Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Innovative Dental Devices

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has helped advance the craft of dentistry by combining it with the latest improvements in treating sleep apnea. He has been among the pioneers who use custom designed dental implants to treat patients struggling with sleep apnea and its attendant complications and symptoms.

To say that modern life is busy would be the understatement of the year as life seems to go by in a blur for many people balancing demanding jobs, family responsibilities, and recreational activities. Sleep can be one of the casualties in such circumstances and when combined with a disorder like sleep apnea one’s quality of life can be seriously degraded.
A healthy appearance can often be the first thing to go and it can manifest itself with a tired, baggy eyed look which includes puffiness. Wrinkles can then appear earlier and with more prominence. For most people, 7-9 hours of sleep per night are recommended and can work wonders in health and complexion. The body accomplishes major restorative work during sleep, which promotes good health and a glowing appearance.
Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders and is characterized by pauses during sleep, which can last a few seconds or up to a complete minute. Overweight people have a greater risk for this disorder, although it can happen to anyone. Anyone willing to work hard to lose weight may benefit with a reduction in symptoms. However, losing weight is often very difficult to do and medical treatment may become the best option.
Dr. Avi Weisfogel has become an expert in utilizing dental devices to help patients maintain open airways during sleep and avoid the consequences of sleep apnea. He has sounded the clarion call that dentistry can be very helpful to patients with this condition and the compliance rate of these devices is greater than other cumbersome medical devices.
Dental Sleep Masters is headed up by Dr. Avi Weisfogel and it helps dentists expand their practices by learning how to treat sleep apnea with custom-fitted devices. Patients can realize a higher quality of life with improved sleep and dentists can grow their practices by increasing the services they offer.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Brings Perils of Sleep Apnea to the Fore

Dr. Avi Weisfogel graduated from New York University’s School of Dentistry in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he started his own practice. Over the next 15 years, Weisfogel built Old Bridge Dentistry into one of the most respected practices in the state of New Jersey. Even with his extremely busy schedule of building a dental practice, he found time to conduct independent research into other areas of medicine. Always looking for ways to improve his service to patients, Dr. Weisfogel’s inquiries eventually led him to the severely underdiagnosed condition called sleep apnea.

A silent killer hiding in plain sight

Sleep apnea is regarded by many laypeople as a little understood or even comical disease, something, like fibromyalgia, with all the signs and symptoms of straight-ahead malingering. But medical professionals are quick to point out this disease’s deadly seriousness. In fact, sleep apnea is strongly correlated with such severe threats to health as heart attack, atrial fibrillation, stroke, diabetes, obesity and even fatal car crashes. It also causes considerable morbidity. Many sufferers are severely fatigued nearly every day of their lives. Many do not know why.

Sleep apnea goes undiagnosed an astonishing 90% of the time, by some estimates. This dismal rate of sensitivity isn’t due to any poorly designed test so much as it is due to poor education of physicians and other health care professionals who may come into contact with sufferers. But even with increasingly aware primary care physicians, people with the disease often slip through the cracks simply because they don’t seek medical treatment.

What Dr. Weisfogel contributed was recognizing that dentists are in a unique place to diagnose the disease in its early stages, when it’s most likely to be treatable. Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2010 to train dentists in the art of early detection of diseased and at-risk patients. This program has proven to be highly successful. Many of Dr. Weisfogel’s students have gone on to add sleep dentistry to their practice and have sold a combined total of millions of dollars worth of dental appliances. Ultimately, these programs have saved thousands of lives and countless dollars in lost productivity thanks to early detection and treatment of sleep apnea.