Waiakea Water Is All Natural

Since the inception of bottled drinking water way back when, the industry has grown substantially. More people are drinking bottled water today than ever before and this is because it has been shown that tap water is not always the best for your body. Bottled water has a purifying process to allow all of the bad minerals to be taken out. However, not all bottled waters are as pure as they attest to be. Some have been proven to be no better than opening your faucet at home and filling a glass. Waiakea Water is one of the purest waters you can find. The founder of the company came upon this volcanic water quite by accident. While visiting family in Hawaii, he drank from a stream which was located at the base of a volcano. He discovered it was the best water he had ever had and wanted to be able to put it to use as a product he could sell to others.

Once he was able to have the water tested, he found that its alkalinity levels were well beyond normal while its PH levels were much lower. Too much PH in water can be very detrimental to the body. The levels that were in this water were more suited to ingestion. The alkaline that was in it was high enough to make it purer than any other water. His company began to bottle it and sell it locally and it became a big hit in the area. They expanded their operation and have now been selling this water across the country. The company continues to grow and now has several operations in Hawaii. Their standards have been kept high and they will not allow lesser quality water to be used in their products. Other companies have tried to market bottled water using similar labeling as this company but Waiakea Water is still the only one who can rightly claim to be pure. Their customer base has continued to grow because of their truth in advertising and they have been recommended highly by their clients. People just love this water.


Jeunesse Product Offerings

Jeunesse is one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world today. Over the past few years, the overall demand for health and beauty products has increased greatly. There are many people who are willing to spend a lot of money on the right products.

Although Jeunesse is still a small company in terms of total customers, the company is growing rapidly and making a huge impact on the industry. Many people are excited about the future with Jeunesse. Read more about Jeunesse Global at glassdoor.com.

Starting Out

Starting a new business in any industry is difficult. There are many people who have a dream of starting a company. It is important to have a solid business plan in the beginning. Some people simply assume that selling a product automatically means that customers will buy it. The founders of Jeunesse had to work hard in order to get started in this competitive industry.

One of the best aspects of Jeunesse Global is that the company truly cares about the overall experience of customers. Many people are ready to try new beauty products in order to improve their overall appearance. With all of the options today, working with a beauty consultant from Jeunesse is a great way to accomplish this goal.

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Giving Back

Another positive aspect of shopping from Jeunesse is the fact that the company donates a lot of time and money to others. Many customers today want to work with a company that makes a positive impact on the world. Jeunesse donates a portion of sales to various charities around the world.

Now is a great time to start looking for beauty products that can help you improve your overall appearance. If you are interested in purchasing quality products at an affordable price, check out what Jeunesse has to offer. There is a reason that so many people love buying products from this company. Not only are the products affordable, but the customer service is great as well. Download the app at Google Play Store.

Meal Delivery Services That Are Athlete Approved

Pete’s Paleo

This is a great option for an individual whom is a venturesome eater.


Pete’s Paleo provides an individual with great variety. Pete’s Paleo menu consists of many delicious and fresh meals. Pete’s Paleo provides periodic ingredients depending on what is being harvested. The cost of 5 meals is $123.00. The cost of 10 meals is $189.00. The cost of 14 meals is $249.00. The cost of 20 meals is $324.00. The cost of 10 vegetarian based meals is $129.00. The meals are free of GMO, dairy, soy, and gluten. The meals consist of high amounts of protein.


Paleo bacon and bone broth are great choices to try. The taste of bone broth is appetizing and sweet. Pete’s Paleo bacon is meaty, succulent, and savory.


Ice Age Meals

This is ideal for an individual that wants to store a few meals in the freezer.


Ice Age Meals consists of a basic ingredient menu with excellent meat options. All of the ingredients used are free of GMO, dairy, and gluten. Ice Age Meals come frozen and in bulk. The purchase of 14 meals cost $165.00. The purchase of 24 meals cost $275.00. The purchase of 64 meals cost $530.00.


Pastel de Papa is a great choice. Pastel de Papa is a pie that contains beef, onions, tomatoes, eggs that are hard boiled, and raisins. This pie is then topped off with a helping of delicious mashed potatoes.


Paleo Power Meals

This is a great option for individuals that enjoy having variety while eating meals.


Eggs, chicken, beef, and fish are the main components. Each meal provides high amounts of protein. Each meal is individually provided in tupperware. This is great for the athlete on the go throughout the day. The cost of the meals are 8-15 dollars.


Spaghetti squash bolognese and sweet potato pancakes are a delicious choice from the Paleo Power Meal.


Nutrisystem for Men

Nutrisystem  for men provides individuals with a nutritious balance.  PureHealthyLiving.net praised the nutrient rich meals, that still help you cut calories.


Nutrisystem for men provides a personalized eating plan. The meals each contain high amounts of fiber and protein. Nutrisystem has 3 diet plans which are core plan, basic plan, and uniquely yours plan. The core plan consists of an additional 100 types of food to choose from. The basic plan consists of food that is pre-selected. The uniquely yours plan consists of another additional 150 types of food to choose from. Nutrisystem also has programs available. The programs available are men’s programs, women’s programs, vegetarian programs, and Nutrisystem D-Diabetic plan. The cost of Nutrisystem per day ranges from $9.82 and $11.96. Per month an individual is spending between $290-$360.


Some great breakfast options are buttermilk waffles, honey wheat bagel, and breakfast burrito. Some great lunch options are cheese tortellini, chicken parmesan melt, and chicken parmesan pasta. Some great dinner options are stuffed shells, chicken primavera, and ravioli in basil tomato sauce. Some great snack/dessert options are fudge brownie, cheese puffs, and red velvet whoopie pie.


In conclusion, all of these meal delivery service options provide nutrition for the body.