Oren Frank : Progression in the fight for mental illness treatment

Talkspace is one the fastest growing start-ups today, CEO Oren Frank has recently made two major announcements about the future of the company. Talkspace, an app-based service that allows customers to speak with a licensed therapist via chat will now add to their team United Health senior medical director Neil Leibowitz. The move by Oren Frank is said to correspond with rumors about Talkspace eventually setting themselves up to go into an IPO or Initial Public Offering in the near future. With the addition of its one-millionth user, the company is set to create record-breaking revenue in the years to come according to CEO Oren Frank.

The addition of Neil Leibowitz to the Talkspace family will also allow therapists working in conjunction with Talkspace to prescribe actual medicine to their users. When asked about banning certain types of medicines such as Opiates, Oren Frank has stated that there are no plans at the moment to restrict any singular medicine. Neil Leibowitz has been said to also be working with the corporate side of the business as well. As an ex-insurance executive, Neil Leibowitz will begin to work in bringing the Talkspace services to employers. This is due to recent studies showing that the working millennial has seen an increase in depression, anxiety, and stress in the past few years.

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Although very skeptical at first about the service Talkspace provided, Neil eventually agreed to a meeting with the Talkspace team where they discussed the incredible service that therapist where generating and the affordability of the program for people who would normally not receive any type of mental treatment due to their financial constraints.

The company did see a few bumps in the road these past few months, however, as the public begins to learn more bout Talkspace and the incredible results it has produced, the company is set to keep on progressing in the coming months.

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