Nathaniel Ru Continues to Act as Co-CEO as Sweetgreens Expands

For students at Georgetown University, and other colleges in Washington DC, the chain of restaurants called Sweetgreens is a staple and common eating and gathering space. While the restaurant to the naked eye may seem like a clever place to get a healthy and casual lunch option, it has quickly grown to become one of the fastest growing chains in the country. The restaurant is even more special to those that are in the Washington DC area because three recent graduates of Georgetown founded it.


In 2007 three students at Georgetown were sitting around discussing the fact that they did not have any healthy and off-campus lunch options available to them. Using their creative minds and educational experiences, the three young men quickly started discussions to eventually open up their own restaurant and bring their concept to fruition.


While the three students were finishing up their education, they constantly met to further discuss their ideas. In this time, they were able to come up with a very realistic budget and business plan. Shortly after graduating, the three men started their first Sweetgreens location on M Street in downtown Georgetown. The men were able to raise the capital needed through personal savings, investments by friends and family members, and other capital raising efforts.


For the first couple of years, the three focused solely on the Georgetown location. However, the reputation for quality product and friendly service quickly spread via word of mouth and the three men found the opportunity to expand quickly while maintaining a profit. By the end of 2016, which was just six years after they opened their first location, the Sweetgreens brand has grown to over 40 locations throughout the United States. While the company used to focus on the northeast United States, it has recently opened locations in California and Chicago. In total, the company employs over 1,700 employees.


Ever since the company was founded, all three of the founders have shared the title of Co-CEO. However, they have quickly found the ability to share duties based on each individual’s skill set. Of the three, Nathaniel Ru has acted as the focal point for the company. He has spent the most amount of time dealing with the media, investors, and other third-party communicators.

Securus Technologies exposes Global Tel-Link

Securus decide that they are going to release statements findings, reports that is going to highlight their competitive company Global Tel Link and their multiple wrongdoings. In a bid to get ahead of criticism, Securus CEO Richard Smith released in a statement showing that GTL past press statements are not only hurt the completion but undermine the integrity within the communication industry.


Securus itself is a company that has prided itself for a high reputation. They have had a good reputation according to BBB. The reputation is based on customer experience. GTL on the other hand has had reports that show its misconducts. Misconducts performed by the company date as early as 1998. The first to be released was by the Louisiana Public Service. It had an aim to highlight GTL service in the correction facilities.


Quite recently Securus made a press release. It announced that the Patent Trial had been validated. GTL had earlier issued a press release indicating that the Patent Trial was invalidated. The finding and facts by Securus Technologies show that information presented by GTL is misleading and highly inaccurate. The purpose of the press release was to provide clarifications concerning information presented by GTL.


In the news, Securus Technologies CEO stated that it is not new for GTL to undermine the nature of Appeal Board ruling and of the Patent Trial. GTL has always been at the forefront to try and use trivial unexpected short term wins. Securus itself has enough technology and software development. Most of the claims against Securus poor technology and software development are groundless. Securus Technologies actually beats GTL in all these areas. The company has a better technology, better software and more patents than GTL. This is why GTL became silent after they were challenged on a technology face-off. Securus would definitely beat them immeasurably.



The Establishment Of JustFab And Contribution Of Don Ressler

With a clear history of success in business, Don Ressler may appear as a perfect investor whose decisions bore positive fruits all the time. But the truth is that before he attained his current status he had to go through the difficult process of building his businesses and getting support from other professionals. One of the things that have helped to propel him to his current position is the dedication and passion he has had about entrepreneurship.

Since when he founded, Don Ressler has injected a lot of money and time in learning and this has seen him become better in many aspects of leadership and decision making. His first company acted as a training platform as it allowed him to have a direct contact with the market.

Don Ressler also learnt how to make decisions that would bring success and it is through this project that he identified his strengths. After a short period, the company started experiencing growth and it is at this point that he knew he needed to move fast to establish his next business. As a result, Don Ressler sold it to raise capital.

