The Axis of Evil Grows Larger and Bolder; Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a prolific writer with JNS, a Jewish Online News Platform that keeps track of events that affect Jews in Israel, the Middle East and elsewhere. In his recent post, Adam opines that there is a trend of radical alliances forming with reenergized anti-Semitism sentiments. According to Milstein, in a post on JNS in February, there has been a serious anti-Semitism sentiment for long in the Middle East on what he calls the radical right. However, he points out that in the recent past, the sentiment has spread to the radical left too. In fact, according to Milstein, it is the anti-Semitism stance that unites the radical Islamic groups. Mr. Adam Milstein points out that while in the past the hatred for Jews to be localized to specific regions, especially in the Middle, it is no longer the case. Anti-Semitism now unites Muslims from a wide range of cultures across the globe. It is worth noting that even in geographical and cultural settings that were predominantly Christian, Muslim radicals have managed to build cells and even convince some of the locals to join their, hate, racism and bigotry cause.

Summary of Adam Milstein’s background and Career

Adam Milstein is a well known and respected international Philanthropist. He was born in Israel in 1950s. Adam was conscripted in the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. Adam had his first war experience with IDF in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. He has a degree in Economics and Business from the Israeli Institute of Technology. He assisted his father in his real estate business after his studies. He later moved to the USA with his wife and two daughters. He also pursued an MBA degree after he arrived in the USA and successfully graduated. He has pursued real estate ventures, an area of business that seems to have worked well for him.

Radicalization in New Geographical and Cultural Locations

Adam Milstein notes in his blog that Europe was the first to start experiencing the anti-Semitism and radical Islam within its territories. He says that Europe watched unions forming between the radical leftists and the radical Muslim groups. It is a common culture among radical Muslims to stone women, subject felony offenders to humiliating and inhuman treatment, Ignore the rights of the minorities, hate feminism and so on. Gays are executed. Theoretically, these are practices that should shock the left wing. Strangely in the recent day, the Muslim radical groups have found alliances among the far leftists who choose to look the other way as the Muslim leaning persuasions continue to mete injustice to humans within their control. The rallying call for the odd brotherhood is the fact that the western authorities demand democracy, freedom of speech and inclusivity in governance.

How is it Possible?

The problem with radical Islam is that it has thrashed out the truth about Islam. It has chaperoned an ideology that Islam is one amorphous block and keeps rubbing in the tale all Muslims are victims of oppression by the West. The Radical left sells the narrative that Israel is a colonial oppressor. It also holds that Jews are the cause of all problems that Muslims face in the Middle East.


Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He studied at the University College of Oxford, the University College in London and Harvard University School of Government. Daniel, later on, left for Israel in the year 1989.

He has been in the Israel Defense Forces since then working as a combat medic and a reserve officer for in the International Law division. In the year 1991, Daniel started working for the Israel Foreign Ministry, and he has also managed to hold both legal and diplomatic posts. He became the Ambassador of the United Kingdom from the year 2011 to 2015. Daniel Taub is now the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and an Israel diplomat who has written articles about Israel and the Middle East. These articles are published in the Guardian, the Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Huffington Post just but a few. Daniel Taub has written a book of insights on the biblical section weekly sections. This book is called Parasha Diplomatic. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Daniel Taub is the chief scriptwriter and creator of Israeli drama series HeChatzer. It is a set in an ultra-orthodox Hasidic sect. Daniel Taub describes the book as a cross between the Chosen and Downton Abbey. Mr. Daniel lectures and writes on International Law and negotiation theory. He is a speechwriter for Israel’s president, Chaim Herzog.

Daniel Taub is the second Israel ambassador in Britain. He has started a Bizcamp competition which is incorporated with Google. He was then nominated for the award of Grassroot Diplomat Initiative because he developed trade and business. Daniel led to the growth of bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Israel to 8 billion between the year 2011 and 2013. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel has focused on a cross-cultural and interfaith activity. He has received an invitation to teach Hebrew classes at the Church of England Synod and Westminster Abbey. Daniel has also been able to reach out to cultural and ethnic groups in cultural events. Daniel Taub came up with an Israel programme that is adopted by the Jewish community.

Daniel Taub remains the best envoy that Israeli have ever sent to the United Kingdom. He was greatly loved by the Jewish community in the United Kingdom for always putting their interest first.

Daniel Taub understood his role as an envoy is to create a good image of your country and he definitely did not disappoint the republic of Isreal.