Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides communication services to the prison population. Securus Technologies is currently bases out of Dallas Texas. Currently, the company provides communication services to over 1,800 correctional facilities within the United States as well as Canada.


Securus provides services to inmates as well as their families that offer a number of payment options. Advance Connect is one of the more popular phone services that Securus currently offers. This service allows a pre-paid calling account to be set up. This service enables outsiders to receive from various correctional facilities. As long as funds are available in the Advance Connect account you can receive calls any time from a correctional facility. In addition, additional phone numbers can be added to the account by request. Calls can be connected directly to cellular numbers as long as the facility has no call restrictions.


Direct Bill is probably one of the easiest calling accounts to manage. This service enables you to receive calls from inmates any time. Every call the inmate places will be billed to your personal phone bill each month. Direct Bill is frequently used by attorneys as well as officers of the law.


Traditional Collect is another service offered by Securus. This service allows you to receive calls from a family member or friend who is currently housed in a correctional facility. All calls are billed to your local telephone company on a monthly basis.


Inmate Debit allows more flexibility for the inmate placing the calls. A debit pre- paid calling account is set up in the inmate’s name. Additional funds can be added to the account at any time. This plan eliminates any potential problems that can arise from billing calling charges to a local telephone company or cellular telephone. Inmate Debit can also limit calls made by the inmate to outsiders.


Securus also offers inmate video services as well as inmate voice mail. In addition, e-mail services are also offered by Securus however, it is important to keep in mind that an inmates computer access and usage can be extremely limited.


Securus has made communication with inmates a great deal easier and more efficient. Securus Technologies must abide by all rules and regualtions set forth by the correctional facility at all times.


The company web site is informational and describes all services offered by Securus, The web site can be accessed by logging on to Live chat services are currently available to address customer inquiries. Service brochures can be downloaded directly from the Securus web site.


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