Ricardo Tosto: The Most Prominent Lawyer in Litigation

Born on 11 March 1963, Ricardo Tosto is among the best Brazilian lawyers who started off from a humble background. The 55 years old has a law firm called Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. The law firm is adored as one of the few offices first to offer the mass action model. Tosto is also a noted writer who has had his legal and political articles published in various leading newspapers and magazines. One of his great works includes the Brazilian book titled O Processo de Tiradentes in which he is a co-author.

Ricardo Tosto went to Mackenzie University and graduated with a Law degree. He has specialized in the areas such as credit recovery, banking contracts, business restructuring, and civil law among others. He previously worked in Judicial Modernization Committee as the president and in the Reform Committee at OAB/SP. Ricardo is a focused, diligent, determined and with undoubted credibility.

As a dedicated worker, Ricardo Tosto actively contributes to the International Bar Association (IBA) as a member and a retired adviser of the HR and Legal Management of Brazilian Company Grupo Rede. In a past press release, Ricardo Tosto talked about law 13.254, a project for repatriation of assets abroad. He agreed to project saying it was a positive partnership. The project of repatriation was to serve as a door opener for complex exchanges between Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers.

However, Ricardo Tosto noted that the project had to pass through a series of trajectory before its approval by the Congress. One of the things that had to be adjusted was the income tax rate and a fine that was initially put at 17.5%. The rate was then slashed to 15%, a value presented by Mr. Manoel Junior. The exchange rate that had been set for December 2014 had around 20% and not 30% as thought earlier. The founding partner of Leite Tosto e Barros also stressed on the partnership between national and international lawyers saying it is paramount for them to have laws that govern individuals who would not wish to have their resources open.

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