How George Soros is Opening up a Better World for Everyone

Charities fighting to bring benefits to the areas Justice, democracy, and human rights have always rubbed governments the wrong way. We think they antagonize the ruling coalition’s yet their interests in societies just as tangible as material aid. Food, medical services, and supplies, bringing access to affordable education, access to clean drinking water among others equals the people right to challenge their government’s actions. Tireless work like this requires money, and philanthropy comes through for it. There has not been an enable of the people’s will like George Soros.

According to Forbes, George Soros had announced transferring $18 billion of his fortune to the Open Source Foundations. This surpasses United States’ seventeen billion dollar funding for security in foreign countries by a billion dollars. If the promise of a further $2 billion is affected, George Soros philanthropy works will further underline the world’s quest for justice. The international funds enable continued donations to more rights groups for years to come to facilitate local partners. For instance, in Asia, rights groups can seek justice to violated victims by conducting investigations. Scores of lawyers supported can take on cases. The Forbes article, also, gives an example of how enabled non-governmental organizations are to document the scale of sexual assault during the conflict and pressure the government to provide compensation to victims.

David Gelles, New York Times article, reports how the funding made quietly over the years has transformed Open Society into a philanthropic organization only second to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the United States. As one who knows the horror of living in a closed society, George Soros founded the organization more than 30 years ago. He grew up living in Nazi-occupied Hungary and with Budapest under Communist rule in 1947; he left for London School of Economics and later moved to the United States, successfully landing a fortune on Wall Street. Read more at Fortune about George Soros.

As a successful investor, New York Times reports, George Soros began funding to promote democracy and human rights, through the first Open Society foundation in Hungary in 1984. Primarily, this work was influenced by the philosophy of Karl Popper through his book Open Society and Its Enemies. In the book, Popper suggests that communities only succeed if they are allowed democratic governance, freedom of expression and right for individual rights are respected. True to the philosophy, Open society works have towed this line. While he does not have all the answers, accolades have come his way for not leaving everything to governments. He has created a foundation whose work will long continue after his candle burns out.

“Trying to improve the world is more difficult than making money; you can only measure it if you have a strategy. I set up a foundation to support this idea of an open society, opening up closed societies, making open societies function better, and foster a critical mode of thinking,” George Soros, in a video provided on the open society Foundations’ website. Read this article on about George.

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