Rocketship Education Is Working To Improve The Education Of The Children In San Jose

The city of San Jose was once synonymous with the American Dream. An Article posted in the Atlantic spoke of a study conducted by the University of California and Harvard in 2014. The study looked at children born in the 1980’s of low-income families in San Jose. The conclusion was they had the same chance to establish a successful future as children from far more prosperous families and surroundings. Unfortunately, with changing times San Jose families are experiencing new difficulties. The area has become segregated, the prices for housing have become exorbitant, and middle-class jobs are a thing of the past.

The dire situation in San Jose can be changed by strengthening public education. Rocketship Education is working with the community organizations, educators, and parents in San Jose. They are in the process of creating high-quality public schools that will help the children learning English, and born to low-income families be able to go to college. It was efforts like these that launched 25 high-performance public charter schools. Since the first school opened their doors in 2004, Rocketship Education has given their service to the children of low-income families.

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes conducted a study regarding the students from San Jose learning English, and from low-income households. They established these students picked up an additional month in math and reading for every year spent in a high-performance charter school. Charter school partnerships are forming between districts including the Franklin-McKinley School District, and the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District. This is so student achievements can improve, and college readiness can be established.

Critical support is being offered by the business leaders in the area. Reed Hastings of Netflix, and Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan of Facebook have all invested in technologies and education to help the community. A personalized learning platform is being built with the intention of sharing it with schools all over the country. San Jose has a powerful movement in their community, and they are working together. With help from numerous sources including Rocketship Education, the children of San Jose may once again be able to grab the brass ring.