Partnership and formation of Alena
When Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg, he realized they shared a lot in terms of vision and passion. They, therefore, decided to merge their efforts to come up with an idea that would transform the way people do business and this led to the inception of Alena Media. The company partnered with several businesses and would offer them support in marketing on Forbes. Three years after establishment, Alena Media was already making profits, something that inspired the duo to sell the company to pursue bigger ideas.

The experience they carried along coupled with capital led the two entrepreneurs to launch Intelligent Beauty, a company that has been offering beauty and weight-loss products in different categories. Intelligent Beauty has gradually expanded and they are in the process of drafting measures to expand to other markets.

About JustFab
Incepted in 2010, JustFab came from an idea born by Adam and Ressler. The established online subscription retail stocks products in all fashion categories. Its membership has been growing and since they entered into the Canadian and UK markets, they have over 10 million members. Additionally, JustFab has invested in the acquisition of other businesses like FabKids, which deals with fashion items for kids through a system similar to the parent company. Fabletics is also a part of the company and it deals with athletics and sports fashion.

Cone Marshall’s Expertise on Foreign Trusts a Key Contributor to New Zealand’s Global Reputation

Cone Marshall is a New Zealand law firm spearheaded by Geoff Cone and Karen Marshall. Established in 1999 with their headquarters in Auckland, they have provided professional legal services to both local and international clients for more than a decade.

This firm is the sole law firm in New Zealand that specializes in international trusts and tax planning. They are well-known for providing services to various business organizations as well as those who are in need of assistance with regards to local and international tax laws.

Their current clientele is mostly made up of private banks, institutions, attorneys, and advisors. Their clients are also comprised of individuals, businesses, and organizations located outside of New Zealand that are in need of assistance in planning for their respective clients. Aside from their expertise in tax-related matters, the firm also provides wealth planning, structuring advice, as well as trust and trustee management services.

These services are especially beneficial to residents of New Zealand who are subjected to strict tax laws that are in adherence with the country’s tax transparency and anti –money laundering efforts. Cone Marshall aids New Zealand residents who are trustees of foreign trusts to comply with the necessary requirements in settling funds as mandated by the government.

Currently, there are 39 double tax agreements in New Zealand and 20 tax information exchange agreements with various countries. These agreements were all designed to lessen tax impediments and prevent tax evasion and avoidance.

With the rigorous tax system in New Zealand, it cannot be considered a tax haven. However, it is considered a safe and reliable place for individuals and organizations to build and base assets as well as set-up foreign trusts. The growth of foreign trusts directed to New Zealand can be attributed to the country’s respectable and stable legal system and business sectors.

It is a must for individuals to seek out the services and advice of a reputable law firm such as Cone Marshall due to the number of complicated procedures and laws that must be completely understood by clients. The firm’s expertise in such matters will be vital to the success of the trust’s management.

Furthermore, reputable New Zealand lawyers and accountants who specialize in operating foreign trusts and international taxes contribute to the country’s stellar reputation amongst taxation experts and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

With Cone Marshall being the only law firm that specializes in foreign trusts and tax planning in New Zealand, they can be considered a key player in the growth of foreign trusts, and the rise of the country’s global reputation.

Avi Weisfogel: war on sleep apnea

Medical physicians and dental professionals have teamed up to fight the war on sleep apnea.
As research has developed in the previous year’s more information is known about this dangerous condition; In recent years it has been discovered that sleep apnea is linked to cardiovascular disease diabetes and stroke. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his career to uncovering the issue of sleep apnea and finding new innovative technologies to help combat the growing problem.
As the founder of Dental Sleep Master, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has helped create a model for primary, secondary and certified sleep physicians that aims to generate better patient care while advancing the medical community. In the future, more diagnoses of sleep apnea are expected to increase. The advancements in technology will relieve current undiagnosed sufferers of this condition without the hassle of bulky or complicated equipment of the past.
THN Sleep Therapy is a new technological advancement developed by IM Thera Medical that was recently approved by the FDA for experimentation in clinical trials.
The smaller user-friendly designs of the future treatments for sleep apnea encourage more patients to seek professional treatment. These small, noninvasive implants require little to no maintenance and eliminate the need of disruptive machinery or uncomfortable, embarrassing masks.
Sleep apnea sufferers can experience frequent bouts of disturbed rest up to thirty times a night. Due to this occurrence, it has become clear that airway stimulation treatment is of the utmost importance to ensure patient health and well-being.
Fortunately, in the recent years, upper airway stimulation had recently been approved by the FDA in 2014 and had been well tolerated among patients.
About Dr. Avi Wesifogel
Dr. Avi Weisfogel managed his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. While managing his office for over 15 years, he earned the honor of The Best Dentist for numerous years. During the years working in his practice, he soon grew an interest in sleeping disorders and began his commitment to the cause. Using his extensive knowledge and experience with sleep disorders he helps dentists identify potential patients and assists with helping them find treatment.

