The Amazing Accomplishments of JHSF under Jose Auriemo’s Leadership

The JHSF is a company involved in real estate, and it acquires properties and transforms them to stunning developments such as an international executive airport, shopping centers, and upscale hotels. JHSF was started more than five decades ago in 1972, and it is well-known for having innovative and quality services and projects. The firm is leading in Brazil in the real estate sector. JHSF is divided into four business segments that are; Executive Airport, Hotels & Restaurants, Malls, and Incorporations. In Brazil, it has operated in significant capitals, for example, Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. JHSF has worked on different shopping malls for over thirteen years. Examples of the malls include Shopping Bela Vista, Cidade Jardim, Shopping Ponta Negra and Catarina Fashion Outlet in Salvador, Sao Paulo, Manaus and Sao Roque respectively.

The organization was the pioneer of integrating hotels into their activities in Brazil. JHSF also runs 15 Fasano Group restaurants. Examples of the Fasano Group restaurants include Trattoria, Gero Ipanema, Gero Sao Paulo, Boa Vista, Baretto Sao Paulo, Parigi and more. The company is also on the verge of bringing the first international executive airport in Sao Paulo. JHSF was first led by Fabio Auriemo who served as the president of the firm. Jose Auriemo, the son, had this exciting idea about a place he had spotted at the border of the Marginal Pinheiros, an 80000 square meters land. Jose felt that the whole space would turn out to be an incredible place once development and transformation take place. However, Fabio did not agree, and he even told his son to forget about the area. Fortunately, Jose did not listen and never gave up on his idea.

Jose Auriemo was able to convince Fabio, and currently, the land was made to the most prominent real estate complex in Brazil. After awhile Jose became the chief executive of JHSF. The Marginal Pinheiros is referred to as the Parque Cidade Jardim these days. The complex has a 180-storey shopping mall, four offices, and nine residential towers. The company anticipated earning approximately 1.78 billion from the whole project. Jose Auriemo has steered the company to success because he is talented at spotting new amazing projects.

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