OSI Group: An Impressive Record

OSI Group is an American privately owned company that specializes in the foodservice industry. OSI Group Boasts an impressive track record, with roots dating back as far as 1909. Established in Illinois, the company has left an impressive mark in the food industry, and one that continues to this day.

Back in 2016 OSI Group received the prestigious “Globe of Honour Award” an award that is presented by the British Safety Council. The Globe of Honour award is an award that is granted to organizations who have demonstrated excellence in environmental management. In order to obtain this award, an organization must meet specific requirements to be considered. First being the organization must achieve the “five maximum stars” in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit. This audit is conducted annually, and it reviews many aspects of an organization including its policies, processes, and practices. OSI Group was one of 18 organizations worldwide that received Honour for the year of 2016.

It is high accomplishments like this that have aided OSI Group in receiving other high recognition, such as being added to America’s Top 100 Food Companie’s. The company currently employs over 20,000 employees who work in several countries. These employees provide products such as meat patties, bacon, poultry, pizza etc. through food service, and retail industries worldwide. With strong qualities and a reputation like this, the organization has reached annual sales that exceed $6 billion. With such a great influence in the food industry, it is no surprise to see the company continually expand. Back in 2016 OSI Group was seen making multiple purchases. One of the most recognized purchases was the acquisition of a Tyson Foods Plant located within the Chicago area. Kevin Scott who is senior executive vice president for OSI North Quoted: “The acquired facility gives the group the capacity to meet the growing needs and expectations of its customer base.” It is acquisitions, and achievements like this that show OSI Group has solidified its name within the Food Industry.

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