Meal Delivery Services That Are Athlete Approved

Pete’s Paleo

This is a great option for an individual whom is a venturesome eater.


Pete’s Paleo provides an individual with great variety. Pete’s Paleo menu consists of many delicious and fresh meals. Pete’s Paleo provides periodic ingredients depending on what is being harvested. The cost of 5 meals is $123.00. The cost of 10 meals is $189.00. The cost of 14 meals is $249.00. The cost of 20 meals is $324.00. The cost of 10 vegetarian based meals is $129.00. The meals are free of GMO, dairy, soy, and gluten. The meals consist of high amounts of protein.


Paleo bacon and bone broth are great choices to try. The taste of bone broth is appetizing and sweet. Pete’s Paleo bacon is meaty, succulent, and savory.


Ice Age Meals

This is ideal for an individual that wants to store a few meals in the freezer.


Ice Age Meals consists of a basic ingredient menu with excellent meat options. All of the ingredients used are free of GMO, dairy, and gluten. Ice Age Meals come frozen and in bulk. The purchase of 14 meals cost $165.00. The purchase of 24 meals cost $275.00. The purchase of 64 meals cost $530.00.


Pastel de Papa is a great choice. Pastel de Papa is a pie that contains beef, onions, tomatoes, eggs that are hard boiled, and raisins. This pie is then topped off with a helping of delicious mashed potatoes.


Paleo Power Meals

This is a great option for individuals that enjoy having variety while eating meals.


Eggs, chicken, beef, and fish are the main components. Each meal provides high amounts of protein. Each meal is individually provided in tupperware. This is great for the athlete on the go throughout the day. The cost of the meals are 8-15 dollars.


Spaghetti squash bolognese and sweet potato pancakes are a delicious choice from the Paleo Power Meal.


Nutrisystem for Men

Nutrisystem  for men provides individuals with a nutritious balance. praised the nutrient rich meals, that still help you cut calories.


Nutrisystem for men provides a personalized eating plan. The meals each contain high amounts of fiber and protein. Nutrisystem has 3 diet plans which are core plan, basic plan, and uniquely yours plan. The core plan consists of an additional 100 types of food to choose from. The basic plan consists of food that is pre-selected. The uniquely yours plan consists of another additional 150 types of food to choose from. Nutrisystem also has programs available. The programs available are men’s programs, women’s programs, vegetarian programs, and Nutrisystem D-Diabetic plan. The cost of Nutrisystem per day ranges from $9.82 and $11.96. Per month an individual is spending between $290-$360.


Some great breakfast options are buttermilk waffles, honey wheat bagel, and breakfast burrito. Some great lunch options are cheese tortellini, chicken parmesan melt, and chicken parmesan pasta. Some great dinner options are stuffed shells, chicken primavera, and ravioli in basil tomato sauce. Some great snack/dessert options are fudge brownie, cheese puffs, and red velvet whoopie pie.


In conclusion, all of these meal delivery service options provide nutrition for the body.

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