Rhinoplasty with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s magical hands

Rhinoplasty with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s magical hands
Rhinoplasty is a very common form of plastic surgery among patients who expect to give new look to their nasal area. Before we discover what wonders could Dr. Sameer Jejurikar perform on you, let us quickly explore what rhinoplasty can correct. If you have a nose that is too big or too wide for your face size or if you have flaring nostrils or if there are bumps on the bridge of your nose or if your nose is crooked, you are a perfect candidate for the rhinoplasty surgery. Alternatively, if you have had any serious injuries that have complicated the shape of your nose or if the tip of your nose is enlarged, you could consider getting a Rhinoplasty.

Dr. J suggests that if you are in a decent physical and mental health and do not smoke, you could be a potential fit for the surgery. He performs the surgery on you under IV sedation commonly known as general anesthesia. Before he operates on you, he will not only understands your needs and expectations from the surgery but also would inform you what could be achieved depending on your case. He will also do an extensive study on your medical history and devise a plan that works in your best interest.

Dr. J generally uses open and closed techniques of rhinoplasty and he will go over both of them during your consultations so that you could decide what works best for you. On either of these techniques, he would lift the soft tissues so that he could sculpt the cartilage into the required shape. In your recovery phase, you might experience achy nose or some puffiness. In some instances, there could also be swelling and bleeding. Contact the practitioner immediately if you experience any serious complications, but most of the patients would be up and running in less than a week’s time.

Waiakea Water Natural Occuring Benefits

Have you ever bought a bottle of water and thought to yourself that it tastes exactly like tap water? That is because, sometimes, it is. For example, some alkaline water is merely tap water that goes through a process that gives the water its pH. This is why it is critical for consumers to research bottled water companies to ensure the water is coming from the claimed source.

Waiakea is one of the companies that prides itself on producing a quality product that comes from a quality source. In general, the human body needs to maintain an alkaline level of 7.4 to be considered healthy. One might believe that, as one of the building blocks of life, water has a standard pH level of 7, however, that isn’t the case. Most brands of bottle water are more on the acidic side, which has negative effects on the body, with a pH level between 4 and 7. The brings us to the first unique feature of Waiakea water, which is that it has an alkaline level of pH 8.2. It has been determined that this alkalinity level has many benefits to the body; for example, it can reduce the occurrences of acid reflux and heartburn. Additionally, Waiakea water is the first certified CarbonNeutral bottled water produced in the United States.

Waiakea is produced in and around the Mauna Loa volcano located in Hawaii; this means that the water goes through a unique and natural filtration process that includes roughly 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. Going through this filtration process naturally infuses the water with magnesium, calcium, and other minerals that are important to the body’s health. Additionally, since volcanos are active, this means that the water flowing through and around it is constantly moving and never stagnant, adding to the quality of water produced.

The Mauna Loa volcano has some unique features that many people do not know about. First, there is a constant supply of water at the Mauna Loa volcano because it rains roughly 360 days of the year, making it one of the rainiest places on the earth. Second, technically, Mauna Loa is the tallest mountain in the world as it sits roughly 33,000 feet above the ocean floor. In fact, Mauna Loa is so large that its rock could fill the Grand Canyon not just once or twice, but eighteen times.

In addition to producing a quality product, Waiakea is committed to be an environmentally friendly company. They accomplish this in a number of ways, but perhaps the most obvious is that the packaging they use will not cause harm to the environment


Alex Pall Chases Emotional Connection With Chainsmokers’ Music

The Chainsmoker’s new single “Sick Boy” has a message to share with its listeners, and that message is a little dark. It may be unheard of to look for meaning, relevance, and social commentary within the synth beat of a dance song, but that is exactly what the DJ duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have given us. According to Pall it is direction the duo insists on taking, as it is one more step in their overall quest of identity. Pall and Taggart do not want to be just a pair of DJ’s, they also do not want to become parodies of themselves, what they want is to be established as artists. “Sick Boy” is the first of a new series of songs that represent the groups journey of self-discovery, and so far their fans are ready to come along.


