Alex Hern Banks on Technology

Alex Hern happens to be a renowned figure in the American corporate world. He has been in business for more than two decades where he has helped to shape innovation. Specifically, the entrepreneur has directed most of his energy to technology and startups. He understands very well that this is the new frontier and hence works hard to ensure that he reaps maximum benefits from these sectors. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more. Throughout his illustrious business career, Alex Hern has partnered with big names in technology such as Yahoo and MSN. He happened to have interests in Inktomi, a start-up company which was behind the technology used by the search engine. Inktomi went public with Goldman Sachs as the lead transaction advisor in a bid to raise the capital needed for its projects. Learn more about Alex at

Alex Hern was instrumental in that deal. That is not all. He had interests in Yesmail which dealt with email marketing and web directory. The firm went public under a deal arranged by Alex Brown. Ten months later, the company was sold to ModusLink Global Solutions for more than $500 million. All these deals helped to cement his name as a deal maker in the American corporate world and earned him a fortune. Technology has been evolving rapidly, and he has been growing with it. Alex Hern now focuses on software and other applications as the world is fully embracing the digital world. The astute entrepreneur is a very focused and hardworking man who spends close to five hours a day trying to find out innovative ways of moving his business forward. He believes in paying attention to one thing at a time. As such, he does not believe in multitasking since according to him human brain capacity is limited. Alex Hern always visualizes a future which will be driven by technology and works hard to ensure that the will be a crucial stakeholder in the future technology.


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