Alex Hern Banks on Technology

Alex Hern happens to be a renowned figure in the American corporate world. He has been in business for more than two decades where he has helped to shape innovation. Specifically, the entrepreneur has directed most of his energy to technology and startups. He understands very well that this is the new frontier and hence works hard to ensure that he reaps maximum benefits from these sectors. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more. Throughout his illustrious business career, Alex Hern has partnered with big names in technology such as Yahoo and MSN. He happened to have interests in Inktomi, a start-up company which was behind the technology used by the search engine. Inktomi went public with Goldman Sachs as the lead transaction advisor in a bid to raise the capital needed for its projects. Learn more about Alex at

Alex Hern was instrumental in that deal. That is not all. He had interests in Yesmail which dealt with email marketing and web directory. The firm went public under a deal arranged by Alex Brown. Ten months later, the company was sold to ModusLink Global Solutions for more than $500 million. All these deals helped to cement his name as a deal maker in the American corporate world and earned him a fortune. Technology has been evolving rapidly, and he has been growing with it. Alex Hern now focuses on software and other applications as the world is fully embracing the digital world. The astute entrepreneur is a very focused and hardworking man who spends close to five hours a day trying to find out innovative ways of moving his business forward. He believes in paying attention to one thing at a time. As such, he does not believe in multitasking since according to him human brain capacity is limited. Alex Hern always visualizes a future which will be driven by technology and works hard to ensure that the will be a crucial stakeholder in the future technology.


Robert Ivy: Lifetime Award

Robert Ivy isn’t your ordinary architect, or Mississippian. He’s led a life of growth, hard work, and continual dedication. He was born and raised in Mississippi, but quickly outgrew the towns there and moved to Florida to study for an English Degree. You might think “What does an English degree have to do with an architect?”…and you’d be right. But he wasn’t done after receiving just one degree, he returned to school and studied at Tulane University to receive a Master of Architecture degree. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

This was fitting, because he’d later be designated as a Master Architect, one of seven from the national architect fraternity Alpha Rho Chi, and the only architect granted this title in the 21st Century. Robert Ivy wasn’t just satisfied with a good record at school though, he threw himself full force into his new careers. When he was appointed Editor-in-Chief for McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record, a nationally published architectural journal, he wasn’t happy with just maintaining it’s limited success. He pushed for translations, he pushed to expand McGraw-Hill’s infrastructure so they could support international readers and he succeeded. The Architectural Review is now the most widely available and consumed architectural journal. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy wasn’t just satisfied with average growth and art work, he wanted to make architecture something that every person could understand and draw inspiration from to fuel their own passions. Of course, his time with McGraw-Hill had to end at some point, but when it did, Robert Ivy didn’t just fade into the background, he pushed to keep expanding the architecture community. He published a book, and eventually became the Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He’s led the AIA to record membership rates in its 150 years of existence, and Robert Ivy expanded the AIA to be a worldwide organization with branches in Europe and Canada and other places as well. The Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to artists and critics with a strong tie to Mississippi, and there’s no one else quite like the architect Robert Ivy from Mississippi and his continual dedication to making architecture more accessible.


Milan Kordestani’s Love Of Saffron, Horses And Writing

It is easy to get your hands on some of Milan Kordestani’s organically raised eggs. You can navigate right on over to the Milan Farms website to order up six or 12 eggs. You can even sign up for a subscription where you’ll be delivered eggs weekly or monthly. And these are some of the most wholesome eggs in the San Francisco Bay area.

That’s because Milan Farms raises its chickens humanely and organically. Milan Kordestani, the CEO and founder of the organic farm, believes that Informed consumers will always make the right choice. That’s why he endeavors to educate consumers on the wholesome nature of his products. He is banking on the fact that a consumer will leave behind the eggs produced by big business in lieu of his humanely raised products.