“Sick Boy” targets the addiction of social media, remarking on how it syphons identity, and touching on the duo’s on frustration with overexposure. As celebrities they are constantly in the spotlight with no real privacy to be found. “Sick Boy” and singles like “Closer” are examples of the duo’s involvement in song writing. One of many elements that set the duo apart from the rest of the genre. Another element is Andrew Taggart providing the lead vocals. Usually the human element within EDM, DJ’s look to other artists. According to Pall the group does not want to make typical dance music anymore but create a body of work that focuses on their identity as artists. “Its really exciting to witness our music find emotional connection in our listeners” Pall said, stating that the group makes music for themselves first.


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It is also about relevance. According to Taggart it is very easy to become a parody of yourself. The haunting epidemic of irrelevance within music chases many an artist. Popular one second, outdated the next. Pushing boundaries is a way for the Chainsmokers to remain at the forefront, to constantly relate to their listeners, and not lose their voice. So far it is working.



Meet Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and His Emergency Room Career

The doctors in the emergency rooms are faced with hectic and profoundly demanding tasks. Such doctors come across patients who are in a desperate condition looking for emergency medical attention. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel knows exactly what it means to work in an emergency room since he has been there for several years. He knows the experience in the emergency rooms is not an enticing one unless you have a big heart for patients who are in a critical condition. Doctor Eric hails from Tallahassee in Florida, and he is a competent and experienced emergency medicine doctor. He serves at the Memorial Healthcare in Tallahassee, alongside 25 other experienced and reputable doctors.

He graduated with a medical degree from the School of Medicine at the University of Louisville. Eric later enrolled in a medical program at Louisiana State University to complete his residency. He also went to New Orleans for his medical studies at the School of Medicine in Louisiana State University. He understands that emergency medical conditions require quick attention since these conditions are always life-threatening. Some of the conditions emergency physicians like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel handle in the emergency rooms include fractures, cardiac distress, lacerations, trauma, and other acute conditions.

Doctor Eric has gone through rigorous training to handle emergency cases competently. If patients in the emergency rooms are not handled properly, they may lose their lives in the process. Eric knows that such patients need to be stabilized properly before any further diagnosis is made. The American Board of Medical Specialties has certified Dr. Eric Forsthoefel as an emergency physician in the country. He has become one of the few skilled and knowledgeable medical practitioners who handle emergency conditions professionally. Dr. Eric has specialized in injury, accidents, and trauma.

Besides this, Eric treats other diseases and ailments including acute illnesses. When handling patients with emergency issues, Eric knows he has to give them his 100 percent attention. He says this is important since some patients come with multiple emergency conditions hard to diagnose unless the ER physician is extra careful. Although Dr. Eric Forsthoefel can treat the young people and children, his main focus is on patients who are 70 years old and above. Some of the other doctors that Dr. Eric serves with include Dr. Frank Gredler and Dr. Ernesto Umana.


Dr. Jennifer Walden, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Helps Empower Patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American Board Certified cosmetic plastic surgeon practicing in Austin, Texas. She completed her medical degree in 1998 at the University of Texas Medical Branch. In 2003, she finished her residency there and spent the following year in the Fellowship Program at the renowned Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York.

She stayed there at Manhattan Hospital for about the next seven years and built a thriving medical practice. After her twin sons were born and reached the age of 17 months, she moved back to Austin so her sons could be near their family. Any doubts she had about whether she would have a successful practice in Austin were short-lived. Before her plane landed in Austin, two patients had made appointments for breast augmentation surgeries, and her practice grew rapidly from day one.

Having entered a profession and specialty where women were in the minority and not always welcome, she had to work extra hard and prove herself repeatedly. Dr. Walden never held back because she was passionate about helping her patients have the best lives they possibly could have. Her goal was to care for the whole person and make them more comfortable in their own body.

In an interview with Vivex Magazine, she said, “I have a set of hands that can work and perform this skill.” She said she was happy to be able to do something that would make the patient’s life better now and for a long time to come. For her excellence, she has been listed in the Texas SuperDoctors publications from 2014 to 2017, a process where doctors are chosen by their peers based on a set of 10 criteria. According to the SuperDoctors Website, only about 5 percent of doctors in a state or region are named to SuperDoctors honor list.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

The Chainsmokers Rise to Fame

Meet the Chain smokers. They have reached success not in smoking, but for being DJs and producing duo songs that are epic. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the current chain smokers. Initially, chain-smokers were made up of Pall and former DJ Rhett Bixler. The group reformed in 2012 under the management of Adam Alpert who introduced Pall to Taggart who was working in a gallery by then.

