Malcolm CasSelle: A Career in the Digital Technology Industry

Malcolm CasSelle is one of the leading figures in the digital technology industry. He originally began by completing his formal education. He is an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. He received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Stanford University awarded Malcolm CasSelle a Master’s degree in computer science after he completed the requirements for the degree.

Malcolm CasSelle has since gone on to have an industrious career. Since he entered the workforce, Malcolm CasSelle has helped lead several startups to become successful companies. Has held key leadership positions in a number of companies in the digital technology industry. Malcolm CasSelle even has dictation as being a successful venture capitalist. The most recent accomplishment has been the application of blockchain decentralized technology to the industry of virtual asset exchange.

A few of the startups that Malcolm CasSelle has helped to lead to their now prominent positions are Xfire, MediaPass, and Tencent. In order to lead these companies during their startup phases, Malcolm CasSelle drew upon all of the knowledge that he had gained over his life in the digital technology industry.

Malcolm CasSelle is the chief investment officer of one of the largest centralized virtual asset exchanges in the world Opskins. Prior to this, he had already had significant experience in leadership positions. He was the chief executive officer of the digital technology company known as Timeline Labs. As he was serving as the companies CEO, it was acquired by Seachange International. As part of the acquisition, he was immediately transferred to serve as the new corporations senior vice president in addition to being the general manager of the digital media division.

Due to his experience in the digital technology industry and specifically the world of virtual asset exchange Malcolm CasSelle has an understanding unlike almost any other individual of the nuances involved in the exchange of virtual wealth. He has known that there have been several problems with the use of centralized markets for many years however no solution seems to present itself. That is until the decentralized technology blockchain entered the scene.


Wes Edens is a Principal, Founder and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group’s Directors Board, a company that was founded in 1998. This is an alternative company of asset management worth $72 billion whose headquarters are in New York and has many offices around the world. At Fortress, he is in charge of its equity businesses that are private and mainly invests in real estate, transport and infrastructure, financial services, media and healthcare. In 1987 to 1993, he worked at Lehman Brothers’ as a partner and managing director. That was the start of his career life. He then left to BlackRock Financial Management as a partner and managing director. There, he was BlackRock Asset Investors’ head, a private fund of equity until 1997. He has a BS degree in finance from the State University of Oregon. He was ranked position 962 in the Forbes World Billionaires’ list in 2008.

In 2007, an article in the Wall Street Journal described Wes Edens’ style of investment as one whose base is creative financing, contrarian bets and skill for business building from investments. Fortress’ startup public offering had him together with his partners take the company public. It was on 9th February 2009 declared the first company to be publicly traded after having sold 8% shares to the public at $600 million. He also pushed Fortress into purchasing subprime lender from the financial services of Springleaf making it the majority stakeholder. He was then made its chairman. He is also Nationstar Mortgage chairman after it was acquired for $575 million by Fortress in 2006.

Wes Edens co-owns an NBA franchise by the name Milwaukee Bucks that operates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also is the owner an eSports Team of the League of Legends team by the name FlyQuest that is one of the ten teams selected by North American LCS as permanent members.

Fortress Investment Group has over 2,500 employees working in their different locations and departments. Careers are advertised on their website for interested individuals to apply. Shortlisting is then done, and successful applicants are conducted for interviews. Reviews on the job experience at Fortress have been conducted by different employees. From these reviews, it is clear and factual that they give the best training to interns. One of the former interns said that the firm is rich in elite investment professionals who are excited to work with interns giving then the best training. If an intern is quick to learn and motivated he/she is given responsibilities that will help enhance their skills.

Fortress is a company that runs at a fast pace and in line with the current market trends for the best turnover. It offers its workers with challenges that result in the dedication and hard work. It also provides a broad knowledge of financial services to its employees. It offers good benefits, i.e. a good pay that goes in line with the kind of work that one does in the firm. The environment is friendly allowing for inspiration and growth. Co-workers are smart and thoughtful.

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What’s Next for OSI Industries

Since OSI Industries first started, they have grown to reach new levels. They are now one of the top foodservice companies in the world and grow every day. They want to get to a point where they are the biggest and the best. They also want to continue offering new things to all their customers so they’ll be able to benefit from everything the company has to offer. Their plans to continue offering people new things will allow them to keep growing. They are also going to expand to new areas so they can try new things.

When OSI Industries first acquired Flagship Europe, they knew what they wanted to do to make the company the best it could be. They were confident in their skills and knew if they were offering people a product they could use, they would be successful. While acquiring Flagship Europe had risks associated with it, OSI Industries knew it was going to end up one of the best decisions the company had ever made. They were right about what they were doing and are now thriving in the Europe market. They have tried their best to give people the chances they need to be successful.

As one of the first international food companies in Japan, OSI Industries was setting the stage for success. While they are not the first international food service company in Europe, they do plan to make things similar to what they did in Japan. They want to show people they can be successful and offer the best food products possible. OSI Industries makes a point of being successful and showing the success off to other people. Europe will see how much OSI Industries is going to improve the market for food.

The sustainability of many food industries is lacking. They are not always sustainable, but OSI Industries is doing what they can to make their business sustainable. They want people to realize things are going to get better. They have big plans to show others what will happen if they focus on the right options. They also believe they will be able to give companies what they are looking for if they remain sustainable. It will be a positive experience everyone can benefit from. OSI Industries dedicates their business to positive experiences and wants to make every company in the food industry sustainable. They set the stage for sustainability. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe

With their dedication to growing and their dedication to being a sustainable company, OSI Industries is making a lot of waves in the industry. They want people to see what they are doing and how it is going to have a positive impact on their businesses. They want to show others they will get more from the things they have to offer. Everything goes back to how OSI Industries makes a difference in the world around them. They hope to see major changes in the food industry in the future. OSI Industries wants to be responsible for making those changes even if they are just the catalyst.

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Barbara Stokes Is Leading Green Structure Homes Successfully Through A Complex Industry

Green Structure Homes is a big name when it comes to disaster relief and the company is headquartered in the U.S. The disaster relief industry is a difficult one to survive in, given the unpredictability of the field, there are no specific strategies or management techniques to ensure results or progress for the long term. For long periods out of the year, there may be no business at all for a company in disaster relief, which is where many tend to run dry and go out of business. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Green Structure Homes success is thanks to their great team and leader, Barbara Stokes, who has decades of experience in the business field. Her dedication and strategic thinking has allowed her to make her dream a reality and created a successful company in a challenging industry, proving her capability as a leader. Follow Barbara Stokes on


As the CEO of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes is regularly on the lookout for new ideas and strategies to keep up the innovation and she also maintains the day to day operations. Barbara’s expertise in the industry has allowed her to seamlessly expand on the services of the company while improving on current services, including construction and building design. With all of their modular and mobile homes, Green Structure Homes allows for on-site construction choices for their projects all over the U.S. With their reputable name, Green Structure Homes has landed several contracts with government and the private sector but also work with public and commercial residences as well.



In recent years, the demands for a company like Green Structure Homes has grown, as such Barbara has developed a strong understanding of the need to innovate and meet the needs of her growing clients. According to Barbara, Green Structure Homes housing solutions are friendly for the environment, energy efficient, manufactured with cutting-edge technology, and highly economical. With the homes lower maintenance and insurance costs, the overall cost of the modular and mobile homes is very affordable. All these low costs may worry some in the interest of quality, but there is no need to worry since Green Structure homes are made of quality materials. They are even resistant to the weather, keeping out pests, mold, and more. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.