InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a facility that combines both invention and quality healthcare to create advanced value-based healthcare for patients. The facility has excellent leadership with over 120 years of experience in healthcare delivery and management. It has competent experts with a good record of accomplishment for many years. They have been able to assist the healthcare organisation effectively to enable them to meet the demand for the industry.


This has created a good relationship and confident to their clients. InnovaCare provides the opportunity for enhanced and quality care to all people. It believes in smart healthcare and wellbeing for their client that is provided by expert doctors. The facility has been successful in its endeavours due to the excellent delivery of health services to the people. The excellent reputation of the facility has assisted many people in healthcare delivery.


Richard Shinto who is the president and the Chief Executive Officer founded InnovaCare Health in 1998. He established the facility after joining North America Medical Management that is located in California, United States. He was a practising doctor when he was beginning the facility. He acknowledged the unmet necessities for operating expertise among the doctors in changing market. He worked with North America Medical Management to provide quality healthcare more efficiently. You can visit



Dr Rick Shinto has over 20 years of experience in clinical operation and healthcare. He has served in different healthcare facilities such as Chief Executive Officer of Aveta, PMC Medicare Choice of North America. He now serves as the managing director and president of InnovaCare Health.


Rick Shinto has a strong team of executive leadership that is around him, who is a great inspiration to his administration. The group helps him to make the wise decision of the facility and guide him to accomplish the objectives of the facility. Rick Shinto is a graduate of Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California. He is also a graduate of a medical degree from the State University of New York. He has also earned a master’s degree in business administration that he learnt in the University of Redlands.


He is acknowledged for being a great force of change in InnovaCare Health and the reason why the company enjoys the success is his hard work. His objectives and goals are to expand into other markets and to improve the health care facilities to the people. His experience in healthcare has enabled him to improve InnovaCare Health to the standard it is in the present. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Eric Lefkofsky co-founder of Tempus details investments

We are in midst of a healthcare revolution. Gone are the days the general application of healthcare solutions to cover a broad spectrum of patients. Now most healthcare facilities utilize an electronic healthcare system in some capacity. The utilization of electronic tools to deliver healthcare has yielded lots of data. Today we are faced with ways to utilize the data to create a patient centered healthcare model. Tempus, is healthcare tool that is used to pull data from various sources and create a personalized healthcare plan for cancer patients. Tempus applies data analytical protocols and artificial intelligence tools to data and create a patient centered medical solution specifically in an attempt to fight cancer on a personalized level.

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus has just announced additional investments have been made to the company. Kinship Trust Co. and T. Rowe Price Associates are the latest companies that have invested an additional $80 million. Eric Lefkofsky shared this latest invest along with $210 million Tempus has received since the beginning of the year has made Tempus a “Unicorn” startup, now worth over a billion.

Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has a Juris Doctor Degree from the University Of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky is also co-founder of Groupon and co-founder of Lightbanks. Lightbanks is a group of investors, who invest primarily in distributive technologies. In addition to many business affairs, Mr. Lefkofsky is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago, and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Steppendwolf Theater, and at Lurie Children’s Hospital.

In 2006 Eric and his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a private charitable foundation that focuses on underserved communities pertaining to women and girls rights, ensure access to a well round and empowering education, innovative medical research and expand cultural initiatives.

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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

The dedication of all of the many employees working at Sussex Healthcare is noteworthy. This healthcare provider cares deeply about their valued patients and their many employees working in their respected senior living homes. One of the secrets that this company utilizes to draw reputable employees to their doors is the relaxed work environment that gives each employee room to perform their very best.

Since this large healthcare provider keeps expanding on its wonderful elder care services, the company recently announced that it will begin hiring for their available open job positions. Those interested in working for a caring healthcare center that allows their employees to grow can apply online or in person.

Some of the job postings include registered and licensed practical nurses on all shifts. Both full time and part time positions are open. Physiology therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and recreational therapist positions are being taken. Those with experience in hospital or healthcare accounting, billing, secretarial, administrative and IT specialists are among the large number of available healthcare jobs. Experienced and certified drivers with a safe driving history are needed at several facilities. Maintenance, laundry room, kitchen staff and housekeeping positions are also open currently.


Sussex Healthcare is a premier privately operated group of senior care homes known for their beautiful buildings and warm personable care. The leaders at Sussex Healthcare are adamant about only hiring people that are respected and convey compassion for those that they care for. This precise detailing that Sussex Healthcare administrators use pays off in more experienced employees serious about performing their work with kindness and dedication working for the company. Many employees continue in the company as they take advanced training opportunities in their fields. Nursing assistants often follow through with becoming nurses or therapists. Many employees working at Sussex Healthcare are long term employees that have spent much or all of their careers in the company network.

