Securus Technologies Changing How Officers Work in Jails

Over the last decade working as a corrections officer in the state prison, my job responsibilities have remained pretty much the same. It wasn’t until last year when the violence in our facility hit a tipping point that all the officers employed here had to make some changes to our routine. Due to overcrowded conditions, we had to start making use of technology to help us maintain order or this dangerous situation was going to become a deadly one. Although it was a break from the norm for us, it certainly began to show promise right out of the gate.


Securus Technologies has been part of the reason officers in dangerous jails have been in the position to gain back control of the inmates and make life for everyone, from inmates, officers, guests, or staff, to be able to feel safe again. Securus Technologies is responsible for making a modern telephone monitoring system for prisons so the officers can get better control of potentially dangerous situations before they even happen. While the LBS software scans the telephone calls inmates are making on the prison phones, officers are freed from the call center to get back on the front lines.


We trust Securus Technologies because officers from over 2,500 jails around the country are already seeing the results we want, and it was only a matter of time before we began to see things start to improve. Now that we are back on the front lines, we have seen a huge drop in incidents of violence due to drug use. The reason is that the LBS software identifies when inmates are on the phones bragging about drug use, complaining about having to sell drugs for gangs, or asking their family and friends to bring in prescription mediation at our prison guest center for them.


Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides communication services to the prison population. Securus Technologies is currently bases out of Dallas Texas. Currently, the company provides communication services to over 1,800 correctional facilities within the United States as well as Canada.


Securus provides services to inmates as well as their families that offer a number of payment options. Advance Connect is one of the more popular phone services that Securus currently offers. This service allows a pre-paid calling account to be set up. This service enables outsiders to receive from various correctional facilities. As long as funds are available in the Advance Connect account you can receive calls any time from a correctional facility. In addition, additional phone numbers can be added to the account by request. Calls can be connected directly to cellular numbers as long as the facility has no call restrictions.


Direct Bill is probably one of the easiest calling accounts to manage. This service enables you to receive calls from inmates any time. Every call the inmate places will be billed to your personal phone bill each month. Direct Bill is frequently used by attorneys as well as officers of the law.


Traditional Collect is another service offered by Securus. This service allows you to receive calls from a family member or friend who is currently housed in a correctional facility. All calls are billed to your local telephone company on a monthly basis.


Inmate Debit allows more flexibility for the inmate placing the calls. A debit pre- paid calling account is set up in the inmate’s name. Additional funds can be added to the account at any time. This plan eliminates any potential problems that can arise from billing calling charges to a local telephone company or cellular telephone. Inmate Debit can also limit calls made by the inmate to outsiders.


Securus also offers inmate video services as well as inmate voice mail. In addition, e-mail services are also offered by Securus however, it is important to keep in mind that an inmates computer access and usage can be extremely limited.


Securus has made communication with inmates a great deal easier and more efficient. Securus Technologies must abide by all rules and regualtions set forth by the correctional facility at all times.


The company web site is informational and describes all services offered by Securus, The web site can be accessed by logging on to Live chat services are currently available to address customer inquiries. Service brochures can be downloaded directly from the Securus web site.


A Look At Some Of The Technologies Securus Technologies Provides To Prisons

Securus Technologies is a private company that provides technological solutions to prisons across the United State, Canada, and Mexico. It is based in Dallas, Texas and also has offices and call centers in Allen and Carrollton, Texas, as well at Atlanta, Georgia. It employs more than 1000 people and is led by Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Smith. They have contracts with more than 2,200 prisons. In just the last three years they have invested over $600 million into new patents, technologies, and the acquisition of other players in their industry.

One of Securus Technologies main services is providing prison personnel a way to monitor incoming and outgoing calls from the correctional facility. They also have a service which can control contraband cell phones which tends to be a big problem in jails. Their newest technology, called, “Wireless Containment Solution, can prevent cell phones from connecting to their wireless carriers networks.

Securus Technologies has long been a leader in their industry, especially after the heavy investing in the company that as gone on for the last few years. There are more than 1 million inmates in the correctional facilities that they have partnered with. Additionally, Securus Technologies also provides products and services to law enforcement agencies across North America. Some of their technology includes being able to track people by satellite and their LBS software which detectives use to recover illegal assets and drugs.

