Alex Hern Banks on Technology

Alex Hern happens to be a renowned figure in the American corporate world. He has been in business for more than two decades where he has helped to shape innovation. Specifically, the entrepreneur has directed most of his energy to technology and startups. He understands very well that this is the new frontier and hence works hard to ensure that he reaps maximum benefits from these sectors. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more. Throughout his illustrious business career, Alex Hern has partnered with big names in technology such as Yahoo and MSN. He happened to have interests in Inktomi, a start-up company which was behind the technology used by the search engine. Inktomi went public with Goldman Sachs as the lead transaction advisor in a bid to raise the capital needed for its projects. Learn more about Alex at

Alex Hern was instrumental in that deal. That is not all. He had interests in Yesmail which dealt with email marketing and web directory. The firm went public under a deal arranged by Alex Brown. Ten months later, the company was sold to ModusLink Global Solutions for more than $500 million. All these deals helped to cement his name as a deal maker in the American corporate world and earned him a fortune. Technology has been evolving rapidly, and he has been growing with it. Alex Hern now focuses on software and other applications as the world is fully embracing the digital world. The astute entrepreneur is a very focused and hardworking man who spends close to five hours a day trying to find out innovative ways of moving his business forward. He believes in paying attention to one thing at a time. As such, he does not believe in multitasking since according to him human brain capacity is limited. Alex Hern always visualizes a future which will be driven by technology and works hard to ensure that the will be a crucial stakeholder in the future technology.


Jason Hope Believes Anything Is Possible

Is there any way to get people to stop getting old? If you are like most people, your answer will be no. After all, everyone gets old at some time or another. However, Jason Hope believes that there might be another option.

He is working with the SENS Research Foundation to come up with ways to help reverse and prevent the aging process in us humans. The SENS Foundation is looking at ways biotechnology can go to the root causes of aging and eliminate it.

It is funny how the medical industry has been able to come up with cures and preventions for so many diseases and illnesses. Diseases such as polio which used to frighten entire countries have now been eradicated from the face of the earth. However, there has been no movement to come up with a way to help prevent or eradicate aging. Aging has just been accepted as a normal thing, as something that will never go away and which will always be a part of the human existence.

However, Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who believes that anything is possible. He is able to go against the grain and come up with ideas that nobody has tried before. At the SENS Research Foundation, they are looking at ways biotechnology can help repair the cells in the human body to help make humans young again. If they are successful in their research, a lot of the problems that older people face will be able to be cured.

You see, nobody has a cure for a lot of the problems older people have. Doctors tell them that it is all a part of being old and that there is no way to reverse the aging process. They tell people that although there are ways to make living easier and to cope with their illnesses, they should forget about becoming young again.

The problem is that they never looked at ways to fix the root causes of the aging process. If they only would have thought a little outside of the box, perhaps they would have realized that maybe there is a way to reverse the aging process. Jason Hope believes that anything is possible, which is why he donated five hundred thousand dollars of his own money towards this cause. He has fervent hopes for the success of this project.

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PSI Pay — Attractive Application of Contactless Payment

The convenience of contactless pay is hard to beat. Customers do not have to pull cash from their wallet, they do not have to worry about local currencies, and they do not have to worry about fraudulent card readers stealing their credit card information. PSI Pay has been offering these great contactless services to their customers for many years. They have been at the top of the financial industry in Europe because of these great contactless payment services. Their customers trust them with their hard earned money because they have proven their safety through their prepaid services across Europe. PSI Pay has the reputation of being easy to use and customer friendly.

PSI Pay’s latest invention is the contactless payment ring. The ring sits on a customer’s hand comfortably. It is made out of ceramic. But, there is no need to worry about it breaking. PSI Pay has a contract with Kerv Wearables, and this company specializes in making premium wearable items. Their jewelry is trendy and strong. The ceramic ring is made from an element that is chemically proven to be stronger than steel. The ring will outlast normal wear and tear, and for customers who live an active lifestyle it will outlast heavy abuse. The hard material will not scratch or break. Underneath the hard outer shell, the inside is made of a material that is soft and hypoallergenic. This will allow customers from all walks of life to wear the ring without worrying.


PSI Pay started retailing the contactless payment rings in 2017. They are available in two colors – white and steel gray. The attractive appearance makes the ring a great gift for someone who wants an easy way to hold their money. There is never a need to sign a receipt, there is no PIN, and you don’t need to pair it with your phone. The ring is super easy to use! The rings also do not need to be charged or have a battery replaced.