Chainsmokers awards

Chainsmokers have received many awards for their songs. The song Bouquet that featured ‘Roses’ was released in 2015 and was voted among the top 10 in the US Billboard 100. They also released the ‘Don’t let me down the song that was among their top five single which won the ‘Grammy awards for the best Dance Recording’ which was released in 2016 with their debut studio Album.

Chainsmokers and Hasley honour Avicii at the Billboards Music Awards

If you are new in the world of secular music, you may be wondering who Avicii is? Avicii was a darling to many. For the lovers of music, he was a known Swedish DJ and renowned producer. He passed away at the age of 28 after struggling with mental illness for long before it was discovered he took his own life. Chainsmokers and Hasley took time to honour him during the Billboards Music Awards. They acknowledged how essential and inspirational he was to them and the community at large. The chain smokers dedicated their award to Avicii for influencing them to reach the success in pop music.

Chain smokers win Top the Billboard’s dance 100

Chain smokers were named the first in the dance artist on the billboards dance 100. They showcased an epic performance in Ultra Miami Performance. Their hit went viral and now appears first on the billboards top 100 lists. The sick boy song that they released caught fans by surprise. The song was provocative and entertaining to fans of all age brackets.

The chain smokers have remained in the minds of their fans by producing new songs that are trendy and catchy to all fans regardless of age and class.


Waiakea Water Is All Natural

Since the inception of bottled drinking water way back when, the industry has grown substantially. More people are drinking bottled water today than ever before and this is because it has been shown that tap water is not always the best for your body. Bottled water has a purifying process to allow all of the bad minerals to be taken out. However, not all bottled waters are as pure as they attest to be. Some have been proven to be no better than opening your faucet at home and filling a glass. Waiakea Water is one of the purest waters you can find. The founder of the company came upon this volcanic water quite by accident. While visiting family in Hawaii, he drank from a stream which was located at the base of a volcano. He discovered it was the best water he had ever had and wanted to be able to put it to use as a product he could sell to others.

Once he was able to have the water tested, he found that its alkalinity levels were well beyond normal while its PH levels were much lower. Too much PH in water can be very detrimental to the body. The levels that were in this water were more suited to ingestion. The alkaline that was in it was high enough to make it purer than any other water. His company began to bottle it and sell it locally and it became a big hit in the area. They expanded their operation and have now been selling this water across the country. The company continues to grow and now has several operations in Hawaii. Their standards have been kept high and they will not allow lesser quality water to be used in their products. Other companies have tried to market bottled water using similar labeling as this company but Waiakea Water is still the only one who can rightly claim to be pure. Their customer base has continued to grow because of their truth in advertising and they have been recommended highly by their clients. People just love this water.


Let’s meet Dr. Eric ​Forsthoefel

Doctor Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency room doctor who specializes in Emergency

Medicine. He got his medical training from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2009, he also trained at the Louisiana State University In New Orleans and graduated in 2012. Dr. Eric had his residency done at the Louisiana State University. He is a native english speaker and he also accepts Spanish-speaking patients. Dr. Eric is affiliated with the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and currently works in the Eric Forsthoefel Clinic in Tallahassee Florida and has a medical experience of 6 years.

Emergency physicians are doctors who are specially trained to handle medical

conditions that are urgent and extremely dangerous. They work in the emergency room

department (ER) and usually deal with trauma patients, lacerations, burn victims and accidents victims. They also deal with cardiac distress cases and fractures. ER doctors make urgent and life-saving decisions during an emergency medical crisis. They always make sure the patient is treated well enough to be discharged or, that the patient is stabilized well enough to be moved to a different department for treatment.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and has his specialty in Injury, Accidents and Trauma. Over the years, he has gained knowledge and experience in a broad range of medical topics. He accepts a variety of Insurance plans, some of which include Medicare, Aetna, and Coventry Health Care also known as First Health.