His farm is also producing one of the most sought-after spices on the market. Saffron is a delicate spice that is difficult to grow. There are decades of saffron growing traditions but Milan Kordestani chooses to grow his saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges. His saffron is certainly not traditional but the young Milan Kordestani believes in innovation. And he continues to innovate with his herbs as he explores more effective hydroponic and aquaponic means of growing saffron. His team is currently exploring salinity levels for the most effective way of cultivating saffron.

Milan Kordestani is still attending school in California, but he writes for the Huffington Post, competes in world championship equestrian events and runs his own farm. The determination to become so successful at such a young age can be summed up in a childhood story.

A massive horse through a young Milan to the ground during a writing lesson. Most children would’ve been afraid of the beast that just hurt them but not Milan. He got right up back on that horse to the amazement of his instructors.

He developed deep relationships with horses which led him to compete in world championship equestrian events. He has taken home trophies from the first and third legs of the Triple Crown and placed second at the World Championships.

Southridge Capital Continues To Offer Financial Assistance to Firms and Individuals

Southridge Capital has been in the frontline in aiding thousands of people who are struggling financially. They not only offer financial assistance to Connecticut residents but also provide training, advice and financial planning. Over the years, it has helped people become financially stable, and several businesses cope with rapid growth. It continues to help many people deal with personal debts.


Elite Data Services Inc. is the latest beneficiary

At the end of July 2018, Southridge Capital agreed with Elite Data Services, Inc. to purchase equity worth $5 million in the technology company. On the other hand, Elite Data Services Inc. is a technology firm that makes use of software technologies for different marketing assets at the marketplace. It boasts of some proprietary solutions that help it generate revenue from advertising and marketing several business sectors. Southridge Capital works in sectors that include hospitality, automotive and gaming sectors. Commenting on the equity purchase, Hick said that Southridge was committed to investing in companies like Elite Data Services because they provided innovative solutions to the sectors of the economy that they serve. He added that the company was keen to help such companies to achieve their business goals.


The investment company is diversified in its investment interests. However, it mainly invests directly in small and middle market firms. Since the incorporation of the company, it has made direct investments worth over $1.8 billion around the world. It looks at companies with growth potential and makes a move. On identifying the companies to invest in, Southridge Capital customizes a financing plan with the client. Once they have agreed, the investment company executes the plan as agreed.


With many startups and growth companies in dire need of capital to push new products into the market, investors like Southridge Capital have given these firms a new lease of life. It has invested in other companies like Raft International where it was a lead investor and Fakespace Systems in early 2001. Each of the companies raised over $1.5 in the venture round. It combined with financial products to individuals makes the company an all-round financial company. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.


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Organo Gold is Changing the Way Americans Consume Coffee

Coffee is a big part of American culture and has been ever since the American Revolution when Revolutionaries through tea into the Boston Harbor as part of the Boston Tea Party. It became even more ingrained into American culture with the Beats in Greenich Village and their coffee houses, and again in the 90’s with coffee houses in Seatle and around the country. It’s clear that no matter how or where you drink your coffee, coffee is big part of American culture. Read more at about Organo Gold.

One company, Organo Gold, is working to change why Americans drink coffee. Organo Gold is the only company that sells coffee with organic Ganoderma Lucidum Spore powder. Ganoderma Licidum is a mushroom that is an ancient Chinese remedy that is touted for its many health benefits. Organo Gold was founded with the goal of bringing this “ancient Chinese secret” to the rest of the world. While Organo Gold does not claim any of these benefits they do acknowledge that these mushrooms are highly sought after in Chinese culure. Some of the benefits of this ingredient include being a metabolism boost, thus assisting with weight loss. Regardless of any weight loss effects, many customers of Organo Gold’s coffees insist that it gives them an extra boost of energy, beyond what their regular cofee gives them. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold coffee is only one of the many products that the company manufactures and distributes. Besides a full range of coffee products, including coffee infused with organic Ganoderma Lucidum powder, they also sell and gather many other proudcts related to personal care. They are a gatherer, distributer, and manufacturer or prodcuts that include mycelium, grape seed oil, nutritional shakes, beauty bars and spore powder. Organo Gold products are available directly from the company or can be bought and sold through independent distributers online and around the globe.