Jeunesse Global: Live Your Best Life

Jeunesse Global is a world-renowned direct selling company on a mission to positively impact people by helping them feel and look both better and younger, while also empowering them to unleash their utmost potential. Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were inspired by the desire to not only survive, but to thrive. Thus, they set out to create a revolutionary product designed to enhance youth and overall well-being. They then went on to share their products with the world using a cutting-edge, innovative platform that has harnessed the power of technology to share innovative products and opportunities. Today, Jeunesse Global empowers thousands of people to live their best life.

Look younger, feel younger and live younger: the foundation of all Jeunesse products. Jeunesse’s product line Y.E.S, or Youth Enhancement System, is carefully crafted to combine healthful benefits into a system of top line skincare and supplemental products like no other. Y.E.S products keep you young and feeling your best in nine vital ways, which include rejuvenation, defense, diminishing, restoration, enhancement, balance, energize, clarity and beautify. By using Jeunesse products, you can expect to restore youthful radiance, reduce fine lines, minimize pores, increase energy, burn fat and much more. In addition, these products are made with clinically proven proteins that combine unique and powerful natural extracts. The best part? Some of these products, such as the Instantly Ageless cream, work in only minutes. Within two minutes of application, Instantly Ageless drastically reduces under-eye bags and wrinkles for up to 9 hours.

In addition to Jeunesse’s life-changing products, they also offer life-changing opportunities. For people looking to make a difference and not just a living, Jeunesse hires partners and distributors to help spread their mission across the globe. Distributors who have the most success are the people who work the hardest and the smartest, who are also passionate about living their best life.

Lifeline Screening Makes Life Better

Your health is one of the most important things you can have. There is a variety of health issues that can be prevented or treated before they spread too far if you catch them early enough. Therefore, it is important to step in and do a screening even if you don’t think you have any health problems. People don’t always think about testing as an essential thing to impact their quality of life, but if you ask someone who has cancer, they would say that pre-screening would have helped their case. It is recommended that both men and women test for different health problems at least once a year. Those with a family history of cancer or diabetes as well as a variety of heart issues are advised to screen more often.

Predicting a possible illness arising is possible using modern technology and advancement in medicine. Lifeline Screening offers to screen its clients to reduce health risks in future.

There are three different options for screening. Ultrasound which is meant for everything from osteoporosis risk to artery aneurysms. Finger-stick blood screenings are mainly for the possibilities of increased cholesterol, glucose and other sensitivities. There is also an electrocardiograph which is primarily designed for heart problems.

If you want to get any of the tests done or you have already arranged the screening date, there are a couple of things to take into account. All screenings are as non-intrusive as possible, but there can be some pain involved, especially drawing blood.

You will have to fill out a form and pay for the service when required. Make sure to disclose all necessary information to avoid any issues later and don’t worry about missing your time since there will be a member of staff calling your name when the time is right. If you are scheduled for bone density screening, you will have to remove one of your socks and shoes before placing your foot on the machine. The process takes about five minutes and is not painful.

If you have questions about any procedures, don’t be afraid to ask as the technicians will gladly walk you through each process and explain what individual machines do and how they perform the services. It will help you with nervousness if there is any and you don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong. Dress comfortably and in such way so you can quickly remove a piece of clothing if necessary.

Lifeline Screening will only discuss the results with you and never disclose them to a third party. Know more:

The Lung Institute Has Made Advancements On The Use Of Stem Cells Therapy To Treat Lung Conditions

The health of body organs such as lungs is very vital for the general well-being of human beings. It is always advised that individuals avoid habits such as smoking so that their lungs can remain in a healthy condition.

In case one’s lungs are not healthy, one of the methods that are used to treat them is known as the stem cell therapy. Stem cells are the basic unit of an organism. They have the ability to replicate leading to the growth of an organism. Stem cells of an adult are not differentiated to mean that the stem cells from the hip tissues can still perform their function on the lungs.

The quality of stem cells to be integrated into any part of the body is known as plasticity and is the basis of regenerative medicine also referred to as stem cell therapy. Many of the conditions that affect the lungs can rely on stem cell treatment to be healed. To treat conditions such as chronic bronchitis or interstitial lung disease, stem cells from the blood or the bone marrow are extracted, concentrated and then returned to the patient’s blood stream.

How the stem cells reach their destination

Whenever medication is administered through intravenous, it arrives on the right side of the heart. After the pumping of blood, it comes in the lungs. The blood then distributes the medication to all parts of the body. When it comes to the administration of stem cells, the process becomes a little unique. Research initiated by the National Institute of Health (NIH), stem cells undergo the process but get confined once they arrive in the lungs. A remarkable phenomenon and is used in treating lung conditions.

About the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is one of the medical institutions that are championing the stem cell therapy to provide medical solutions to patients. The Institute was built with the objective of helping patients with chronic lung disease have a better quality of life.

The Lung Institute conducts extensive research in the use of stem cells therapy so as to provide an alternative form of treatment to lung conditions. See,

The Institute is home to some of the best physician, such as Jack Coleman, Jr., MD, Sreedevi Marakatham, MD, and Brian Goldwasser, MD. These medical experts have years of experience in using the stem cell therapy.  Read more on

For more information on stem cell therapy, subscribe to The Lung Institute YouTube channel.