The Contributions of Oncotarget to the Health Sector

In a recent research which was conducted by scientists in a given population, it was discovered that the serum Pi levels put humans at risk of contracting cancer. Swedish Apolipoprotein Mortality Risk methods were used in the research and with selected participants, who were all twenty years old. Men fell higher chances of contracting cancer with the increasing levels of Pi, contrary to women whose record was negative. The research showed positive links between the specific cancer sites links between Pi and the cancer of the pancreas, thyroid gland, lung, and bone in men. Check Oncotarget journal at

Women were linked to the risk of contracting lung cancer, cancer of the esophagus, and skin cancer with the increasing rates of the Pi. Besides, the chances of developing breast cancer, endocrine cancer, and endometrial cancer were lower in both men and women who had higher Pi levels. In cases where one has abnormal levels of Pi, they are likely to contract various types of cancer. Hence it is essential to visit the doctor for further analyses on one’s body condition. Download output styles at

Onotarget, which is a medical journal, currently publishes two weekly articles through which it offers insight to people concerning various diseases. Through their site, Oncotarget has helped its readers in the interpretation as well as identification of signs of acute infections, and in turn, given them advise and links to medical practitioners that can efficiently handle their conditions. Oncotarget recently assured their readers that their articles will always be available at PubMed, Web of Science as well as PubMed Central.

Oncotarget has in the recent years worked with prestigious medical companies as well as scientists to carry out researches as well as gain insight concerning certain diseases, particularly those that cause severe effects in humans and also discover their treatments. It has been ranked among the top journals in the country, and many of its readers are pleased with the knowledge the writers equip them with, concerning various diseases like cancer, and other chronic diseases. The firm strives to derive measures to handle all illness and relief people from them. Oncortaget also aims at helping people live diseases free lives.


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