Kevin Seawright’s Long Successful Career

Kevin Seawright is a financial services professional based in Baltimore. Kevin has experience working in multiple industries. This experience helps him look at problems from various angles.

Kevin has lived in Baltimore for most of his career. When he was young, Baltimore was a city struggling with high crime rates and little economic growth. Over the past decade, the city has improved dramatically. Find out more about Kevin at Market Insider.

RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright currently works for a company called RPS Solutions. The company is focused on helping individuals with poor credit get approval for various loans. Many city leaders believe that the economy will improve if more people can purchase homes.

RPS Solutions enjoys giving back to the city. Kevin works with lenders to design creative financing solutions so customers can reach their financial goals. His prior experience in the real estate industry helps him in his current role. He understands the actual cost of buying or selling a home, and his clients appreciate his valuable insight.


Although the city of Baltimore is safer than it used to be, there are still numerous neighborhoods with high crime rates. Living in a community with high crimes rates is much cheaper than living in a safe neighborhood. The people living in dangerous areas generally do not have the financial option to move to a better city.

Kevin Seawright designed a program with RPS Solutions to help these people. He worked with the city of Baltimore to get funding for his program. Hundreds of people have been able to move to safer areas of Baltimore due to his help.

Kevin has also assisted in local political races. Although he does not plan to run for office, he understands the importance of a stable local government. Kevin plans to continue working at RPS Solutions for foreseeable future.



Francisco Domenech, a political strategist

Francisco Domenech is the managing partner at Politank, a company that specializes in developing and implementing strategies on how the interests of the private sector can be represented in government forums. He is one of the most influential individuals in democratic politics in the United States. To this end, he has been involved in various activities of political campaigns such as fundraising, voter registration, canvassing, policy development, campaign management, and opposition research

Before his current role in Politank, Francisco was the director of the Office of Legislative Services of the PR Legislative Assembly. Since 2007, he has been a representative of the Young Democrats of America at the Democratic National Committee. As a result, Domenech has been a delegate in the last four Democratic National Conventions. Connect with Francisco Domenech by visiting his linkedin account.

He also served as the Deputy Campaign Manager of Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign in 2008, in Puerto Rico. Other political engagements he has had include as the finance co-chair for the Ready for Hillary super PAC. During this time, he was responsible for coordinating fundraising activities of Hillary Clinton across America.

In 2016, he was the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton during her successful campaign in Puerto Rico. As a result, he was appointed to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign National Finance Committee where his role was to help in organizing her campaign in Puerto Rico during the 2016 American election cycle.

Francisco Domenech is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus where he graduated with a BA in Political Science. He also holds a Juris Doctor from the same University. While at the University of Puerto Rico, Francisco Domenech served as the President of the General Student Body Council. He was also the Academic Senator for the Rio Piedras Campus. It is at the university where he gained leadership skills that allowed him to take crucial roles in American politics.

Francisco Domenech is married and is a father to two daughters. He lives in Puerto Rico with his family. To him, the most important things are family and committing to personal goals. He also states that for one to be successful in life, they must stay organized.

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Staffing Matters Solved by Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is one of the top people in the medical industry. Torchin is the president and owner of HealthCare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC), a staffing organization for medical and legal professionals to find resourceful employment. HCRC has provided many medical offices and law firms with quality staff globally. Brian Torchin earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. Later, he joined New York Chiropractic College where he received a chiropractic degree. He then entered the chiropractic medicine where he worked in the industry for many years.

Mr. Torchin, however, realized finding jobs can be challenging in any industry including the healthcare industry. Most healthcare jobs are not advertised publicly. Therefore, HCRC stepped in to bridge that gap. HCRC allows medical professional, hospitals, employers and employees to connect. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

Brian Torchin is on Facebook where he posts recruitment and hiring opportunities. Most of his Facebook posts are about Physical Therapy, Physician Assistants, Chiropractic and Nurse practitioners placements. In the legal industry, HCRC helps fill positions like attorneys, administrators, paralegals among others with qualified candidates. He also has a twitter account where he also tweets about job vacancies and their location. He uses all his social media platforms to post the latest recruitment positions.

After college and being licensed as a certified chiropractic practitioner, he created his company, a chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He then established HCRC which is used by over 200 companies to find employees in the healthcare and legal sector. HCRC releases recruitment and hiring publication periodically mostly with the lead author being Brian.

Brian has attained many accomplishments. The most significant one being the HCRC staffing where medical professionals seeking a job are interviewed and trained until they find a company. The company now provides qualified employees for over 200 companies around Canada, USA, Europe and Australia. Torchin’s business model is unique and helps the community find the right people to serve them.

Many media outlets have featured Brian such as CNN and Digital Journal where he is always commended for his work. Also, and other sites have written articles about him. Brian Torchin is focused on providing most desirable employees for companies.

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