The Types Of People That Have Depression And Roseann Bennett’s Recognition Of Mental Health Month

People are learning more about depression these days. One thing that they are learning is that there is no group or individual that is immune to this debilitating mental disorder. One of the common expectations for someone that is depressed is for him to be poor and starving. While these people can be depressed, there are reports of people who are wealthy and are living the type of life they want. However, this does not stop them from suffering the symptoms of depression. This phenomenon comes as a surprise to a lot of people. At the same time, it shows them that depression can affect people of all walks of life.


For people who want more information about depression, Roseann Bennett is a mental health professional who knows a lot about the mental disorder. She has a lot of information that she can take from her experience of dealing with clients who are suffering from the mental disorder and the different needs of each of them. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


One of the best developments in mental health is the change of approach when it comes to depression. While a lot of professionals recognize it as a chemical imbalance, they understand that one of the best things to do is find the root cause of the imbalance and address it.


Roseann is not only someone who has helped people with a wide variety of mental health disorders but Bennet has also brought a lot of attention to mental health month. People need to recognize the importance of mental health so that they will be able to deal better with the challenges that come their way. With Mental Health Month, people are encouraged to read and study about many different mental disorders and what to look for when it comes to the symptoms of each given disorder. Get Related Information Here.


Know how to correlate self-care and business strategy on Bennett’s “Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


The Axis of Evil Grows Larger and Bolder; Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a prolific writer with JNS, a Jewish Online News Platform that keeps track of events that affect Jews in Israel, the Middle East and elsewhere. In his recent post, Adam opines that there is a trend of radical alliances forming with reenergized anti-Semitism sentiments. According to Milstein, in a post on JNS in February, there has been a serious anti-Semitism sentiment for long in the Middle East on what he calls the radical right. However, he points out that in the recent past, the sentiment has spread to the radical left too. In fact, according to Milstein, it is the anti-Semitism stance that unites the radical Islamic groups. Mr. Adam Milstein points out that while in the past the hatred for Jews to be localized to specific regions, especially in the Middle, it is no longer the case. Anti-Semitism now unites Muslims from a wide range of cultures across the globe. It is worth noting that even in geographical and cultural settings that were predominantly Christian, Muslim radicals have managed to build cells and even convince some of the locals to join their, hate, racism and bigotry cause.

Summary of Adam Milstein’s background and Career

Adam Milstein is a well known and respected international Philanthropist. He was born in Israel in 1950s. Adam was conscripted in the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. Adam had his first war experience with IDF in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. He has a degree in Economics and Business from the Israeli Institute of Technology. He assisted his father in his real estate business after his studies. He later moved to the USA with his wife and two daughters. He also pursued an MBA degree after he arrived in the USA and successfully graduated. He has pursued real estate ventures, an area of business that seems to have worked well for him.

Radicalization in New Geographical and Cultural Locations

Adam Milstein notes in his blog that Europe was the first to start experiencing the anti-Semitism and radical Islam within its territories. He says that Europe watched unions forming between the radical leftists and the radical Muslim groups. It is a common culture among radical Muslims to stone women, subject felony offenders to humiliating and inhuman treatment, Ignore the rights of the minorities, hate feminism and so on. Gays are executed. Theoretically, these are practices that should shock the left wing. Strangely in the recent day, the Muslim radical groups have found alliances among the far leftists who choose to look the other way as the Muslim leaning persuasions continue to mete injustice to humans within their control. The rallying call for the odd brotherhood is the fact that the western authorities demand democracy, freedom of speech and inclusivity in governance.

How is it Possible?

The problem with radical Islam is that it has thrashed out the truth about Islam. It has chaperoned an ideology that Islam is one amorphous block and keeps rubbing in the tale all Muslims are victims of oppression by the West. The Radical left sells the narrative that Israel is a colonial oppressor. It also holds that Jews are the cause of all problems that Muslims face in the Middle East.

NGP VAN: Truly Progressive Software

NGP VAN is building and refining intuitive software called Distributive Canvasing that is helping the grassroots political process. Their design uses a smartphone app that helps campaign organizers reach their voters in a streamlined way, which saves time and money when sending out canvassers to knock on doors and increase voter turnout. An organizer can simply contact NGP VAN, and they will assist them in setting up the software.


