The Mystery of Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

The name Matt Badiali may not mean much to you, unless you have been reading about his “freedom checks”. You may have also watched a few of his videos on YouTube, but the good news is that the checks are real. What are these checks, and where do they come from? Matt Badiali’s freedom checks are what he refers to as dividends being paid out to investors. This isn’t about hedge funds but about investing in natural oil and gas companies. The good news is that these companies do exist, and during his time working for his employer, interviewing CEO’s and other top-level executives, he learned about these investments and the regulations the oil companies have to follow. The payouts are real, and according to Badiali, these companies can issue checks for nearly six figures or more. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

He is emphatic that freedom checks are not from the IRS, and they are not from any other government entity. However, these checks are real, and they do somewhat look like checks that you would receive from the treasure for your tax refund. One of the most popular photos circulating with Badiali, is a check that he received for more than $114,000. Although it seems like a lot to take in, he maintains that the checks are real. Once again, those checks he says are legitimate payouts from companies that investors buy shares from.

Keep in mind that Badiali himself shares this information on his own website with Banyan Hill Publishing. He makes it very clear that there are tons of offers out there today that are scams and nothing less. He also understands that there are numerous get-rich-quick schemes, all designed to take your money and run. Matt Badiali takes the time to share his side, and yet he gives you the information you need to understand why these freedom checks are possible. He knows all too well that when an opportunity arises for someone to invest and earn money back that it can be a bit scary. His reassurance and sharing his own story has made a dramatic difference for those who desire to learn more about these freedom checks and how it’s all possible. Follow Matt on

Badiali explains that turning to natural resources here in the United States is the core of how this works. After spending time with legendary oil drillers, Badiali is focused on educating you about how to get your share.


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