NGP VAN: Truly Progressive Software

NGP VAN is building and refining intuitive software called Distributive Canvasing that is helping the grassroots political process. Their design uses a smartphone app that helps campaign organizers reach their voters in a streamlined way, which saves time and money when sending out canvassers to knock on doors and increase voter turnout. An organizer can simply contact NGP VAN, and they will assist them in setting up the software.


The software itself is saving a great deal of time and effort on the part of the campaigns. Rather than cutting turf and distributing information manually, an organizer can style their own universe via the software, and consequently get voter information out to their volunteers and canvassers using the MiniVAN mobile app. Leaders can simply inform their base to download the app, which then generates the nearest doors in their area for them to knock on and get voter information. The app also aggregates voter information, so that this information can be used in future campaigns.


NPG VAN created this software, originally known as Knock-10, in collaboration with the DNC, and has been influential in helping the campaigns of candidates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. On the cutting edge of canvassing technology, NPG VAN has been listening intently to the feedback of their clients and creating additional tools, such as “Street Team Canvassing“, which allows canvassers to gather voter information from places like political rallies and fundraisers, and compile that information for future endeavors. Another addition, “Social Advocacy”, is intended to bolster groups of people to join together on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and make their voices heard by their political leaders who use these platforms.

Clearly a progressive company, the team at NPG VAN has also created inclusive verbiage to their app, so that the 10 million-plus LGBTQ community can be called upon using their preferred gender-identification, rather than the customary ‘male’ and ‘female’ nomenclature. Many aspects of this software company help promote social activism by the ease in which like-minded voters can be reached. One of the tools has even been referred to as “a tool for the resistance”, by NPG VAN’s general manager of organizing, Amanda Coulombe.

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Jeunesse Creates Total Healthcare System

One of the more dynamic names to enter the fray of the highly competitive neutraceutical industry over the last decade has been Jeunesse Global. The company has interesting roots. Founded by industry veteran power couple Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company was originally meant to be little more than a way for the two owners to keep themselves busy throughout their retirement. But the couple couldn’t help delving into their new enterprise head first.

Today, Jeunesse is among the fastest-growing direct marketing companies in the world. It has tens of thousands of distributors selling hundreds of millions of dollars in products worldwide. The company started in 2009, when Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis became restless with their third attempt at retirement. The couple had both spent their entire careers in the neutraceutical and direct marketing industry, building a string of highly successful businesses that allowed them to attain independent wealth at a young age.

The couple had convinced themselves that this time would be different. They would actually step away from the industry they loved and enjoy their time together and with their children and grandchildren. However, Wendy quickly became bored. She started selling a skin care product out of the couple’s garage. Soon, Randy had jumped into the mix. Using his expertise with direct marketing and Wendy’s expertise with product development and corporate management, the couple was soon running yet another rapidly expanding business.


Jeunesse Global has grown into a direct-marketing powerhouse. The company’s flagship product is a health and beauty package known as the Youth Enhancement System. This product line consists of a number of highly innovative products that are only available through Jeunesse Global. The products have proven to be so popular that the company’s sales force has been rapidly expanding across the globe. With representatives in dozens of countries, the name Jeunesse Global is an accurate reflection of the company’s global market penetration.

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Both Ray and Lewis continue developing new products and expanding their business into new territories. With their track record of success, Jeunesse Global will be a company to watch in the coming years. (Get Additional Information Here)


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