Sussex Healthcare offers their valued employees many opportunities to work independently to improve how the company gives care. This positive environment is part of the relaxed atmosphere that patients and visitors see and feel each day in the facilities. There are lots of exciting opportunities for the seniors to participate in that include group activities, various interesting classes, art and music lessons and even community outings to see theater groups, recitals and concerts. Investigate how a career in healthcare can benefit you today.

How Important the USHEALTH Group is to Americans

The necessity to enjoy health coverage is a subject of consideration to everyone. Most ailments and accidents cannot be prevented, and for this reason, health insurance is important. There are a number of health insurance firms in America but very few get to provide affordable and flexible insurance plans. USHEALTH Group has been in the insurance market for more than 50 years and the reputation speaks for itself.

About USHEALTH Group Inc

USHEALTH Group is a family of different health companies that offer quality health insurance to Americans. The group has over a half century of collective health provision experience. They focus on availing flexible, secure, and affordable health insurance plans. The brand is focussed at instilling hope to the common citizen, and especially to those who cannot meet the high hospital charges. They prioritize on making positive health contributions in the lives of many. Choosing USHEALTH Group offers you the following advantages:

  • Affordable and reliable health provision
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Informed advice on the most suitable health options and cover to suit you and your family.

The group is headed by a very able CEO, Troy McQuagge. Over the years of its operation, the group has managed to serve over 15 million individuals. Learn more at about US Health Group.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

Through its insurance subsidiaries, principally Freedom Life and National Foundation Life, the group is dedicated to availing health insurance to the vulnerable American. The companies offer insurance plans for individual and groups at flexible rates. With such options, you have the freedom to cover all members of your family or workforce under flexible payment plans. The companies under USHEALTH Group are fully licensed to offer quality health coverage. There are many market options that you can choose from ranging from specific illness to accidents, and they include:

USHEALTH Group Location

  • Dental health coverage
  • Vision insurance
  • Critical illness cover
  • Disability cover
  • Income protector
  • Term life cover

The group’s head office is at Fort Worth Texas. You can also contact them via the subsidiaries, namely Freedom Life Insurance, National Foundation, and Enterprise Life Insurance companies. All of them are located in Texas.


The role that USHEALTH Group plays in health insurance is fundamental. With the availability of affordable and flexible payment plans and insurance options, the American community is happy to enjoy the provisions from the group. In spite of the high competition, the group’s leadership prioritize on quality health insurance to maintain the brand’s market relevance and reputation. Read more:


Sussex Healthcare Provides The Best Care

Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing its members with the best facilities, to provide for their physical needs as well as their mental well-being. This is precisely why they have constructed gyms in their home facilities that cover a wide range of programs and services for the elderly, those with physical disabilities, and residents living with mental issues as well. Anyone would be proud to use and have access to the level of equipment and service that these members enjoy.

Sussex Healthcare fitness centers are a real gem and asset to the community at large. The details of the benefits they bring are worth a closer look. The bare bones of the gym facilities are definitely strong. They provide elliptical machines, free weights and even underwater treadmills, which are cutting edge technology. Hydrotherapy is important and a definite benefit to membership at these gems, as there are pools with resistance currents and those constructed specifically for water work outs.

Of course, in these gems the focus on total health care and not just physical fitness. It’s not all about the inanimate objects within. What this translates to is a highly trained staff who are training and extremely vested in taking care of the visitors who walk through their doors. When it comes to making sure that visitors of the gym get the very best workout possible, the staff members focus on musculoskeletal, respiratory, and neurological systems of the body.

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They do this by designing programs and routines individually that include history and existing conditions, before engaging in exercise. These staff members are so well-trained that they can even design exercise routines for patients who live with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. Of course, these are not the only accommodations they make, and any ailment that is preventing healthy exercise can be addressed at these staffed establishments.

But, this type of all inclusive healthcare is something that Sussex Healthcare specializes in. And, it is the hallmark of every aspect of their facilities. It is all about keeping residents and patients active in the endeavor to keep them healthy. So, if going to the gym turns out to be not a person’s favorite activity or they need a break from the rigors of exercise, there are other things they can do, as residents. Gardening, crafting, sewing and just walking and talking with other residents are all highly encouraged and provided for within this institution’s model of doing business. It’s such a good way to live and a successful way to do business that the Sussex Healthcare network is now more than 20 locations strong. Each one houses multiple units.