The Professional and Personal Life Success of the Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Walden

Dr. Walden has established a strong plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas with only a few years. She had a seven or eight years run at her Manhattan plastic surgery practice. She chose to close up there though after the birth of her two sons. This led her to open a new practice in Austin, Texas. This area was where she herself grew up and much of her family lives in Texas. Her choice to move was for her two boys to experience plenty of family around them as they grew up.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is certified and licensed to perform plastic surgery in New York, Texas and Florida. Her practice in Austin, Texas has not only plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Walden’s practice additionally offers laser treatments, injections and a whole team of aestheticians.

“You need the personality and internal drive to sustain your education, career, and well-being of your family and yourself over the long haul, not just over months or a few years.” says Dr. Jennifer L. Walden.

This personal mantra that Dr. Jennifer Walden swears by, is what has made her so successful and seemingly in possession of having everything. She does not deny that she has everything with a successful career and a happy family life. She does insist that if you want everything, it is not easy. You have to be organized to get your goal.

If you would like to see more about Dr. Jennifer Walden and the procedures she performs, you can visit her website: ““.

An Elucidation of Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah means to receive. It has been around for many years and it deals with ancient wisdom. Kabbalah provides an explanation on how life and the universe bond. Therefore, it is simply a study of how people can receive fulfillment in their lives. The discipline has origins in Judaism. Additionally, its teachings are meant to expound on the connection between the mysterious, eternal, and the unchanging along with God’s creation, which is the mortal universe.

Kabbalah developed from the territory of Jewish tradition. That explains why many kabbalistics regularly use standard Jewish sources to demonstrate and explain its esoteric teachings. Followers in Judaism hold to the teachings in order to understand the deeper meaning of the traditional Rabbinic Literature along with the Bible. They also define their transmitted dimension that was previously concealed. Additionally, they elucidate the value of Jewish religious observances. Practitioners of Kabbalah believe its origins pre-date various religions in the world. Therefore, it forms the blueprint of religions, creation philosophies, arts, political systems, and sciences.

Presently, the aim of kabbalah teaching is ensuring that people live a fulfilled life. It helps people to realize that the entire branches of life including health, careers, and relationships originate from one trunk and one root. Kabbalah provides a way of viewing the world, which can link people to the sort of permanent fulfillment they seek. Kabbalah teachings are currently offered in different parts of the world. There are many excellent centers where people can get Kabbalistic teachings that can help them to live a fulfilled life and that includes The Kabbalah Centre.

About The Kabbalah Centre
Operating from Los Angeles California, The Kabbalah Centre is an organization that offers teachings on Kabbalah and courses on the Zohar. The Kaballah Centre provides these courses to study groups via city based centers and through the internet as well. Currently, it is headed by Philip Berg. It has an international staff that train and guide its students that come from different backgrounds and places.

As the largest organization in the world, The Kabbalah Centre is committed to offering wisdom. Its main aim is to provide people with the right kind of wisdom that enhances their lives. The Kabbalah Centre has 50 branches worldwide. Over 5,000 students study weekly through books, lectures, CD’s DVD’s, and prayer services.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based communications firm responsible for connecting over three thousand correctional facilities across North America. Here are some of the services that are offered by Securus Technologies.


