Jason Hope, Lights the World with His Philanthropic Gestures

     Jason Hope has made himself a name for caring about others. The Arizona-based Philanthropist has a unique personality. He has a special place in his heart for technology. The billionaire philanthropist has immense investments in the field of communication technology, particularly the internet. He went to school in the area, including attending his University at the Arizona State University where he got a degree in finance. Mr. Hope is also an MBA holder. Mr. Jason Hope is an active participant in the life of Arizona including its business-politics association.

His Donations

It is not easy to pinpoint exactly how much Jason has contributed to charity and other philanthropic acts but some of his contributions could not be concealed; given the sums involved and other factors. Recently, Mr. Jason Hope made a contribution of $ 500 000 to SENS Foundation. The motivation behind Jason’s huge contribution to the Foundation is based on Jason’s preoccupation with tech things.

About Jason Hope

Jason, I particularly focused on the promotion of projects that have to do with health solutions, education, research in science and biotechnology. Jason’s contributions largely go to the organizations that support health. Hope derives inspiration from a number of sources, including the Boys and Girls Club in Phoenix, Desert Mountain, Tony Hawk Foundation, among others.

Mr. Hope features prominently as a futurist with a vision. He has a knack for things technology. He is particularly fascinated with the internet. The millionaire philanthropist leads the way by predicting the path that technology is taking in the modern world.

Jason Hope was interviewed recently by a host of newsmen and website reporters. He says that it is unfortunate that some of the promising young people will never be allowed to become what they could be. He notes that even the contribution he makes; which is a heavy price at a personal level is a major gesture. On Technology, Jason believes that the Internet of Things has immense power over the shaping of the future of the society today. Mr. Hope is ever pleased to make his predictions concerning the direction of the technology future.

Anti-Aging Research

Mr. Jason Hope is a close friend of Mr. Aubrey de Grey, the CSO of SENS Foundation. SENS Foundation is particularly interesting because it is where Mr. Jason Hope made his largest contribution in an act of philanthropy. Mr. Jason’s contribution will be channeled to the research on anti-aging. In particular, antiageing herbs and medicines have never been in short supply. The research hopes to succeed in establishing and identifying the molecular bonds that are problematic while restoring the elasticity of the body and the matrix outside cells.


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