on all of the band’s demos. Along with, Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, and founding members, Pit and Yves Passarell Audi endeavored to create the unique and eclectic sound that propelled Viper to stardom. Viper’s first demo album, Killera Sword, released in 1985, disseminated across Brazil. Notable songs on the album included Nightmare , Signs of the Night, and Killera, Princess from Hell. In 1988 Viper’s popularity reached global proportions when the band released the renowned Soldiers of Sunrise album. The songs on the album, Signs of the Night, Knights of Destruction, Nightmares, and the title song, Soldiers of Sunrise, were exceedingly popular and were received and embraced by fans and critics alike. Many were impressed by the band’s natural, innate talent and it easily became a pervasive part of Brazilian music culture. Soldiers at Sunrise was also critically regarded by distinguished magazines Metal Forces, Metal Hammer , and Kerrang.

Eric Pulier – The Hallmark of a Successful Entrepeneur

When considering a new field, it’s best to look at the most shining examples and Eric Pulier’s successful career as an entrepreneur is definitely an inspiration for all. Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey he started his ambitions from an early age. It was no secret that this man was destined for something great. While elementary school students were learning to draw pictures in paint, Eric beginning computer programming. While many High School students spent their days flirting and partying with friends, Eric started his very first computer database company. Not stopping there, he eventually moved on to studying at the illustrious Harvard University while taking extra classes at MIT.

After college is when he really took off as an entrepreneur, taking his special talents that developed throughout his youth and into the world of business. After moving to Los Angeles and creating many successful companies like People Doing Things(PDT) and an interactive agency called Digital Evolution, he went on to lead the effort in building Starbright World, a social networking platform that helps chronically ill children across the world interact with each other and share meaningful experiences. Not only that, in 1997, Eric was selected by the Presidential Inauguration Committee to create a technology exhibition in Washington, D.C. called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. Following that, he even helped advice Vice President Al Gore on many technological enterprises. He’s also a participant of the Clinton Global Initiative.

As well as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Eric Pulier is not without his morals or values. Eric has not only created a platform for sick children to meet and interact with each other, he’s also involved with The Painted Turtle, a fun camp for chronically ill kids to bring an added bit of joy and happiness into their lives. Not only does he help the sick but he also uses his intelligent mind to good use, participating in the X-Prize Foundation, competing with other great individuals to help solve mankind’s greatest challenges.

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How Jim Larkin Was A Leader In The Workers Rights Movement

James (Jim) Larkin was an Irish activist who lived from January 21st, 1876, until January 30th, 1947. He was a well-known labor organizer who was the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU) which was one of the largest unions in Ireland until it fell apart after the notorious Dublin Lockout.

He emigrated to the United States in 1914 and lived in the United States for a number of years before being deported back to Ireland where he eventually died.

Jim Larkin was born in a very poor area in Liverpool, England. He was the one who coined the very well known term, A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”. He received a minimal education while growing up and when he was old enough he did a number of manual jobs.

Eventually, Jim Larkin became a foreman at the Liverpool docks while he also developed his work and social beliefs. He became a socialist and strong advocate of fair conditions for workers. He took on the position of trade union organizer for the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) as his full-time job in 1905.

The leaders of NUDL eventually came to dislike the ways that Jim Larkin took strike actions against companies. It was after he was moved to Dublin that he founded the ITGWU where he invited both skill and unskilled laborers to organize under one umbrella for all workers rights.

Among the main things he fought for was eight-hour workdays, the opportunity for employment for all those who were unemployed, and the availability of pensions for all workers under the age of 60. As a socialist, he also wanted to nationalize infrastructure such as transportation including canals and railways.

How Jim Larkin organized strikes was by holding sympathetic strikes as well as boycotting the goods of targeted companies. He didn’t allow any members to use violence against anyone including strike-breakers. He knew violence would ruin the companies which would mean no jobs for his members.

While in the United States from 1914 to 1920, Jim Larkin went on a lecture tour across the nation. He eventually stayed in New York City and joined the Socialist Party of America.

After being convicted of being a communist and engaging in criminal anarchy he was deported back to Ireland. He spent the rest of his life working for the rights of workers so that they were justly paid for their work.

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Spotlight on Dr. Jennifer Walden and Her Practice

Born in Austin Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as a cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Walden holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a Medical Doctorate with first class Honors. She was the salutatorian of her class at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. Her specialties include aesthetic breast augmentation, eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties, and facial lifts. After her studies at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, she opened her practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centre, in New York City and learn more about Jennifer.

Dr. Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which has only 180 female cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Walden has been appointed Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship as well as being elected president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Also, she has appeared in various TV shows as an expert on plastic surgery inclusive of Fox News, ABC News, E!, VH1, and Dr 90210. In 2011, she returned to Texas after giving birth to twins, opening her practice in Westlake Hills and a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas in 2014 and more information click here.

In an interview with the Texas Monthly, Dr. Walden reveals much about herself and the practice. In her narrative, she is proud to be among the few certified female plastic surgeons. Dr. Walden also points out the various conveniences that the practice offers to women. She says most women undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their self-esteem or body image rather than fit the male archetype of a Barbie doll. Walden strives to empathize and sympathize with her female clients. With world-class expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Walden is a competent surgeon offering specialized facial and breast surgery. Her practice philosophy revolves around helping her clients make informed choices that suit their requirements. She is also committed to providing high-quality patient care service that places the satisfaction and safety of customers at the forefront and resume her.

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Celebrities are Turning to Kabbalah Centre to Flee Hectic Life

One thing that people will see is that a lot of people in Hollywood are fascinated with The Kabbalah Centre. For one thing, the center has a lot to teach about nature of life and reality. It also promises peace and tranquility. This is a huge departure from the hectic and chaotic lifestyle of Hollywood, especially for celebrities. One thing that some of the most famous popular celebrities are faced with is the paparazzi and some of the antics of people who know who they are as celebrities. Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing. A combination of these disruptive tactics can really get on the nerves of even the most patient Hollywood star.

Fortunately, Hollywood celebrities have a place to do when things get a little too intense for them to handle. This is one thing that the Kabbalah Centre offers for celebrities and many other people of different walks of life. People who visit the center are going to find some deep pieces of wisdom that can be applied to their particular life situations. For one thing, The Kabbalah Centre makes sure that it is offering advice that is timeless and relevant to the generation that they are teaching.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of The Kabbalah Centre is that they have a ton of subjects that they are teaching different people. They can teach people about all of the different religions and what they bring to people.

They can also teach about astrology. For one thing, The Kabbalah Centre website has a ton of articles that are based on astrology and the Zodiac. Therefore, people can gain advice on how to approach their day based on their star sign. For one thing, each piece of advice is good to follow so that people can keep their lives from going so far out of control.

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