Southridge Capital assists other companies to achieve financial success

Southridge Capital is a financial company that offers a wide range of innovative financial solutions to it’s over 200 clients. The company is based in Connecticut in the United States. The major clients of the companies are the public companies spread across the United States and the world. To support the companies’ growth plans and objectives Southridge has invested close to $1.8 billion.

Over the years, Southridge Capital has learned the problems companies face and this has helped them to tailor their services to meet their needs. The company has a dedicated team of financial experts who are able to consult on corporate related issues across different financial services. In addition, the management has been a constant source of strong leadership, steering the company in the right way. The management team comprises of CEO Stephen Hicks, CFA Laurence Ditkoff, Director of research Henry Sargent, CFO Narine Persaud, and JD as the COO and company’s General Counsel. The portfolio management team is headed by Linda Carlsen.

Southridge Capital has specialized in offering various financial services including financial analysis combined with projected financial statements, Mergers and acquisitions, Balance sheet optimization, Bankruptcy services, restructuring analysis, and Legal settlements services.

The company also offers Credit enhancing, Securitization, and Financing Solutions services to its clients. Under these services, Southridge helps companies in solving their fiscal problems by developing solutions that are company specific. Other services that the company offers include loans against common stock, convertible preferred stocks, convertible debentures, debt elimination in favor of common stocks, and Equity Purchase Agreement to enable clients raise enough capital regardless of how the market is currently.

Southridge Capital has also been involved with charitable activities in collaboration with The Daystar Foundation. Together they have supported various organizations across the United States through constant financial support. Some of these organizations include; Walnut Community Hill Church, LounsBury House, The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, The Ridgefield Visiting nurses association, and the Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund among others. Through this partnership, the company has been able to fulfill its corporate social responsibility role and it has served to impact a positive change into people’s lives through monetary support. You can check out for more info.

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