Thor Halvorssen; Involvement in Public Advocacy and Film Production

Thor is a 40-year old film producer and human rights activist. The alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania is also the founder and CEO of Human Rights Foundation, as well as the originator of Oslo Freedom Forum. Oslo is a gathering that happens yearly and is perceived by the ‘The Economist’ more like an enormous human right festival. In fact, they say it is on its way to making an equivalent of the Davos Economic Forum.

Thor’s devotion in his relevant areas is relentless. Relating to film production, he founded Moving Picture Institute and right now is up to producing several film adaptations with some artists. Thor is brave and described by The New York Times as a champ for the powerless and little persons. He is always in pursuit of political rights and freedom, which most people are often denied.

Accolades Won by Halvorssen Over Time

The son to Thor Halvorssen and Hilda Mendoza has been awarded severally for his aggressiveness and zeal in pushing for civil rights of the voiceless. Judith Rodin who was the president of the University of Pennsylvania presented Thor with the Sol Feinstone Award for what was termed as protection of student speech. Again in 2010, he received a presidential silver medal from Emil Constantinescu in commemoration of the Romanian’s 1989 revolution.

Thor’s Proficiency as an Advocate

The graduate of political science and history has tremendously expanded his horizons. He has gone on to acquire specialties in such areas as slavery, human trafficking and extortions to democracy. Apart from speaking in the British parliament, he has also had an opportunity to lecture on a wide scope of subjects concerning human rights at Harvard School of Law, his resume.


Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza does not believe in watching people live under repressive regimes. It is for this reason that he works tirelessly towards wiping out such dictatorships. Having received independence allowed everyone to live democratically, and every individual should enjoy that peace. Probably his zeal in fighting for human rights foundation was triggered by callousness that his parents had to pass through at some point.