Presidential Success and Banking

On May 3, 2016, Mary Pirrello became the new president of Nexbank SSB, a $3 billion regional bank originally from Dallas, Texas. This promotion at Nexbank is news that the company is proud to announce. Ms. Pirrello has served for 20 years in the industry and has experience in many different leadership positions. She has been involved in the National Mortgage Banker Association (MBA) by providing services to committees. In addition, Ms. Pirrello was recognized as a future leader, being awarded with the James Wooten Scholarship from TMBA in 2010.
Nexbank is a well-known bank that serves clients throughout the nation by providing banking services. They provide services such as lending, credit services, and investment banking. Nexbank has a charter that dates back to 1922, which shows that it has had a long history of success. Their skilled executive team and board of directors ensure that the company continues to thrive. With Nexbank you can rest assured knowing that you are dealing with a successful bank that has a strong background.
Nexbank offers personal and online banking on their website for easy to use services that are convenient and straightforward. Nexbank is focused on providing families and individuals with their banking necessities. Their bankers use their financial expertise and knowledge to provide proficient banking services. They diligently analyze every specific financial situation and objective to utilize an individual’s or family’s financial resources to obtain the best possible solution. Nexbank allows easy growth, protection, and management of funds.
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