The software itself is saving a great deal of time and effort on the part of the campaigns. Rather than cutting turf and distributing information manually, an organizer can style their own universe via the software, and consequently get voter information out to their volunteers and canvassers using the MiniVAN mobile app. Leaders can simply inform their base to download the app, which then generates the nearest doors in their area for them to knock on and get voter information. The app also aggregates voter information, so that this information can be used in future campaigns.


NPG VAN created this software, originally known as Knock-10, in collaboration with the DNC, and has been influential in helping the campaigns of candidates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. On the cutting edge of canvassing technology, NPG VAN has been listening intently to the feedback of their clients and creating additional tools, such as “Street Team Canvassing“, which allows canvassers to gather voter information from places like political rallies and fundraisers, and compile that information for future endeavors. Another addition, “Social Advocacy”, is intended to bolster groups of people to join together on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and make their voices heard by their political leaders who use these platforms.

Clearly a progressive company, the team at NPG VAN has also created inclusive verbiage to their app, so that the 10 million-plus LGBTQ community can be called upon using their preferred gender-identification, rather than the customary ‘male’ and ‘female’ nomenclature. Many aspects of this software company help promote social activism by the ease in which like-minded voters can be reached. One of the tools has even been referred to as “a tool for the resistance”, by NPG VAN’s general manager of organizing, Amanda Coulombe.

Find NGP VAN on

How George Soros is Opening up a Better World for Everyone

Charities fighting to bring benefits to the areas Justice, democracy, and human rights have always rubbed governments the wrong way. We think they antagonize the ruling coalition’s yet their interests in societies just as tangible as material aid. Food, medical services, and supplies, bringing access to affordable education, access to clean drinking water among others equals the people right to challenge their government’s actions. Tireless work like this requires money, and philanthropy comes through for it. There has not been an enable of the people’s will like George Soros.

According to Forbes, George Soros had announced transferring $18 billion of his fortune to the Open Source Foundations. This surpasses United States’ seventeen billion dollar funding for security in foreign countries by a billion dollars. If the promise of a further $2 billion is affected, George Soros philanthropy works will further underline the world’s quest for justice. The international funds enable continued donations to more rights groups for years to come to facilitate local partners. For instance, in Asia, rights groups can seek justice to violated victims by conducting investigations. Scores of lawyers supported can take on cases. The Forbes article, also, gives an example of how enabled non-governmental organizations are to document the scale of sexual assault during the conflict and pressure the government to provide compensation to victims.

David Gelles, New York Times article, reports how the funding made quietly over the years has transformed Open Society into a philanthropic organization only second to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the United States. As one who knows the horror of living in a closed society, George Soros founded the organization more than 30 years ago. He grew up living in Nazi-occupied Hungary and with Budapest under Communist rule in 1947; he left for London School of Economics and later moved to the United States, successfully landing a fortune on Wall Street. Read more at Fortune about George Soros.

As a successful investor, New York Times reports, George Soros began funding to promote democracy and human rights, through the first Open Society foundation in Hungary in 1984. Primarily, this work was influenced by the philosophy of Karl Popper through his book Open Society and Its Enemies. In the book, Popper suggests that communities only succeed if they are allowed democratic governance, freedom of expression and right for individual rights are respected. True to the philosophy, Open society works have towed this line. While he does not have all the answers, accolades have come his way for not leaving everything to governments. He has created a foundation whose work will long continue after his candle burns out.

“Trying to improve the world is more difficult than making money; you can only measure it if you have a strategy. I set up a foundation to support this idea of an open society, opening up closed societies, making open societies function better, and foster a critical mode of thinking,” George Soros, in a video provided on the open society Foundations’ website. Read this article on about George.

There Are Different Kinds OfFreedomLife Insurance Policies From Which To Choose

The Freedom Life Insurance Company offers life insurance programs that are tailored to meet the needs of their clients. Each situation is different and careful planning can mean the difference between disappointment and the proper allocation of assets in the event of the death of an insured.  Visit:

There are essentially two forms of life insurance from which to consider in planning the needs of a family or a business for life insurance. Term life insurance is temporary coverage, although it can last for periods of up to 30 years. This type of coverage is most applicable to young families who need lots of coverage for a small amount of premium cost. The Freedom Life Insurance Company offers both kinds of coverage.

Permanent life insurance never expires and has a level premium throughout the life of the policy. It also has a cash value that can be borrowed against or paid to the policy owner if the policy is surrendered any time that the insured is still living. It is also called whole life because it lasts for the “whole” of a person’s life.

