Jordan Lindsey and JCL Capital’s Bitcoin Trading Bot

If you’ve been paying attention to the investment world in recent times, then you are likely well aware of the fact that digital currency, particularly Bitcoin, has become one of the industry’s biggest stories as of late. The price of Bitcoin has experienced an incredibly dramatic increase in a relatively short amount of time, and it has produced unfathomable profits for the investors who were fortunate enough to get involved in trading Bitcoin in the early days.

One of these aforementioned early investors is named Jordan Lindsey. In addition to being a profitable Bitcoin investor, he is also quite well-known for his other accomplishments, especially the establishment of JCL Capital. JCL Capital, which Mr. Lindsey founded back in 2005, is a relatively small firm, but it is poise to maintain continued success over the years. One reason for the company’s longevity is the fact that they are constantly refining and updating their trading strategies in an attempt to adapt to the current conditions of the market. One recent change in JCL Capital’s investment strategy is their approach with regards to trading Bitcoin, which benefits greatly from an algorithm that was created by JCL Capital’s founder, Jordan Lindsey.

Jordan Lindsey developed this unique, new trading algorithm to address a common problem that new digital currency traders often do not know how to properly combat. This problem is the fact that the short-term changes in Bitcoin’s price are likely to cause a decent amount of stress and frustration for individuals who are trying to invest in the currency. This often results in traders shooting themselves in the foot by making decisions based on emotions, such as selling too early in reaction to a price fluctuation. JCL Capital’s Bitcoin trading algorithm allows these individuals to finally remove their emotions for their decision making process, allowing for a less stressful and more profitable trading experience.

David Giertz on Social Security and Income Advisors

While very few currently do so David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution, recommends that advisors speak with their clients about social security use in their retirement portfolio. According to Giertz, it can be up to 40 percent of an individual’s income once they reach retirement age. The complexity of the regulations surrounding Social Security is what generally drives advisors from speaking to clients about the topic. He points out that the 2700 pages of rules make it very difficult for anyone to truly grasp every detail of the Social Security system. However, this can be a serious issue for advisors as 4 out of 5 people who were 10 years from retirement reported that they would change advisors if theirs never spoke to them about social security. overall, advisors helping their clients with their retirement goals should always talk to them about the proper use of their Social Security benefits.

David Giertz is the current President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution divion. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and has lead the wholesale distribution of many types of retirement plans with Nationwide.

Prior to his time at Nationwide, David Giertz worked with Citicorp Investment services from 1991 – 1999, and Financial Horizons Security Corporation from 1989 – 1993. He began as a financial advisor at Citigroup and worked his way up to Executive VP of Sales by consistently exceeding expectations and goals. David lead the Financial Institutions Bank channel, which had revenue growth over 400% during his tenure. Giertz’s first job with nationwide was as a regional Vice President of the southeast region in Miami, FL. During his time there the southeast region saw a 48 percent increase in revenue. Mr.Giertz holds a bachelor of science from Millikin Univesity and has his MBA from the University of Miami.