The success of Equities First Holdings UK

The success of Equities First Holdings London (UK) was a surprise to the management of EFH. It is crucial to note that the London Subsidiary was the first branch of Equities First Holdings. The branch was opened in 2013 in London. Three years after establishment, the management board of EFH gave a detailed statement with regards to the success of the subsidiary. With only three years, Equities First Holdings UK had managed to record numerous transactions and had provided funds to many big projects within the UK and the neighbouring countries. Moreover, they had managed to disburse over 100 million euros as security-based loans. Due to their extravagant performance, Equities First Holdings board of management stated that they would oversee the expansion of their territories in countries such as Australia, Thailand, China, and Singapore.

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ClassDojo is Digitalizing Education System in the States

ClassDojo is a program that connects teachers, students and the parents in an effort to transform education in the United States. This is aimed at making learning fun for the school going children and also creating a conducive environment for the teachers to teach. The general overview of the ClassDojo program is to improve the learning capabilities of the students. ClassDojo program also takes into consideration the needs of the teachers and have also deployed a good environment for students to learn.

ClassDojo program has cofounded the Sam Choudhary initiative that has succeeded in making education facilities fun for students and all the education stakeholders. The program has developed a system where teachers, students, and parents are all included in the education process. It was developed with practicability that was done to encompass all needs of the learners, teachers, parents and learning institutions. It is for this reason that the ClassDojo solves the needs of the teachers and creates a proper channel of communication between teachers, parents, and pupils. It is for this reason that ClassDojo has made drastic success in the education system in the United States. Currently, ClassDojo is used in more than 90% of United States schools.

ClassDojo also advocates for the renovation of the education facilities. It builds good and presentable classrooms for students to make them eager to learn. It encourages good teacher-student relationship. It gives teachers responsibility to consider and promote the various skills and talents of the students. In the program, teachers are supposed to encourage students to pursue their dreams, motivate them to work hard and also promote teamwork among themselves.

The ClassDojo also gives some basic rights and privileges to the students. The students are encouraged to share their learning experience through the use of modern technology like uploading of photographs and videos in their portfolios. They can, in turn, share these videos and photos with their friends and parents as a way of discussing their school progress and classroom experiences. The ClassDojo program also advocates for the use of digital technology to create a fantasized feeling among the students, teachers and their families.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction comes First at OSI Food Solutions

From a simple family-owned business that was founded as Otto & Sons in 1909 in Chicago, OSI Food Solutions has grown into one of the world’s largest food suppliers, working with different players in the foodservice industry. In its years as a food supplier, OSI has built a name as a reliable partner that is strict about quality control. The food company’s biggest selling point is its customized food solutions that are designed to meet the specifications of a particular client. OSI has invested in research and expansion projects that have placed it ahead of its competitors in the U.S and across the globe.

Commitment to Sustainability

OSI Food Solutions is big on ensuring that its operations interact favorably with communities, people, and the environment. The company is spread out over 17 nations with 65 facilities and over 20,000 employees that are governed by clearly defined frameworks to meet the highest sustainability standards. OSI’s corporate environmental statement focuses on reducing the threat of environmental pollution by improving risk management and energy efficiency of its operations. In 2016, OSI’s UK branch was awarded the Globe of Honour Award for the British Safety Council for its efforts in managing environmental risks. The award is the most prestigious one given to organizations that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness in their operations.

OSI Acquisitions

OSI Food Solutions is quick to identify promising ventures in the food industry that it can get as part of its expansion plan. Since the global food supplier was founded, it has made significant moves when it comes to partnering or acquiring other players in the industry, helping it to solidify its dominance. The latest acquisitions by OSI was by its Europe location in March 2017 when it bought a family-owned beef slaughterhouse in Germany called Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. One of its biggest purchases was that of Flagship Europe in December 2016, which allowed OSI to widen its reach in the region. Flagship Europe was a renowned name in the UK foodservice supply sector, dealing in poultry, sauces, dressings, and pies. OSI recently changed Flagship Europe to Creative Food Europe.

Customized Products

OSI Food Solutions specializes in made-to-order services, providing customers with products that adhere to their operational requirements. The company supplies all kinds of products, including pork, seafood, beef, produce, and baked goods. It does processing of all foods from sous vides items to specialty sausages to fried foods. OSI is all about the end-user whether it’s a large processing factory or a small catering company.

Aloha Construction-Protecting Your Investment

Aloha Construction is a family-owned construction company that is serving southern Wisconsin and the Illinois area. They have successfully completed over 7,000 projects, and they offer an array of various services including roof repair, gutter maintenance, and siding installation. Aloha Construction is proud to have recently received the 2017 Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau for Marketplace Ethics.

Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 projects in the Midwest, and they continue to provide their services to all who need them. They will provide a free property inspection, and they even provide financing. They also install doors, replace screens, and service Soffit that needs attention. View the Company reviews at

Aloha Construction leads the Midwest in roof installation and repair, and they follow a strict process when it comes to examining your roof. Their trained contractors will be able to tell you how much life your roof materials have and they will also be able to suggest the proper installation methods and replacement materials that you should use. Every roof project that they complete also comes with a 10-year warranty for their craftsmanship as well.