Dr. Eric attends to his patients at two different locations. The first location is the Tallahassee Memorial Care, which is located on 1300 Miccosukee Rd Tallahassee, FL 32308 while the second location is in his office at 1309 Thomasville Rd Tallahassee,

FL 32303.

Dr Eric’s certifications and licensure includes; American Board of Emergency Medicine (Certified in Emergency Medicine), LA State Medical License (Active through 2013), and Florida State Medical License (Active through 2014). Doctor Eric Forsthoefel is one of the best at what he does and his patients attest to this. His skills at correctly diagnosing and treating emergency room patients has made him a household name in the Tallahassee Community.


The feature that enables Talk Fusion to live up to the hype

A tool that arrived in 2007 with the aim that it will assist business owners to be ahead of the competitors while still increasing the sales and profit made is Talk Fusions. Talk Fusion will give the user that chance of having a tool that is popular and will provide the companies with the opportunity of making their marketing efforts be more memorable and engage the customers by the use of videos. Things have changed today for Talk Fusion that it has grown to 14 countries and there is another feature that was added to the app that is the video chat app.

The features in the App

In the Talk Fusion app, there are no many apps that will be available that will be in handy to assist the companies to be ahead of the competition. The users can get the App through iPhones, iPad and iPod for the users that are using the Android device then they need to have the 4.4.3 system or get a newer version. The lead product that will be in Talk Fusion is the video email, and it will be easy for the app users to connect with the customers. Business owners that are using Talk Fusion will be able to send the messages to the clients directly from the Apple and Android device that they have, and no matter the location of the customers they will be able to view the marketing video.

Value added by the video in the email

If the business owners will have the chance of being able to use the video option in the email messages that can be used by the vendors, customers, and team members. It will make it easy for business owners to have something that will grab the attention of the customers more than the written promotional email would. If the clients get more engaged by the video, the result that will be received is more clickthroughs. The more the clickthroughs, the more it means that the word is getting out about the company and what they have to offer. The result received will be more profit and sales. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion

Academy of Art University is Using AR to Report Residents Feelings in the Tenderloin, But What’s Next?

The Academy of Art University (AAU), is a private college located in San Francisco, California. Formerly known as the Academy of Art College. It was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens. The school currently has 283 full-time teachers, 1154 part-time teaching staff, and 12,600 students. AAU has received regional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in 2007.

AAU is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, along with a few other accreditations that are degree specific. A fun fact about AAU, it has the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States.

AAU has many famous graduates like, Jason Sperling he graduated the school of Advertising in 1993, Deanne Fitzmaurice won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005, Denise Cherry, and Tom Luedecke was the lead designer on Kobe Bryant’s line of Nike shoes.

The school is the first to be invited to New York fashion week biannually. The school has no shortage of accomplishments and accolades. They are adding to their success story with the creation of a new application called Tenderfeels created by AAU students. They participated in an event sponsored by Tech in the Tenderloin and the San Francisco Salvation Army Kroc Center.

Tenderfeels is an augmented reality (AR) app that allows residents of San Francisco’s Tenderloin to share their emotions in real time while walking the streets. The Tenderloin is known for being a terrifying place to live. Many of AAU’s students like in the area and know firsthand how scary it is living there.

The app offers the user five different emotions: angry, disgusted, joyful, and happy. It works kind of like a Pokemon Go but for your feelings. Along with documenting resident’s feelings, there’s also space to explain the cause of the emotion at that particular place and time.

The creators of the app plan on using the information gathered and reported it back to schools and the government. The vision is that the power’s that be will take the data to impact positive change in the Tenderloin.

I’m grateful to of had the opportunity to visit San Francisco a few times while my sister was there going to grad school there. It is a beautiful city, with breathtaking cites. I even spent some time in the Tenderloin and experienced first hand some of those scary streets AAU students have to walk through.

I think, Tenderfeels is a great idea and right on track and on time. I can see the be benefit it will have for the residents. But more importantly, I see an enormous impact this kind of work has on a student’s mind. The most valuable learning a person can have is when they can apply the information they’re learning into real-life situations. AAU has taken that a step further by offering students a way to use their education to impact social change. That kind of knowledge never leaves you; instead, it inspires you and your community.