Personalized Merchandising Is Changing The Face Of Retail Business

\Artificial intelligence or AI is going to play a large part in the upcoming holidays, especially in the e-commerce market. Many customers calling in to place orders, check on existing orders, or ask questions will be speaking with AI instead of an employee. Technology has become critical to the back end of retail, numerous operational functions, and the organization of inventory. Customer service is being improved with chatbots, personalized merchandising and technology have merged, and digital marketing has become reliant on AI.

According to recent data, most consumers are either currently using, or would like to use AI powered technologies while shopping, including chatbots. Approximately 65 percent of women are using AI to virtually try on clothing of interest through e-commerce systems. Convenience, ease, and personalized merchandising have become the keys to improving customer service. This includes individual customer preferences, shipping merchandise quickly, making certain the items are in stock, and the management of the entire supply chain. When a customer enters an online website a chat window generally opens and says hi. Chances are this is AI in action.

Another survey regarding customer service discovered 38 percent of consumers were unaware if a messenger or live chat app was AI or a human being. Only 10 percent were certain it was AI. This is partially because computers can nuance context and make interactions with consumers appear human. Retail is focusing on personalized merchandising to increase the number of their customers, improve their experience, and technology has become crucial for these objectives. The biggest e-commerce sites are using AI for customer service, and simple, yet highly effective personalized merchandising.

Startups are entering the scene to provide help for retailers. AI is being used to understand the preferences, styles, and needs of customers. Some services have customers fill out a specific profile so items can be specially selected to suit their needs. This is AI in retail ensuring customers receive exactly what they want. Without this technology, retailers would not have the manpower necessary to provide these services. The personalized shopping experience is no longer a luxury available only to the wealthy.

The available technologies continue to improve in their capabilities, and AI is becoming common for answering many consumer questions, providing information, updating orders, and assisting with new orders and returns. When necessary, AI can send a customer directly to a live person, and the customer service available in retail is consistently improving.

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