Southridge Capital Continues To Offer Financial Assistance to Firms and Individuals

Southridge Capital has been in the frontline in aiding thousands of people who are struggling financially. They not only offer financial assistance to Connecticut residents but also provide training, advice and financial planning. Over the years, it has helped people become financially stable, and several businesses cope with rapid growth. It continues to help many people deal with personal debts.


Elite Data Services Inc. is the latest beneficiary

At the end of July 2018, Southridge Capital agreed with Elite Data Services, Inc. to purchase equity worth $5 million in the technology company. On the other hand, Elite Data Services Inc. is a technology firm that makes use of software technologies for different marketing assets at the marketplace. It boasts of some proprietary solutions that help it generate revenue from advertising and marketing several business sectors. Southridge Capital works in sectors that include hospitality, automotive and gaming sectors. Commenting on the equity purchase, Hick said that Southridge was committed to investing in companies like Elite Data Services because they provided innovative solutions to the sectors of the economy that they serve. He added that the company was keen to help such companies to achieve their business goals.


The investment company is diversified in its investment interests. However, it mainly invests directly in small and middle market firms. Since the incorporation of the company, it has made direct investments worth over $1.8 billion around the world. It looks at companies with growth potential and makes a move. On identifying the companies to invest in, Southridge Capital customizes a financing plan with the client. Once they have agreed, the investment company executes the plan as agreed.


With many startups and growth companies in dire need of capital to push new products into the market, investors like Southridge Capital have given these firms a new lease of life. It has invested in other companies like Raft International where it was a lead investor and Fakespace Systems in early 2001. Each of the companies raised over $1.5 in the venture round. It combined with financial products to individuals makes the company an all-round financial company. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.


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End Citizens United Targets Rick Scott

Rick Scott is the latest politician to find himself in the crosshairs of End Citizens United. The political action committee will filed a complaint against Scott with the Federal Election Commission alleging illegal campaign support. According to ECU Scott is using a super PAC to circumnavigate federal limitations on campaign contributions. The complaint against Scott is another step in End Citizens United’s quest to end Citizens United. Headquartered in D.C., ECU was founded in 2015 as a direct response to the outcome of the 2010 Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commissions case. The Supreme Court case garnered lots of controversy when the decision for Citizens United passed narrowly by a 5-4 vote.

The decision stretched the definition of free speech to incorporate corporations, stripping any regulation on their contributions to political campaigns. Many cried foul believing that the ruling forever changed elections in America, allowing big business to sway the outcome, and purchase candidate support. End Citizens United was created to support election reform, and that is exactly what they do. The goal of ECU is to push Big Money out of politics. To do this they are attempting to stack the deck with candidates that are against Citizens United. Most of these candidates fall on the democratic side of the equation, although many republicans are also against the decision.

Using grassroots funding ECU supports its candidates and tries to get them into office. The goal is to pass legislation that redefines the first amendment, shortening it to only concern the individual. Scott is a candidate who opposes campaign reform, and therefore is the kind of candidate ECU needs to out. Luckily for them they have evidence of wrongdoing from Scott, who holds firm that it is just a smear campaign. ECU has documentation however, that shows Scott working with the PAC and even getting newspapers like the New Republican to print polls in his favor. Whether this will ruin Scott or not remains to be seen, but is just one more move on the chessboard for End Citizens United.

Ricardo Tosto: The Most Prominent Lawyer in Litigation

Born on 11 March 1963, Ricardo Tosto is among the best Brazilian lawyers who started off from a humble background. The 55 years old has a law firm called Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. The law firm is adored as one of the few offices first to offer the mass action model. Tosto is also a noted writer who has had his legal and political articles published in various leading newspapers and magazines. One of his great works includes the Brazilian book titled O Processo de Tiradentes in which he is a co-author.

Ricardo Tosto went to Mackenzie University and graduated with a Law degree. He has specialized in the areas such as credit recovery, banking contracts, business restructuring, and civil law among others. He previously worked in Judicial Modernization Committee as the president and in the Reform Committee at OAB/SP. Ricardo is a focused, diligent, determined and with undoubted credibility.

As a dedicated worker, Ricardo Tosto actively contributes to the International Bar Association (IBA) as a member and a retired adviser of the HR and Legal Management of Brazilian Company Grupo Rede. In a past press release, Ricardo Tosto talked about law 13.254, a project for repatriation of assets abroad. He agreed to project saying it was a positive partnership. The project of repatriation was to serve as a door opener for complex exchanges between Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers.

However, Ricardo Tosto noted that the project had to pass through a series of trajectory before its approval by the Congress. One of the things that had to be adjusted was the income tax rate and a fine that was initially put at 17.5%. The rate was then slashed to 15%, a value presented by Mr. Manoel Junior. The exchange rate that had been set for December 2014 had around 20% and not 30% as thought earlier. The founding partner of Leite Tosto e Barros also stressed on the partnership between national and international lawyers saying it is paramount for them to have laws that govern individuals who would not wish to have their resources open.

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Ted Bauman And Jeff Yastine Team Up To Make The Total Wealth Insider Sensational

In 2015 Jeff Yastine became the Editorial Director for Banyan Hill Publishing. At this time he already had in excess of two decades worth of experience working in financial journalism and stock market investments. His in depth knowledge regarding the financial industry enabled him to assist investors in understanding the current economic, monetary and business trends. He revealed the opportunities for making profits discovered by the financial editors of the site. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Jeff Yastine’s work as an anchor led to an Emmy nomination. Between 1994 and 2010 he was one of the PBS Nightly Business Report’s correspondents. He has conducted successful interviews with the most distinguished entrepreneurs and investors on the globe. This includes Warren Buffer, Michael Dell, Bill Gross, Sir Richard Branson and John Bogle. Small cap opportunities for investment have been identified due to the reporting of Jeff Yastine. He has reported the turnaround stories pertaining to the large companies and revealed investment opportunities in sectors from biotech to agriculture to retail.

Jeff Yastine was there to inform the public in the 2000’s about the real estate crises as well as the tech bubble occurring during the late 1990’s. He issued warnings about the dangers present due to the unsustainable growth. In 2010 Jeff Yastine covered the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In 2005 he discussed the financial impacts of Hurricane Katrina. In 1999 Jeff Yastine spoke of the Panamanians gaining control of the Panama Canal due to the landmark handoff from the United States. He has made two trips to Cuba to report on the foreign investment impact on the economy of the nation.


The year was 2007 when Jeff Yastine was nominated for a Business Emmy Award. This was due to his reporting concerning underfunded public infrastructures, roads and bridges in the United States. In 2002 he was a part of the NBR journalist team receiving the Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. This was for an American bond market special report.

There are numerous opportunities for investors in the Total Wealth Insider. These opportunities enable investors to engage in a more prosperous and a richer life. This is one of the best performing financial newsletters in its niche. This is where Jeff Yastine makes use of his vast experiences to help his readers in the protection and growth of their assets. He showcases companies that are stable, safe and provide tremendous value to investors due to the pricing. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.