Michel Terpins: Taking Brazil’s Rallies By Storm

Who says that you can’t have fun once you reach 40? Rodrigo Terpins shows that it can be done. As someone who has successfully followed his passion for years on end, it’s no wonder that he is a recognized name in the world of rally driving in Brazil.



He has won many competitions, largely thanks to his undying determination to be the best. He has been a championship leader and although he has had his ups and downs, he still stays on top despite bumps in the road. In fact, he has many fans that show up to his competitions, no matter what and he has gained respect as one of the best in Brazil. Check out broadcast.com




He actively participates in rallies, with nine races at the Serteos Rally under his belt. Working with his brother on a Bull Sertoes Rally Team, the Terpins brothers do all they can to participate in the sport that they love. These guys have been seen in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and Serteos Rally, which are two of the best opportunities for any rally driver in Brazil.



Michel started off racing motorcycles, but then decided to take after his older brother. Terpins has since been seen piloting cars like the T-Rex. It is a pretty incredible car that has been designed to be ecologically friendly. It’s modern design and unique carbon free seals make it stand out as not only a dependable car, but one that is good for the planet, as well.



One may wonder where Michel’s passion for the sport came into play. If you take a look at his family, you will understand why he continues to be a leader in his sport. His father is known for having been one of the best basketball players in town, while his older brother Rodrigo also shares a passion for rally driving as he does. It’s hard to ignore determination and grit in sports when your whole family shares in it.


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Rodrigo Terpins and The Passion for Rally Racing That’s Already In His Blood

Racing is one of the most dangerous pastimes on the planet. Recall, there are many car accidents already that have ended the careers of rally racers because of the intensity of the tracks during a race. However, it is impressive that we still have courageous rally racers today that push the frontiers of racing as a professional sport. One of these brave racers today is Rodrigo Terpins of the Bull Sertoes Rally Racing Team.



The Achievements



No write-up of Rodrigo Terpins’ racing career is complete without mentioning his series of achievements. One of these more popular achievements is when he finished a 2,600-kilometer-race that spanned 7 stages and also comprised of 2 states. That was one of the most dangerous track races in the history of Sertoes Rally, and yet Rodrigo Terpins was still able to push through with his brother as his co-pilot, Michel Terpins. Check out broadcast.com for more.




There were so many adversities in the 22nd Edition Sertoes Rally that Rodrigo Terpins joined, but because of his outstanding team, he was able to pull through and won the race under the Prototype T1 Category. This is a category that not many could join because of the specific series of requirements needed, but with such passion and dedication of Rodrigo Terpins, he was able to arrive at such a victorious result.



It is also good to know that despite being 44 years old and starting quite not so early in the field of rally racing, Rodrigo Terpins was still able to remain outstanding in his effort. This could probably not be possible without the help of his T-Rex vehicle, which helped him land quite a victorious spot. There are still a lot of races that Rodrigo Terpins could encounter, but since he’s already been trained during his previous races and sports is in his blood through his father, it would not be hard to imagine him winning more races in the future. For more details visit Crunchbase.



In conclusion, it’s evident that the blood of competitive sports is already in the heart and soul of Rodrigo Terpins. His passion for speed has really paid off and has pushed him in ways that would not be easy to replicate by other racers.