End Citizens United – The Conservative Nonprofit Organization Reassert American Traditional Values

End Citizens United or ECU is a U.S. conservative and nonprofit organization which was formed as a PAC. It was founded in the year 1998 by Floyd Brown, who was a political consultant in Washington for a long period, the organization has been offering free enterprise, and social conservatives cause as well as candidates who managed to further their mission, and in 2010 the organization won a Supreme Court case.

The head and also the President of the organization is David Bossie. They brought a case known as the Citizen United versus FEC, and its main objective was to loosen rules governing campaign finance. The organization is well known for its support of conservatives in politics, and it sued NY Attorney General called Eric Schneiderman over Schneiderman’s demand for its disclosure of all its donors, but it lost the case.

The ECU organization’s mission was trying to reassert the regular American purposes of limited government, freedom as well as to fulfill its mission; they produced TV commercials, website advertisements, plus documentary films. David has been the President of the organization from the year 2000 up to 2016 when he took a small leave and left his leadership to his deputy to be the President of the organization while he was going to be the campaign manager of the Donald Trump campaign for United States of America President.

ECU and Donald Trump

In 2016, during the Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, he enlisted the ECU president Bossie as the deputy campaign manager to facilitate that president Donald Trump had gathered more votes in majority states, as in the U.S. Presidential election for one to win they must gather more votes in the majority of the states. At the time of the campaign, David made frequent television appearances, which was on behalf of the Donald Trump campaign, and he sold the party objectives plus the achievements of the party and what the citizens should expect from the party when they got the majority votes.

ECU has produced more than 25 releases of the future length documentaries. These documentaries are films packaged and are being distributed and watched to understand how the country is moving on and also the viewers will have a better understanding of the ECU’s mission and who they are.

The End Citizens United is officially endorsing candidates who are good in political aspect and who show how they are strongly willing to help the citizens of the United States. The leadership shows on early stages of the campaign and during these stages is where the ECU selects which candidate they will endorse. Currently, they are endorsing Dough Jones for Senate. Also, they endorsed Chrissy Houlihan.

Find more about End Citizens United: https://ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

End Citizens United Is Set To Win 2018 Elections Given The Massive Donations

In 2010, the American Supreme Court made a ruling in favor of corporations and unions. Stating that these departments have the same rights as human beings, the court cited that they are entitled to speech rights according to the first amendment. There was no good reason for allowing the government to bar associations from using the legal treasury funds to support elections. Thence, the court ruled against any practice that stood on the way of political action committees. The court also indicated that the constitution allows such corporations to conduct their activities in a peaceful manner. That marked the beginning of End Citizens United in the American political landscape. The court ruling contributed to its growth thereby seeing it being launched in 2015.


Founded in March 2015, End Citizens United is funded from the grassroots. The donors understand the importance of funding this committee as it has a direct impact on the political landscape. In general elections, people donate funds to facilitate the process. Faced with the challenge to determine the source of dark political money that has a negative influence on elections, End Citizens United is in the field to scrutinize all processes. The team is dedicated to battling the disastrous impacts of dark money by reforming the finance system for campaigns.


With a team of trained elected professionals, candidates, voters as well as the press, End Citizens United is revolutionizing politics in America. The grassroots donors are committed to battling the brazenness of ill fated billionaires who have been trying to buy the electoral system. This is set to be the key building structure for an extensive coalition geared towards a reforming the finance docket and urging policy makers to act against the raw deal. For End Citizens United, the objective is to eradicate the era of big money politics by fixing the rigged system. The political action committee is set to elect champions of campaign reforms, a unit that is dedicated to honesty and passing of the relevant ballot papers during campaign.

Fund Me

In the first three months of 2017, End Citizens United made a collection of $4 million geared towards future political projects. With the objective of raising $35 million by mid 2018, End Citizens United is focused on winning the 2018 congress elections. The fundraising details were announced by USA TODAY. It is highly projected that End Citizens United will manage to get the funds given that in 2016, the team managed to garner $25 million. To determine the growth of the group, approximately 40,000 people made their first contribution to End Citizens United with 100,000 being the total number of donors. The leaders of the group explained that their main objective is to elect a focused candidate who will chair finance campaign reforms.