Southridge Capital Continues To Offer Financial Assistance to Firms and Individuals

Southridge Capital has been in the frontline in aiding thousands of people who are struggling financially. They not only offer financial assistance to Connecticut residents but also provide training, advice and financial planning. Over the years, it has helped people become financially stable, and several businesses cope with rapid growth. It continues to help many people deal with personal debts.


Elite Data Services Inc. is the latest beneficiary

At the end of July 2018, Southridge Capital agreed with Elite Data Services, Inc. to purchase equity worth $5 million in the technology company. On the other hand, Elite Data Services Inc. is a technology firm that makes use of software technologies for different marketing assets at the marketplace. It boasts of some proprietary solutions that help it generate revenue from advertising and marketing several business sectors. Southridge Capital works in sectors that include hospitality, automotive and gaming sectors. Commenting on the equity purchase, Hick said that Southridge was committed to investing in companies like Elite Data Services because they provided innovative solutions to the sectors of the economy that they serve. He added that the company was keen to help such companies to achieve their business goals.


The investment company is diversified in its investment interests. However, it mainly invests directly in small and middle market firms. Since the incorporation of the company, it has made direct investments worth over $1.8 billion around the world. It looks at companies with growth potential and makes a move. On identifying the companies to invest in, Southridge Capital customizes a financing plan with the client. Once they have agreed, the investment company executes the plan as agreed.


With many startups and growth companies in dire need of capital to push new products into the market, investors like Southridge Capital have given these firms a new lease of life. It has invested in other companies like Raft International where it was a lead investor and Fakespace Systems in early 2001. Each of the companies raised over $1.5 in the venture round. It combined with financial products to individuals makes the company an all-round financial company. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.


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