The payment method is conducted using the European wallet method. This allows the rings to behave as a store of value. The cash deposited into the account will be available in every country, and the payments are made instantly. The American wallet method will not allow this. Instead, PSI Pay uses the European method so their customers have the most mobility possible. This type of mobility is what has made them the best in the financial industry at contactless payments.

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How Louis Chenevert Guided UTC Through The Subprime Recession

For many years Louis Chenevert was a top executive. He is a graduate of HEC Montreal where he earned his degree in production management. He also holds an honorary doctorate this institution gave him in 2011. After graduating he joined General Motors where he climbed up the ladder for 14 years through hard work and determination. He then joined Pratt & Whitney Canada where he was eventually named the president of the company after having been there for six years. His skill in this position led to him taking over Pratt & Whitney’ parent company, United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was the chief executive officer and president of this company until he resigned towards the end of 2014. (More:


It was Louis Chenevert’s leadership that led United Technologies Corporation through the very difficult business environment that existed during the subprime recession. Manufacturing in North America has been very difficult since the 1980’s when companies began moving their factories overseas. Pop culture has long since declared the industry as dead in the United States. Nonetheless, under his leadership UTC thrived as a manufacturer of airplane parts even during the subprime recession despite other challenges such as stifling regulations that are in place. Due to his effort UTC is a company that is now valued at $63 billion. Check out Chenevert on Cruncbase.


One of the remarkable achievements that Louis Chenevert had while serving at UTC was that the company thrived while paying a fair wage to its employees. He also made sure that his company was always compiling with environmental rules which is costly but saves the environment and people’s lives. UTC builds jet engines for companies around the globe as well as different nations militaries. Additionally, Chenevert led Otis which is a subsidiary of UTC. Otis is the biggest designer and manufacturer of elevators and escalators on the planet.


After resigning from UTC, Louis Chenevert took some time off before joining Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenever is now an exclusive advisor who specializes in both the industrial and aerospace industries. Additionally, he helps his clients invest in other industries due to his vast experience. See This Page for related info on Chenevert.


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Jeunesse Creates Total Healthcare System

One of the more dynamic names to enter the fray of the highly competitive neutraceutical industry over the last decade has been Jeunesse Global. The company has interesting roots. Founded by industry veteran power couple Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company was originally meant to be little more than a way for the two owners to keep themselves busy throughout their retirement. But the couple couldn’t help delving into their new enterprise head first.

Today, Jeunesse is among the fastest-growing direct marketing companies in the world. It has tens of thousands of distributors selling hundreds of millions of dollars in products worldwide. The company started in 2009, when Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis became restless with their third attempt at retirement. The couple had both spent their entire careers in the neutraceutical and direct marketing industry, building a string of highly successful businesses that allowed them to attain independent wealth at a young age.

The couple had convinced themselves that this time would be different. They would actually step away from the industry they loved and enjoy their time together and with their children and grandchildren. However, Wendy quickly became bored. She started selling a skin care product out of the couple’s garage. Soon, Randy had jumped into the mix. Using his expertise with direct marketing and Wendy’s expertise with product development and corporate management, the couple was soon running yet another rapidly expanding business.


Jeunesse Global has grown into a direct-marketing powerhouse. The company’s flagship product is a health and beauty package known as the Youth Enhancement System. This product line consists of a number of highly innovative products that are only available through Jeunesse Global. The products have proven to be so popular that the company’s sales force has been rapidly expanding across the globe. With representatives in dozens of countries, the name Jeunesse Global is an accurate reflection of the company’s global market penetration.

Read Jeunesse Global Fastest Growing Company Year to learn more about the company.

Both Ray and Lewis continue developing new products and expanding their business into new territories. With their track record of success, Jeunesse Global will be a company to watch in the coming years. (Get Additional Information Here)


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Jason Hope’s Strong Believe in the SENS Approach to Medicine

Conventionally, traditional wisdom dictates that aging is completely unavoidable and is only a part of the human development process. Scientists at the SENS, however, are attempting to find new means to challenge the age-old wisdom. While they are not trying to find a live forever formula, SENS researchers hope to use rejuvenation biotechnologies to eliminate the usual aging frailness. This has got passionate individuals like Jason Hope excited.

The Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Foundation, has ambitiously set its eyes on creating a longer and quality life for the human race. The terminology “Negligible Senescence” implies the absence of aging characteristics or symptoms. The nonprofit foundation launched in 2009, has been a beneficiary of Jason Hope’s many contributions.

In 2010, Jason Hope’s five hundred thousand dollar gift enabled the SENS foundation build and equip the Cambridge SENS laboratory. The gift also saw the implementation of the new research program focused on breaking down advanced glycation end products in human tissues commence. The gift has been followed by many more donations in the past few years.

