Great lessons from Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a surgeon who is renowned for the significant accomplishments in the medical world. He has managed to achieve success by being dedicated to his work and being focused when performing a surgical procedure. Working with integrity has enabled him to become one of the most respected modern surgeons.

His success has come from the understanding that time is of great importance in life and should be utilized. He advises people to spend their lives pursuing their most important goals rather than wasting time on things that are meaningless. According to him, when you work hard and achieve your goals, you will be a happy person in life. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

Dr. Saad Saad has learned a lot of lessons in his life as a surgeon. He has used these lessons to reap benefits. For example, he tells people not to accept less than they can achieve. If you desire to achieve a particular goal in life, then you have to work hard and achieve it.

The favorite doctor once fainted when he was working under a scorching sun due to heat stroke. After this incidence, he decided he would not want to work in such an environment.

That is why he worked hard in school and succeeded to become a coveted surgeon. He did not want to settle for what he did not deserve. He says if you are focused, you can achieve your goals in life.

Dr. Saad Saad believes in working to achieve your goal without procrastination. If you have something to accomplish, you must accomplish it. He maintains ethics in his work and thinks the time is of great essence in your endeavors.

Many people lack discipline when it comes to time management, and that is why they end up failing in their endeavors. Those who want to achieve their goals with efficiency must consider being strict in their time management.

Saad is a doctor with a proven track record. He has helped many children in the society even those who cannot afford to pay for complex surgeries. That is why he has gone for medical missions because he gives back to the society. He has also changed the lives of many individuals because he wants patients to live healthy lives.

When many of us face challenges, we look at the challenges as the cause of our failure. However, what we fail to understand is that changes will always be present no matter what. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

What we should be striving to do is taking control. We should never allow challenges to be the cause of our failure. Just like Saad Saad, strive to accomplish better things in life. Let the challenges not put you down. Focus on the long term goals and everything will fall into place.

Rhinoplasty with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s magical hands

Rhinoplasty with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s magical hands
Rhinoplasty is a very common form of plastic surgery among patients who expect to give new look to their nasal area. Before we discover what wonders could Dr. Sameer Jejurikar perform on you, let us quickly explore what rhinoplasty can correct. If you have a nose that is too big or too wide for your face size or if you have flaring nostrils or if there are bumps on the bridge of your nose or if your nose is crooked, you are a perfect candidate for the rhinoplasty surgery. Alternatively, if you have had any serious injuries that have complicated the shape of your nose or if the tip of your nose is enlarged, you could consider getting a Rhinoplasty.

Dr. J suggests that if you are in a decent physical and mental health and do not smoke, you could be a potential fit for the surgery. He performs the surgery on you under IV sedation commonly known as general anesthesia. Before he operates on you, he will not only understands your needs and expectations from the surgery but also would inform you what could be achieved depending on your case. He will also do an extensive study on your medical history and devise a plan that works in your best interest.

Dr. J generally uses open and closed techniques of rhinoplasty and he will go over both of them during your consultations so that you could decide what works best for you. On either of these techniques, he would lift the soft tissues so that he could sculpt the cartilage into the required shape. In your recovery phase, you might experience achy nose or some puffiness. In some instances, there could also be swelling and bleeding. Contact the practitioner immediately if you experience any serious complications, but most of the patients would be up and running in less than a week’s time.

Let’s meet Dr. Eric ​Forsthoefel

Doctor Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency room doctor who specializes in Emergency

Medicine. He got his medical training from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2009, he also trained at the Louisiana State University In New Orleans and graduated in 2012. Dr. Eric had his residency done at the Louisiana State University. He is a native english speaker and he also accepts Spanish-speaking patients. Dr. Eric is affiliated with the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and currently works in the Eric Forsthoefel Clinic in Tallahassee Florida and has a medical experience of 6 years.

Emergency physicians are doctors who are specially trained to handle medical

conditions that are urgent and extremely dangerous. They work in the emergency room

department (ER) and usually deal with trauma patients, lacerations, burn victims and accidents victims. They also deal with cardiac distress cases and fractures. ER doctors make urgent and life-saving decisions during an emergency medical crisis. They always make sure the patient is treated well enough to be discharged or, that the patient is stabilized well enough to be moved to a different department for treatment.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and has his specialty in Injury, Accidents and Trauma. Over the years, he has gained knowledge and experience in a broad range of medical topics. He accepts a variety of Insurance plans, some of which include Medicare, Aetna, and Coventry Health Care also known as First Health.

Dr. Eric attends to his patients at two different locations. The first location is the Tallahassee Memorial Care, which is located on 1300 Miccosukee Rd Tallahassee, FL 32308 while the second location is in his office at 1309 Thomasville Rd Tallahassee,

FL 32303.

Dr Eric’s certifications and licensure includes; American Board of Emergency Medicine (Certified in Emergency Medicine), LA State Medical License (Active through 2013), and Florida State Medical License (Active through 2014). Doctor Eric Forsthoefel is one of the best at what he does and his patients attest to this. His skills at correctly diagnosing and treating emergency room patients has made him a household name in the Tallahassee Community.

Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the world famous pediatric surgeon. He has a vast experience in the medical field. Dr. Saad has performed countless pediatric surgeries through his career. He has always been passionate about his medical career. He always researches and searches for the latest models and ways to improve and upgrade from his current operational process. Dr. Saad has invested in various research to create a technique that reduces pain as well as the dangers that may occur during the surgical processes. Dr. Saad has patented more than two innovations in the medical industry.

Dr. Saad has been working as a pediatric surgeon for more than four decades now. He has been there for the citizens of the United States as well as helping both young adults and children in Holyland. Learn more:

Through his research work, Dr. Saad founded equipment that helps to track the catheter without performing a scan on the patient`s body. Catheter resembles a metal detector and is believed to be an achievement in the future of the surgery field. The instrument that Dr. Saad invented is a slender tube, which is created for the medical purpose to work on various functions. The catheter is inserted into the patient’s body to achieve surgical procedure or cure a certain disease. It can also use to drain gases and urine from the patient. The surgeons use x-`ray to locate the catheter that is inserted into the human body.

Dr. Saad did not stop at the first innovation; he went ahead and upgraded the endoscopes. As a surgeon, he knew the need and the demands of having upgraded endoscopes. They are surgical instruments that are used to have a look at the internal parts of the human body. By use of an endoscope, the doctor can view throat, stomach, colon and even the bladder. Where the endoscopes are obstructed due to the human liquids a sunction-irrigation device is used to remove the liquid and increase visibility. Dr. Saad has always used these instruments while performing most of the surgical work.

Dr. Saad was raised in Kuwait, and he was born in a family of seven children. He has an excellent educational history just like the most doctors. Dr. Saad studied at Cairo University in Egypt and attained a degree in medicine. Dr. Saad migrated to the United States after the completion of his internship in England. He is currently based in New Jersey where specializes in pediatric surgery.