How EOS Quickly Became One Of The Top Selling Lip Balm Brands

EOS (Evolution of Soft) lip balm has quickly taken over the lip balm market since their start up, seven years ago. Today, they are the second highest selling lip balm, after Burt’s Bees. They have even out sold brands like Chapstick and Blistex which have been around much longer. This is impressive considering that its competitors are owned by huge businesses such as Clorox and Pfizer. When the creators, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, first began brainstorming about creating a lip balm they realized that the companies currently in the lip balm market weren’t being creative. The Evolution of products had barely changed at all over the last few decades. The packaging was especially stagnant. Nearly all lip balm products came in a cylindrical tube, except for pots of lip balm that many consumers viewed as unhygienic because they were applied with your fingers. EOS lip balm decided that they wanted their packaging to stand out from the rest of the lip balm products that were currently available. They had many packaging mock ups made until they finally decided on the spherical shape that they use today. Through research they also realized that women purchased significantly more lip balm than men because it was commonly used as a part of their beauty routine. This meant they needed to target women. They decided that pastel packaging would appeal to them. Also, they wanted their target audience to be millennials so they worked closely with a lot of younger celebrities to promote their products. Social media also played a large role in the brand finding its popularity. A lot of YouTubers and beauty bloggers were mentioning the lip balm on YouTube and other social media sites such as Instagram. Today the company sells over a million units per week, which is pretty impressive. EOS lip balm products are available online on Racked and Ulta.


Shea Butter Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Quite a few beauty magazines are jumping on the bandwagon and praising the wonderful benefits bestowed on those that regularly use Shea butter. The fact is that Shea butter is actually a good all around beauty treatment for the hair and the skin. Of course, this is not something new. The product has been around for centuries and used by the ancients for beauty purposes too. Experts agree that Shea butter is packed with all the natural emollients that are responsible for nourishing and moisturizing the hair. Of course, it is the unrefined Shea butter that provides the most benefits.


Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural product that is extracted from the Shea tree nut. The African Shea tree has supplied Africa and the world with this unique emollient for centuries. Take a look at a number of the most popular hair care and skin care products. It is interesting to note that one of the main ingredients featured in a wide variety of the products is Shea butter. Shea butter is featured in hair care products because it combats dryness. Shea butter is packed with vitamin E and other healthy nutrients. Some studies show that the Shea butter ingredient included in hair care products might play a part in hair growth.


More Advantages

The fact is that Shea butter is the perfect hot oil treatment for dry, and damaged hair. Simply melt a tablespoon of the product and apply to hair. Wrap the hair and let the hair absorb the Shea butter for about fifteen minutes. Rinse the hair afterwards and dry. The hair should feel soft and look glossy.


EuGenia Shea

Perhaps, you have heard of the company EuGenia Shea. Did you know that EuGenia in Greek means the origin of goodness? The family owned business, is in head to head competition with other larger conglomerates that produce Shea butter. However, they have the edge over the larger companies because they produce high quality products made from original Naasakle Shea butter.


EuGenia Shea is a family owned and operated business that has shea butter roots in Ghana and America. They are on a mission to inform the world about all the marvelous benefits that are connected with using Shea butter.  Find out more about their mission here:

Markus Rothkranz Explores A Powerful All Natural Formula

Markus Rothkranz introduces you to an all natural product that he personally uses and highly recommends. This powerful green formula contains high-grade ingredients that are not too over-stimulating, and will leave you with lasting results. The energy formula does not blast you with sugars and additives that will leave you burning out in a few hours. Nor will it kill off your adrenals and leave you with low hormones or accelerate the aging process. This green energy formula is particularly designed on a much deeper level; reassuring you that before you hit the gym, you won’t have to worry about crashing halfway through your workout routine.

Markus raves about how every time you use this product, the effects overtime get even stronger. This green formula came to life after years of extensive research, some of which derived from world class Olympic athletes! Expect to restore healthy levels of testosterone without DHT, and rebuild your muscle mass as well as keeping your skin taut when using this before a workout. Another interesting thing is that this formula has a natural mood elevator to prevent depression and stress. It increases a natural flow of oxygen levels in the bloodstream and promotes mental clarity. The product is super safe to use, vegan friendly, raw, and contains no GMO. Most of the ingredients are pure rocket fuel for bodybuilders and athletes alike. The break down of this all natural product includes: 10:1 pine pollen concentrate, coleus forskohlii, rhodiola, cordyceps, ashwagandha, maca, prickly pear, ginkgo biloba, nettle root, periwinkle, tribulus terrestris, and suma. All of these ingredients each have their own special purpose to give you the performance results you will love.