Choosing between Term and Permanent FreedomLife Insurance

Life insurance policies can purchased under both term and permanent options. Differences between the two indicate that consumers should educate themselves before making a decision. A few basic guidelines are offered below.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is so named because it is only valid for a specific amount of time. For example, Freedom Life Insurance may offer a policy with a 20-year term. The customer would pay monthly premiums with the expectation of a payout of benefits in the event of his or her death within those 20 years.

Freedom Life Insurance recommends a term policy under the following conditions:

Life insurance is only needed for a specific amount of time.The budget for insurance is limited.

  • Life insurance is only needed for a specific amount of time. Term life allows consumers to match their insurance needs with an anticipated amount of time. A good example would be parents who want life insurance only until their children reach adulthood.
  • The budget for insurance is limited. Because term life only pays benefits within a limited time frame, premiums tend to be less costly compared to permanent insurance.

It is possible to purchase a convertible policy that transitions from term life to permanent life. This is a good option for consumers who start with a limited budget but anticipate having more money to invest later on.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance comes in many forms including whole life and variable life. They all have one thing in common: benefits are not limited to a specific period of time. Once a policy is purchased, benefits are guaranteed for life.

Freedom life insurance recommends a permanent policy under the following conditions:

The consumer wants life long insurance protection.Insurance will be used as an investment tool.

  • The consumer wants life long insurance protection. All forms of permanent life insurance guarantee benefits regardless of when the purchaser dies.
  • Insurance will be used as an investment tool. Most forms of permanent life insurance serve double duty as investment tools. Premium payments add to policy value as the issuer invests those payments in order to generate returns.

Consumers should be aware that premiums for permanent policies are more expensive compared to term policies. The upside is that premium payments have an end date. Once a policy is paid in full, the consumer no longer pays into it.


Lifeline Screening offering the best body screening services in the U.S

Lifeline Screening is a company that was established in 1993 to deal with issues of health. It was established with the intention of screening underlying health problems that normally show up when least expected. Most of these problems are the problems that are associated with cardiovascular diseases. The number of people who die from cardiovascular diseases every year is very high. Most of the affected people are normally caught off guard. Most of these diseases occur as an emergency since people are never aware of them. Lifeline screening company hopes to help people identify these problems before they become worse.

Most cardiovascular diseases are caused by unhealthy living. The main cause being unhealthy eating habits that lead to obesity. Obesity is a health problem that causes an increase in the amount of cholesterol in the body. This cholesterol block veins in the body leading to blockage of blood flow to the heart. What follows is an emergency health crisis that may easily lead to death. With lifeline screening tests, there is a high probability that any underlying health problem will be discovered for appropriate health measures to be taken. This screening also helps that people are able to know about their health status and therefore able to live healthily. When one is found to have a certain condition, he or she will be advised on the next cause of action. Those that are found to be okay are also advised how to maintain that health status.

Therefore, it is clear that the Lifeline Screening is dedicated to having a healthy society. They have branches all over the United States. They are also easily accessible. People who would love to have their health status checked should consult with lifeline screening and schedule a screening test.

When going for a Lifeline Screening test, there are a number of things that one should keep in mind. One, the clothing should involve one wearing short sleeved and loose clothes. This will make it easier for the examiner to carry out the screening tests. It will also make it possible for a patient to be tested without removing all the clothes. To learn More about us: click here.

The other thing that should be observed is eating schedule. It is advisable for one not to take any meals 4 hours before the screening tests. The only thing that one should take is small amounts of coffee with sugar or just take water. Water is an essential part of the blood composition and therefore safe to take before a screening test.

Neurocore the brain experts, and depression solvers

Depression affects about 16 million adults in the U.S. every year. This makes it the most common mental illness in the country. It is most common in women. Depression is most prevalent when people reach adulthood. It may also occur without any cause at any age. The stigma around mental health causes about two-thirds of those who suffer from the disorder not to seek medical assistance as much as it is 100% treatable.

A lot of factors attribute to people falling into depression. No cause, however, has been identified. Those who have undergone a stressful life experience are at higher chances of getting depression. People who have a family history of depression are also more likely to experience this later in their lifetime. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Depressive disorders come if different types. These include major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder. All these forms of depression are brought about by different factors and have different symptoms.

People suffering from depression may have varying symptoms. Other signs may even not show, these people may appear normal from the outside but are suffering from inner turmoil and negativity.