Aloha Construction is an expert in the installation, repairing, and replacement of your siding. It is important to keep your siding in good repair because it not only adds to the investment value and curb appeal of your home, but it also helps to protect your home from the elements.

Aloha Construction has contractors that are trained to work with many materials including Hardee board, aluminum, fiber cement, face brick, wood, stucco, and of course vinyl. Their trained and licensed contractors always strive to provide the very best service that they can. Follow Aloha Construction on

They also service gutters and downspout systems. They will service K-Style Seamless aluminum, Omni-style, oversized, and regular gutter systems as well as elbows and miters. Your gutters help to keep standing water from accumulating around the foundation of your home. If your gutters are not working properly, then you will be facing problems such as mold and mildew in your basement or crawlspace, and you could also be facing soil erosion and concrete damage.


The miracle of Heal N Soothe

     The answer most of us have to pain is; go to the pharmacy and get over the counter pain killers. Doesn’t it bother you that the pain often comes back when the pain killer wears off?

The feeling of pain you have when you get hurt comes as a result of healing. When you get hurt, the nervous system sends a message to the brain. The brain in turn sends a message to the white blood cells which will rush to the hurt region to create a mesh like structure that traps nutrients, blood and other useful components from spilling out. Since blood flow will be restrained for a while, you start feeling pain in the affected area. Once the healing process is complete, a message is sent to the brain which in turn releases proteolytic enzyme that dissolves the mesh created by the white blood cells. Once the mesh is dissolved, blood can circulate properly and as a result, the pain goes away.

At the age of 27, the body’s rate of producing the proteolytic enzyme starts declining. This means that in older people, it takes much longer for the mesh to dissolve. Therefore, a cut that would cause a 20 year old pain for three hours may cause a 60 year old pain for three days. The answer to this is not pain killers; medicine that tricks the brain into thinking the pain is non-existent. The answer is to take medicine that helps dissolve the mesh. By taking pain killers, what you are doing is masking the pain, not solving it.

Heal N Soothe is medicine made out of natural components such as the proteolytic enzyme, Papain, Boswellia, Turmeric, Ginger and Bromelain. Heal N Sooth helps the body dissolve the mesh formed by the white blood cells during healing and therefore relieving you of pain. This gives your body the chance to deal with the pain naturally without introducing many foreign chemicals.

What makes Heal N Soothe the best pain reliever in the market is the fact that it is purely natural. Other medicines out there consist of some chemical components. This means that after you ingest the tablets, your kidney will have to work really hard to get rid of the toxic chemicals. The danger in this is the possibility of overworking the kidney. If the kidneys get constantly overworked trying to clear your system of the chemical toxins that come from the medicine you take, they could fail. Since Heal N Soothe is purely natural, there are no toxic chemicals that will need to be expelled from the body. Therefore it does not pose any danger to your health.

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Heal N Soothe Takes Care of the Pain and Strengthens the Body

For most of us, when we feel pain, we reach for the nearest painkillers to get rid of it, but that is just a temporary relief. Heal N Soothe actually works hard to help heal the body in order to make it better and healthier, so it is able to defend itself from ailments, aches, and pains.

Our bodies produce what is known as proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes are our body’s natural defense against inflammation that sets in whenever we get injured. Our bodies do not produce as many of these powerful enzymes as we age and we have more inflammation because of it. Age is not the only reason we may have a lot more inflammation and things like allergies, medications, toxins in our environment, and infections can all contribute to inflammation. Inflammation can cause damage to our bodies and can actually cause additional pain in the form of arthritis, cataracts, sinusitis, fatigue, and colitis. It can even cause hair loss, heart disease. Alzheimer’s and can even bring on a stroke.

Heal N Soothe contains many natural ingredients that will effectively combat inflammation and get your bodies healthy and strong again. It only costs about $50 a bottle which is enough for a month’s supply and is available online at Amazon and on the Heal N Soothe website. Heal N Soothe is a natural way to manage inflammation, is not toxic to the liver as many painkillers are, and does not cause unwanted side effects. It is safe to take and effective.

Heal N Soothe contains powerful ingredients like bromelain, turmeric extract, proteolytic enzymes, Boswellia extract, papain, rutin, devil’s claw, and ginger extract. These ingredients combined make it a powerful supplement that cleanses the blood, kills viruses, and helps to strengthen the immune system.

It is important to have the blood cleansed because excess fibrin can build up and actually thicken the blood. If you have thick blood, you are much more likely to get painful and life-threatening blood clots. Having a healthy immune system means that you can stay healthy and you will not get sick from every little virus that comes along so you will have much less downtime. Heal N Soothe also helps to break down fibrosis and scar tissue that can build up in your bodies over time. This can greatly reduce the strain on your organs and can help to keep everything working smoothly.

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