  • Incident Management
  • Public Information
  • Investigation
  • Biometric Analysis
  • Communication
  • Product and Services monitoring
  • Emergency Response

Securus Technologies was established with the aim of offering public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies by providing quality communication services. Securus Technologies is dedicated to connecting firms by offering quick response and directing information to the right recipient.


The recent Louisiana floods have adverse effects on inmates and families. With the need for prisoners to communicate with family, the floods made regular visits impossible, and the call rates relatively went up compared to ordinary prisons call rates. Securus being committed to connecting inmates merged with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) in lowering call expenses by allowing each prisoner to make one free call daily. Prisoners need to connect with family in the hazardous flood conditions hence, the chief executive officer of Securus, Mr. Richard Smith, emphasizes on the need for Securus to contribute to the free phone calls.


The free calls program is scheduled to run through September 7th. Through the month, the Department of Corrections and Securus will enable the feature to allow free phone calls from inmates to family and friends.


About Securus


Securus Technologies works around the clock to ensure safety and communication in most correctional facilities. Serving over one million inmates in America and law enforcement agencies, Securus dedicates itself to connecting what is vital for the world’s safety. Securus Technologies provides criminal justice technology solutions to correctional firms.

Wengie Matte Glam Makeup Tutorial Is Every Girl’s Best Friend

Wengie does it again. She breaks down these seemingly complex makeup styles in a completely consumable way for the everyday makeup lover. The style from this video, Matte Glam (note: for hooded eyes), is an absolutely gorgeous makeup look that is sure to glam up casual evening wear or add the perfect final touch to any cocktail attire. Her videos are always so well produced, from the lighting to the camera angels, which makes consuming her techniques feel that much more actually doable. And don’t mistake Matte Glam for just an intricate eye makeup look; Wengie breaks down this style from beginning to end and covers every element of her makeup wear.


She begins with her foundation, where she adds a bit of CC cream from Manilla Co. that, she explains, is to add a little bit of glow so the foundation’s finish so it doesn’t look so matte and one-dimensional. (Side note: this is another reason why Wengie’s tutorials are so specifically useful– she always adds her own “Pro-Tips” like these beautiful, little glam bonuses for her audience. She notes in the beginning that she is not a trained makeup artist, but has taught herself all that she knows and continues to learn and train her craft, an inspiring message to makeup users that think they need formal training to pull off stunning looks like the Matte Glam from this video.)  She moves on to the perfect warm and cool eyeshadow color blend, winged eyeliner followed by her favorite falsie eyelashes. With a few more each touches, the look is done. Her fans have been asking her to break down this look for so long now, and it’s clear why. You’ll need this makeup tutorial in your bag of glam tricks. It’s just that good.

Helane Morrison Stands Out Among the Competition

Compliance offices have a hard job. The very nature of everything that they do is difficult. These are the people that are making sure that the rest of the company employees are doing the right thing. This can be a thankless job. It can also become a job that adds an extra level of stress. So far Helane Morrison has been able to manage a career as a compliance officer with great clarity.

The think that the thing that makes Helane Morrison so credible is her ability to stand out as someone that has moved from one compliance officer position to another higher position. When I look at this transition from the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission to Hall Capital I see one thing: a woman that actually likes the type of work that she does. That is important when it comes to a compliance office. People that do not like their jobs are not going to do their jobs well. Helane Morrison has spent years doing her job in various investigative roles. This has made her a person that knows the ins and outs of the investigation world. I think that this may be the thing that will propel her even further with Hall Capital. She was once a student of the investigation world. Now she is a masterful leader that knows everything that one must do in order to keep a company in line.

Helane Morrison is the type of leader that is making a positive change in corporate America. A large number of people have discovered that corporate executives are often greedy, but Helane Morrison is someone that is braking the chain. When people want to see positive change in the industry they should look to what Helane Morrison is doing. She stands out as change that people want to see in the business world.

There are females that are able to see what Helane Morrison is doing, and they want to be able to duplicate this success themselves. Helane Morrison is one of those rare females that has managed stand out as someone that knows her job well, and she is showing executive women how to get to where she is. Morrison didn’t start at the top, but her goal was to reach the top. She was the person that did the work to get to where she needed to be as a compliance officer.