Allow NewsWatch TV to Facilitate an Award Winning Review

Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the Chief Marketing Officer for Avanco, describes the benefits of using NewsWatch TV. She states that her company was thouroughly satisfied with the results of the crowdfunding campaign for their Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. This PC is a complete Windows 10 device that will fit in a pocket. Avanco had a specific 30-day goal for their crowdfunding campaign. Because they chose to use NewsWatch TV’s services, they were able to raise over 45 times more money in that same 30-day window. Thanks to NewsWatch TV, they were able to get their message out to multiple viewing areas that consisted of millions of households in the United States. This type of success has encouraged Avanco to become repeat customers of NewsWatch TV. With these type of results, why not?

NewsWatch is an award-winning multifaceted US television series. The show specializes in reviewing mobile apps and other electronics. It also reports public service announcements and breaking news about the government and the medical field. Newswatch is good at what it does. The show has won awards like the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award, the 2017 Videographer Award, and the 2016 Silver Telly Award.

NewsWatch’s main office is in Washington DC. It also has offices in (3) other areas that include Virginia, New York, and Colorado. It started with humble beginnings in March 1990. During the early days, the show mainly reported on financial topics. Over the years, it has grown to cover multiple topics for its consumer’s interest.

If companies are looking to promote their next big idea, they may want to do themselves a favor and hire NewsWatch like Nathalie van Wijkvliet’s company did. It could be a helpful format for them to use. The show’s short review segments have helped multiple companies over the years.


Eric Pulier – The Hallmark of a Successful Entrepeneur

When considering a new field, it’s best to look at the most shining examples and Eric Pulier’s successful career as an entrepreneur is definitely an inspiration for all. Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey he started his ambitions from an early age. It was no secret that this man was destined for something great. While elementary school students were learning to draw pictures in paint, Eric beginning computer programming. While many High School students spent their days flirting and partying with friends, Eric started his very first computer database company. Not stopping there, he eventually moved on to studying at the illustrious Harvard University while taking extra classes at MIT.

After college is when he really took off as an entrepreneur, taking his special talents that developed throughout his youth and into the world of business. After moving to Los Angeles and creating many successful companies like People Doing Things(PDT) and an interactive agency called Digital Evolution, he went on to lead the effort in building Starbright World, a social networking platform that helps chronically ill children across the world interact with each other and share meaningful experiences. Not only that, in 1997, Eric was selected by the Presidential Inauguration Committee to create a technology exhibition in Washington, D.C. called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. Following that, he even helped advice Vice President Al Gore on many technological enterprises. He’s also a participant of the Clinton Global Initiative.

As well as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Eric Pulier is not without his morals or values. Eric has not only created a platform for sick children to meet and interact with each other, he’s also involved with The Painted Turtle, a fun camp for chronically ill kids to bring an added bit of joy and happiness into their lives. Not only does he help the sick but he also uses his intelligent mind to good use, participating in the X-Prize Foundation, competing with other great individuals to help solve mankind’s greatest challenges.

So when looking for inspiration for your career, look no further than Eric himself in the following: click here.