Depression causes patients to experience headaches, abdominal complications, tension, and shortness of breath. Brain scans normally show that people who suffer from depression have their brain structure and circuits operate differently when depressed.

Those who suffer from depression may feel like the only way out is to kill themselves. It is, however, important to treat such cases seriously.

The WHO recently found that disability is caused by depression amongst people between ages 15 to 44. In the U.S, depression is among the top 3 issues that are experienced in the workplace. This leads to reduced productivity which has an impact on the economy.

As much as depression kills as many people as breast cancer, it only receives 1/100 of what breast cancer receives in form of funding per annum. There needs to be more funding.


Depression treatment is best when the treatment begins early. For those who don’t understand the ailment, it may prove to be frustrating. Regardless of this, even the worst depression can be treated. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore comprises of health facilities that specialize in stress management for both children and adults. It was founded in 2004 and has centers in Michigan and Florida. Neurocore provides data that has been collected from brain assessments. This data is used to improve patient concentration, manage stress and sleep patterns.

After running various brain diagnostics, Neurocore creates a customized program that ensures the brain resumes regular functions.

Lifeline Screening Makes Life Better

Your health is one of the most important things you can have. There is a variety of health issues that can be prevented or treated before they spread too far if you catch them early enough. Therefore, it is important to step in and do a screening even if you don’t think you have any health problems. People don’t always think about testing as an essential thing to impact their quality of life, but if you ask someone who has cancer, they would say that pre-screening would have helped their case. It is recommended that both men and women test for different health problems at least once a year. Those with a family history of cancer or diabetes as well as a variety of heart issues are advised to screen more often.

Predicting a possible illness arising is possible using modern technology and advancement in medicine. Lifeline Screening offers to screen its clients to reduce health risks in future.

There are three different options for screening. Ultrasound which is meant for everything from osteoporosis risk to artery aneurysms. Finger-stick blood screenings are mainly for the possibilities of increased cholesterol, glucose and other sensitivities. There is also an electrocardiograph which is primarily designed for heart problems.

If you want to get any of the tests done or you have already arranged the screening date, there are a couple of things to take into account. All screenings are as non-intrusive as possible, but there can be some pain involved, especially drawing blood.

You will have to fill out a form and pay for the service when required. Make sure to disclose all necessary information to avoid any issues later and don’t worry about missing your time since there will be a member of staff calling your name when the time is right. If you are scheduled for bone density screening, you will have to remove one of your socks and shoes before placing your foot on the machine. The process takes about five minutes and is not painful.

If you have questions about any procedures, don’t be afraid to ask as the technicians will gladly walk you through each process and explain what individual machines do and how they perform the services. It will help you with nervousness if there is any and you don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong. Dress comfortably and in such way so you can quickly remove a piece of clothing if necessary.

Lifeline Screening will only discuss the results with you and never disclose them to a third party. Know more:

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Career in Medicine and Business

Dr. Mark McKenna is a surgeon and entrepreneur who is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Before he moved to Atlanta, he lived in New Orleans, Louisiana where he experienced a lot of success in the healthcare and real estate industries. Recently, Dr. Mark McKenna sat down for an interview to talk about his career and keys to success. Mark revealed that he founded the company OVME after working in the medical aesthetics industry for a number of years. Dr. McKenna says that some of the keys to his success are reading and surrounding himself with people that are smarter than him. These things have helped Mark enhance his professional development. On a typical day, Mark spends his time working, training in jiujitsu and also spending time with this family.

The career of Dr. Mark McKenna spans many years where he worked as medical doctor and then later as a business owner. When he first began his career, he practiced medicine as a surgeon with his father. This allowed him to come up with the startup funds for his businesses. After a few years practicing medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna started up a real estate development firm which helped complete projects to enhance the local community. He would also form a mortgage company in order to help people finance properties. These ventures were very successful but were lost due to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the year 2005. While this was a considerable setback, Mark helped his community recover by completing housing projects for local residents. He would later relocate to Atlanta, Georgia.

Once he moved to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna started up a new company in the healthcare industry. Mark founded OVME which specialized in providing medical aesthetics products to patients. The company was quite successful and was able to make valuable contributions to the healthcare industry. Mark would later sell the company. When he is not working and running various businesses, Mark enjoys spending much of his time with his wife and children. He also enjoys spending time with the family pet dog as well. Spending time with his wife, kids and pet Pomeranian give Mark something to look forward to when he is on his downtime.

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