It is the approach to the treatment of ailments that break down the body and speed up aging that attract Jason Hope to the SENS Foundation. The focus on finding preventive cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s rather than treatment is in Jason’s view the future of medicine. Through rejuvenation biotechnologies, Jason Hope looks to a time that damages caused by body metabolism overtime can be repaired.

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona. He pursued his Finance degree at Arizona State University before proceeding to the W.P. Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University for a Master of Business Administration degree. Hope is a passionate philanthropist who focuses on donations to educational and scientific institutions. He donates to institutions conducting research in various fields such as cancer and leukemia. Some of the organizations that have benefited from his donations include the Boys and Girls Club, Family Health International, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the World Health Organization. His many predictions on the overall trends in technology have rightfully earned him the title of a futurist.

As an individual who understands technological trends, Hope has led the way in the development of essential applications and software. His involvement with SENS is in tandem with his philanthropic nature and his passion for solutions to problems afflicting mankind. His futuristic stance also reflects his firm belief that rejuvenation biotechnology is the next big thing in medical technology.

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Innovation From Reno Entrepreneur Josh Smith Could Help Feed Families in Need

The greenhouse-grown food industry has grown tremendously in the last 20 years. In fact, the industry has become twenty times to what it was 20 years ago. Currently, the land under greenhouses is estimated to be about nine million acres.

While greenhouses can be useful for growing year-round crops, they can also be expensive to maintain due to the high energy costs. Greenhouses require constant monitoring and regulation of temperatures and moisture to provide optimum conditions for plant growth. Josh Smith founded Modular Greenhouses in Reno, Nevada, in 2012, and he has transformed the company into one of the most significant suppliers of modern and energy efficient greenhouses in the country. He hopes that a combination of new technologies will allow individuals the ability to grow their own healthy and sustainable food.

Cornell University researched their greenhouses that cover a total of four acres and found out that they consume approximately 18 million kWh for lighting and heating annually. Besides the massive energy consumption, the greenhouses also produce over nine million pounds of carbon emissions annually. These greenhouse emissions are responsible for the current climatic change that is being witnessed in different parts of the globe.

Researchers and entrepreneurs alike, have put a lot of effort to come up with innovations that will transform the industry leading to cutting down on energy costs and reducing the amount greenhouse gas emissions. The new greenhouse technology is known as Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems.

The new technology comprises of pink panels with embedded magenta luminescent dye. The pink panels are strategically placed on the roof of the greenhouses to absorb specific light wavelengths and enhance others.

The working of the pink greenhouse panels is simple. It is based on the fact that growing plants have receptors that detects the quality, quantity, duration, and direction of sunlight. The pink panels have a dye that absorbs the blue and green wavelengths of light and allow the red light wavelength to pass through. The blue and green light wavelengths are directed to photovoltaic receptors where they generate energy that is used to regulate temperatures inside the greenhouse.

Josh Smith, CEO of the Reno-based Modular Greenhouses, and driving force behind the HomeGardeningRevolution is among the most skilled entrepreneurs in the country. He has been in the industry for more than 15 years where he has established several successful business ventures.

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Jason Hope: Entrepreneur And Advocator Of IoT

There is no refuting the fact that technology has taken almost every kind of facet of our lives. For some of the simple things like finding the nearest restaurants, to some rather bigger things like handling one finances, technology is used to it all. Because of the ever-growing need for people who need technology in their lives, many people have begun investing into this sector. Tech companies are some of the most profitable in the entire world and are brilliant for people who play the stock market and want to invest into something that will see positive results soon. At the same time, those who invest in technology often are fueling the latest devices that people can potentially use, thus aiding their development. It is a feel-good investment, and the individuals who are investing into tech companies will tell you the same!

Jason Hope is one such entrepreneur who is known for investing in tech firms. He has been working in field of technology since the start of his career and has wanted to since he was a little child. Today, Jason stands as one of the country’s top entrepreneurs and is one of the investors to look out for. His ability to spot the newest tech trends is what has given him the edge over other people who are seeking to invest. He is excellent at business and knows how to run a company, which is why he has been leading several of his own for the past few years. He has managed to make a name for himself in the industry and has capitalized on every opportunity that has come his way. In addition to running his businesses, he is also an investor who has given life to numerous other businesses of his own. He knows that there is always room for development, and believes that the community can develop their tech sense to in turn help us grow into a more technology-oriented direction.

Jason Hope is also a big advocator of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is referred to as.

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