ClassDojo is Digitalizing Education System in the States

ClassDojo is a program that connects teachers, students and the parents in an effort to transform education in the United States. This is aimed at making learning fun for the school going children and also creating a conducive environment for the teachers to teach. The general overview of the ClassDojo program is to improve the learning capabilities of the students. ClassDojo program also takes into consideration the needs of the teachers and have also deployed a good environment for students to learn.

ClassDojo program has cofounded the Sam Choudhary initiative that has succeeded in making education facilities fun for students and all the education stakeholders. The program has developed a system where teachers, students, and parents are all included in the education process. It was developed with practicability that was done to encompass all needs of the learners, teachers, parents and learning institutions. It is for this reason that the ClassDojo solves the needs of the teachers and creates a proper channel of communication between teachers, parents, and pupils. It is for this reason that ClassDojo has made drastic success in the education system in the United States. Currently, ClassDojo is used in more than 90% of United States schools.

ClassDojo also advocates for the renovation of the education facilities. It builds good and presentable classrooms for students to make them eager to learn. It encourages good teacher-student relationship. It gives teachers responsibility to consider and promote the various skills and talents of the students. In the program, teachers are supposed to encourage students to pursue their dreams, motivate them to work hard and also promote teamwork among themselves.

The ClassDojo also gives some basic rights and privileges to the students. The students are encouraged to share their learning experience through the use of modern technology like uploading of photographs and videos in their portfolios. They can, in turn, share these videos and photos with their friends and parents as a way of discussing their school progress and classroom experiences. The ClassDojo program also advocates for the use of digital technology to create a fantasized feeling among the students, teachers and their families.

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