Securus Technologies receives a lot of positive comments from the organizations that they serve. CEO Rick Smith released some of these comments which included one accounting of their technology being used to uncover a corrupt prison staff member who was bringing in contraband for use by prisoners. Another letter recounts how call monitoring led to the discovery of drug and alcohol use by inmates in their prison.

Collecting Evidence Using Securus Technologies in the Prison

I am a corrections officer who is in charge of monitoring the inmates for contraband. Whether checking their visitors, monitoring their calls, or searching their cells, I have a job that is thankless and challenging. If I were to let my guard down for a single second, the inmates would easily take control and put me in serious trouble.


Collecting evidence is key to making the jail safer, and even if I acquire vast amounts of drugs, the inmates seem to have a never-ending flow that comes in a number of ways. My 20 years in the prison system has been exciting to say the least, and I have seen just about every way an inmate can get drugs into their cells. With the new security systems in the jails, it just go that much harder for inmates to continue to get their drugs.


Securus Technologies came to our jail and updated the inmate phone system recently. The new system was so advanced i needed to be trained on the LBS software. The reason we continue to use this Dallas TX based company is because CEO Rick Smith and his 1,000 employees all have one mission, to make the planet safer for us all.


Once the phone system was up and running and I learned how to use the software, I dove right in to see how the system worked. It did not take me long to break the code a few inmates were using to describe new drugs coming in and how they were going to smuggle them in the cell. We actually allowed the deal to go down so we could surprise the inmates in their cells that day. Once we found the drugs, they simply thought we had gotten lucky. We continued getting lucky that month to the point we put a huge dent in the flow of drugs in the jail this month.


Securus Technologies exposes Global Tel-Link

Securus decide that they are going to release statements findings, reports that is going to highlight their competitive company Global Tel Link and their multiple wrongdoings. In a bid to get ahead of criticism, Securus CEO Richard Smith released in a statement showing that GTL past press statements are not only hurt the completion but undermine the integrity within the communication industry.


Securus itself is a company that has prided itself for a high reputation. They have had a good reputation according to BBB. The reputation is based on customer experience. GTL on the other hand has had reports that show its misconducts. Misconducts performed by the company date as early as 1998. The first to be released was by the Louisiana Public Service. It had an aim to highlight GTL service in the correction facilities.


Quite recently Securus made a press release. It announced that the Patent Trial had been validated. GTL had earlier issued a press release indicating that the Patent Trial was invalidated. The finding and facts by Securus Technologies show that information presented by GTL is misleading and highly inaccurate.



In the news, Securus Technologies CEO stated that it is not new for GTL to undermine the nature of Appeal Board ruling and of the Patent Trial. GTL has always been at the forefront to try and use trivial unexpected short term wins. Securus itself has enough technology and software development. Most of the claims against Securus poor technology and software development are groundless. Securus Technologies actually beats GTL in all these areas. The company has a better technology, better software and more patents than GTL. This is why GTL became silent after they were challenged on a technology face-off.




Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based communications firm responsible for connecting over three thousand correctional facilities across North America. Here are some of the services that are offered by Securus Technologies.


  • Incident Management
  • Public Information
  • Investigation
  • Biometric Analysis
  • Communication
  • Product and Services monitoring
  • Emergency Response

Securus Technologies was established with the aim of offering public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies by providing quality communication services. Securus Technologies is dedicated to connecting firms by offering quick response and directing information to the right recipient.


The recent Louisiana floods have adverse effects on inmates and families. With the need for prisoners to communicate with family, the floods made regular visits impossible, and the call rates relatively went up compared to ordinary prisons call rates. Securus being committed to connecting inmates merged with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) in lowering call expenses by allowing each prisoner to make one free call daily. Prisoners need to connect with family in the hazardous flood conditions hence, the chief executive officer of Securus, Mr. Richard Smith, emphasizes on the need for Securus to contribute to the free phone calls.


The free calls program is scheduled to run through September 7th. Through the month, the Department of Corrections and Securus will enable the feature to allow free phone calls from inmates to family and friends.


About Securus


Securus Technologies works around the clock to ensure safety and communication in most correctional facilities. Serving over one million inmates in America and law enforcement agencies, Securus dedicates itself to connecting what is vital for the world’s safety. Securus Technologies provides criminal justice technology solutions to correctional firms.