In many cases the planning of a life insurance estate will involve both kinds of coverage because typically more life insurance coverage is needed when a family is younger and less is needed for older ages. A plan might include total coverage of a million dollars for a young family with 90 percent of the coverage being the term. When the term expires, that still leaves $100,000 for final expenses when the husband and wife get older.

Businesses buy life insurance too. They cover key employees, buy and sell agreements, and retirement needs that are appropriate in business settings. A key person policy would replace the value of a key employee who has special skills or knowledge valuable to the business. If such a person should die, then the business would receive remuneration for that value that would be lost.

In partnerships or corporate businesses, life insurance is the perfect solution if one of the partners dies. In a true partnership or a corporate buy-sell situation, life insurance can buy the deceased’s interest in the business with the life insurance money. In this way the family has the deceased’s share in cash and the business can continue.

The Freedom Life Insurance Company can help in any of these stages of planning for a family or for a business and their life insurance needs.

Eric Pulier-Turning Dreams into Reality

Eric Pulier is a man of many talents. He is an author, columnist, technologist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of many companies, as well as a public speaker and philanthropist. He has even raised a substantial amount of funding for the many ventures he has founded and co-founded.

Some of the ventures that Pulier has founded include but are not limited to: Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Desktone, and US Interactive-just to name a few.

Pulier has invested in many charitable organizations as well as in venture capital funds, including Trident Capital, Monitor ventures, and eCompanies. Pulier is also an investor in many seed startups in technology and media.

Pilier serves on the board of the Painted Turtle, which is a summer camo for children with illnesses that are chronic and life-threatening. He also serves on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.

In 1984, Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School before going on to Harvard University, where he attained his BA. In 1988, Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard.

Pulier was considered the top-billed honoree at the US Doctors for Africa benefit in 2010 and has served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also the founding donor of the ACE Foundation, which is an organization that is reshaping how software is built and utilized.

Pulier has been published many times, including in Forbes Magazine, and has even published Understanding Enterprise SOA with co-author Hugh Taylor.

Pulier lives with his family in the Los Angeles area and is a financial donor to many Foundations. He is still continuing to help and inspire others to pursue their dreams and to succeed in whatever they do.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Set The Record Straight

Few people in America are under as much scrutiny as Dick and Betsy DeVos. While their sizable political contributions garner most of the headlines, they are practically nothing when compared to the couples charitable contributions. During their lifetime Dick and Betsy DeVos have contributed almost $139 million to various organizations. Since the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Education Secretary by President Donald Trump and the controversy it has caused in some quarters, the couple has decided it is time to clarify a few things about their donations.


The DeVos family have supported the GOP for decades, going back to Dick’s father Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. As reported to the federal government, part of the vetting process for Betsy’s Cabinet position, the family made political donations of $5.3 million, over the last five years, this pales in comparison to the $11.6 million Dick and Betsy DeVos made in charitable contributions in 2015 alone. Total donations from the family, including DeVos senior and his four adult children, were $104 million in 2015. Their donations have been primarily to educational programs in the state of Michigan. Schools such as Northwood University in Midland, Ferris State University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and the Rehoboth Christian School are among the many that have benefited from donations from Dick and Betsy DeVos. DeVos points out, these are not contributions to political organizations trying to promote a political agenda but are donations that will help people directly.


For Dick and Betsy DeVos their priority is education. In 2015 26 percent of their donations went directly to educational causes, plus another 3 percent to organizations that promote education reform. Dick and Betsy believe there is a way to improve our one-size-fits-all education system, feeling that many children are denied access to the American dream because of the zip code they live in, deeming it a civil rights issue. They are not critical of the teachers or administrators who are working hard and accomplishing wonderful things. However, they feel it is important to create an environment where these talented and hard working educators can be even more useful and hopefully reach even more children.


Dick DeVos has been a part of the family business since he was a child. As a boy he attended Amway’s annual conventions, doing everything from greeting guests, to washing dishes and ferrying guest to play tennis or waterski. Dick started his official career with Amway in 1974 working in different divisions of the company, gaining experience in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and finance. Becoming a vice president in 1984, he was in charge of operations in 18 countries. During his tenure, Amway opened several new markets and tripled foreign sales, and for the first time in company history, these sales outpaced domestic production. Dick was named President of Amway in 1993 and held the position until 2002, where he was responsible for operations in 50 countries covering six continents.