A Shimmering EOS Review

The Shimmer Lip Balm by EOS offers a brilliant look on the lips for the spring and summer. Combined with the sunshine, it’s an accessory that sizzles, especially when you spend a lot of time outside. The lip balm is made with vitamin E and shea butter, making the lips soft and protected getting chapped as quickly as they would if nothing were on the lips (imabeautygeek.com). ¬†Sheer pink is a beautiful color that coordinates with many spring and summer patterns and shades. It has a hint of strawberry when you open the container and when it’s on the lips. The pearl doesn’t have a lot of color at all, making it a good option if you’re looking for a lip balm that offers shine and shimmer without a lot of shading. The coral is a bit darker than the pink, but it’s not overwhelming.

Each Shimmer Lip Balm by EOS comes in a dark round container that other lip products from the company come in as well. EOS uses natural ingredients and doesn’t test products on animals. Organic oils and waxes are used to blend the lip balms with only a hint of additional products added to achieve the delicate shimmer that is appealing on the lips.¬† For more reading, check mapleholistics.com.

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