The Special Features of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the two famous malls in Brazil: the Mangeira Mall and the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The two malls have changed the shopping custom and the leisure life of the occupants. The successful mall owner was born in Joao Pessoa. This is why it is such a surprise that he decided to develop his home area instead of moving to the city as most youths do after school.Santiago studied finance at Pio- X-Marist College. This was to prepare himself for his entrepreneur career. After college, he went to the University of Joao Pessoa, where he studied Business Administration. By successfully undergoing the two courses, he became ripe for the business world. He began as an employee at Café Santa Rosa, which is a manufacturing company.

In 1987, he bought the land to build the Roberto Santiago. With his good planning and strategies, he completed the mall in two years’ time. The mall covers all the needs of the residents because of its special features. Here are some of the special hallmarks of the Manaira Mall;

The Food Courts. Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has food courts that are updated on a regular basis. This is to see that all traditional foods and modern foods are on the menu. Some families come in during weekends to taste the food of other cultures as a family. It is a special way of bonding after a busy week.

The Shopping Facilities. We all loving shopping, however, it can be very boring and tiresome if you have to move from one building to another to find the equipment you need. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has all the shopping facilities that are required. Whether you are out in search of jewelry, clothes, shoes, home products, the Manaira Mall got you covered.

The Domus Hall. The Domus Hall is the climax of the Manaira Mall. It accommodates up to 14000 people. The hall’s air conditioning system is well taken off, to accommodate the large audience. The sounding and lighting system makes it the most favorable venue to watch movies. It is also the best place to hold concerts and shows. Celebrities from other states have accepted invitations to perform in Brazil, courtesy of the mall.

The Domus Hall is not limited to the events. The residence is allowed to lend the hall for their occasions at a pocket-friendly rate. Many graduations, weddings, and conferences have been held in the hall.

The Parking Space. Parking can be stressful. Sometimes it may be hard to land a place to park your car, where you can easily access it after you complete your activities. Roberto Santiago considered this factor. The parking space of the mall can hold up to 3000 cars.


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