Unreal Shopping Experience with RealReal Does the Body Wonders

In the year 2011 Julie Wainwright began the new consignment shop known as RealReal. She began working with technology in the nineties and is now creating and growing a booming online shopping experience for the fashion world. RealReal is a company that takes already used luxury items and sells them at a extremely discounted rate of up to 90% off of the retail value. The means in which these items can be sold is that they are all authenticated and set up to be distributed once again as the day they were first made. Since the creation of RealReal they have been able to raise over a 170 million dollars in and continuing to grow successfully. Initially a start up, this company RealReal has now taken their business to a solo store in Soho and many shop there to have affordable yet luxurious experience.

The store in itself almost seems like a separate experience for customers and it is designed masterfully. It has a beautifully designed couches that you can wait on and a stall were you can purchase flowers as well as a coffee bar downstairs where they have events put on by RealReal for customers and designers alike. If you travel to the very center of the floor of the store you will find a large wall consisting of racks of cabinets like treasure chests that open up unveiling the masterfully authenticated RealReal items.

Often times the difficulty of traversing one self through the thrift store is trying to find the right size. The shirt says to 2X while the hangar that it is held on says 3X. One of the ways that RealReal resolved this issue was by lining up clothing items from small to medium to large on racks. Each designer uses their own sizes so one would have to eyeball in size the clothing to see how they want them to fit. And the online experience with RealReal is slightly different, however in that a does use sizes for its clients instead.

Online using RealReal you see how browing the site is almost identical to looking in the store. One moment it is available and the next it’s snatched off the shelf. Taking advantage is truly crucial when shopping online with RealReal is experience one should never miss.

Read more about The RealReal: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/13/fashion/the-realreal-consignment-store.html

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