Securus Technologies Changing How Officers Work in Jails

Over the last decade working as a corrections officer in the state prison, my job responsibilities have remained pretty much the same. It wasn’t until last year when the violence in our facility hit a tipping point that all the officers employed here had to make some changes to our routine. Due to overcrowded conditions, we had to start making use of technology to help us maintain order or this dangerous situation was going to become a deadly one. Although it was a break from the norm for us, it certainly began to show promise right out of the gate.


Securus Technologies has been part of the reason officers in dangerous jails have been in the position to gain back control of the inmates and make life for everyone, from inmates, officers, guests, or staff, to be able to feel safe again. Securus Technologies is responsible for making a modern telephone monitoring system for prisons so the officers can get better control of potentially dangerous situations before they even happen. While the LBS software scans the telephone calls inmates are making on the prison phones, officers are freed from the call center to get back on the front lines.


We trust Securus Technologies because officers from over 2,500 jails around the country are already seeing the results we want, and it was only a matter of time before we began to see things start to improve. Now that we are back on the front lines, we have seen a huge drop in incidents of violence due to drug use. The reason is that the LBS software identifies when inmates are on the phones bragging about drug use, complaining about having to sell drugs for gangs, or asking their family and friends to bring in prescription mediation at our prison guest center for them.


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