Brown Agency Focuses on Making their Stars Great

When most people think of Texas they think of cowboy hats and farms. While this may be true for some areas of the United States second largest state, Texas also holds four of the top ten largest cities in the country as well. One of these cities is Austin. In Austin, the beautiful and talented are likely to be found at Brown Agency.

The founder, Justin Brown, has a history in the modeling world. He modeled through college and then began helping other talents take their modeling from good to great then helping them find jobs. It was only natural then that he would start his own company. Having spent most of his business career in Southern California, he decided that he wanted to start an agency in a place that he loved. Feeling that he and the city of Austin “just clicked”, he packed up and decided to start Wilhelmina Austin Talent Agency.

The company was created in 2010 and merged with Heyman Talent South in 2015 which caused a relaunch of their name from Wilhelmina Austin to the Brown Agency. Brown Agency has their headquarters in Austin but also have a location in Dallas and a presence in Los Angeles as well.

They select only the best to represent their company, having four hundred and fifty talents. Of those over two hundred of their models and actors are working full time. They are proud to say their models have worked fashion weeks around the United States including New York and Dallas, and have exposure with some of the most well-known brands in the world including Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, and L’Oreal.

The company prides themselves on not only finding the best in the business but making sure their models and actors make promises they can keep. This alone is what will take Justin Brown’s company from good to great.

2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award (Gold) goes to Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH Group Inc.

Troy McQuagge, the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. has won the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award in Gold category. A press release from Fort Worth, Texas dated 10th January 2017 has confirmed the news and Both Troy and everyone from USHEALTH Group Inc. was quite delighted to hear the news.

One Planet is one of the most premium and prestigious award programs from the USA. It receives and evaluates hundreds of candidates from different sectors including but not limiting to corporates, not-for-profits, multinationals. It considers top executives and businesses for their excellent achievements in different functions such as PR, Finance, Growth & Profit, Sales, Marketing and so on. This is why; winning the Gold Award from it is a big achievement for Troy and USHEALTH Group Inc.

Troy is considered as one of the successful executives in the insurance industry with a decade of an excellent career. Troy has been working with USHEALTH since 2010. He joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Since he joined here, he developed a number of innovative strategies for this company including propitiatory Agency Platform that increased its growth and profit to a great extent. Under his strong leadership, USHEALTH Advisors became the largest companies that cater to Under 65 insurance market segment in the USA. In 2014, Troy was appointed as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. In his new position, Troy continued to show his excellence through achievements and success. During his tenure, USHEALTH Group Inc. captured unprecedented growth and profit in last two years. Currently, USHEALTH Group Inc. is considered as the largest insurance holding companies that provide affordable and innovative health coverage to self-employed and small business owners. He also served in HealthMarket between 1996 and 2008 and got promoted as its President Agency Marketing Group.

Throughout his career, Troy McQuagge has been recognized with numerous awards such as 2016 Gold Award from Golden Bridge Awards, 2016 Gold Award from CEO World Awards as well as 2016 Gold Stevie Award. This was the first time, Troy won Gold from One Planet, and he was really happy with this. Troy told the media that he is truly grateful to everyone and he is dedicating this award to everyone at USHEALTH Group Inc. who has been working with him. He also stated that this award was a testament to their commitment to developing new and affordable health care solutions for their customers and they will continue with the same motivation in the future as well.

Troy is considered as a genius in his forte with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in sales and insurance. He is currently based in Fort Worth Texas and has an interest in children, human rights, health and disaster management. He is also involved with some voluntary organizations such as Semper Fi Fund, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas and so on.

Online Reputation Management To Your Rescue 101

If you’ve ever said or done something that you’re sorry for, and who hasn’t, then you can better appreciate the end results of having those regrettable events in your life scrubbed clean. There’s also the chance that you may have been unjustly accused of doing something wrong or inappropriately. If this is the case, then you’d also benefit from having a professional online reputation management (ORM) specialist go to work on your behalf.

What An ORM Specialist Does

Part-time internet whiz, public relations expert, securing an ORM professional is the way to go for countless numbers of online businesses and online professionals as they take back a tarnished online reputation. By being adept at burying your bad reputation news and giving a more positive and constructive light to your endeavors, your reputation comes out all for the better than before ORM techniques were applied.

Some Of The Ways Your Reputation Is Restored

– Scouring the internet for negative news about you personally, your business or your organization, is one of the first things done to track down news items that give you a negative slant.

– As lightening fast as is the internet, it still takes valuable time to research and find out who said what about you and when. Once the grievance was made, it takes an ORM rep to counteract the complaint and post a counter-defense on your behalf offering an explanation of why you proceeded in a certain matter or not.

– Using the latest SEO techniques and knowing set algorithms, your online reputation will be set straight in a matter of minutes. Do you have the expertise and time to do it all yourself? In most cases, you do not.

– In many cases, ORM may consist of simply re-writing your online profile everywhere that it appears. In other cases, you may have to simply post a different photograph or sets of photographs taken recently.

In short, making the dynamics of the internet work for you, instead of against you, as you begin a new path of branding yourself, your organization and indeed your life, can make your professional life take on a new and energized thrust.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Set The Record Straight

Few people in America are under as much scrutiny as Dick and Betsy DeVos. While their sizable political contributions garner most of the headlines, they are practically nothing when compared to the couples charitable contributions. During their lifetime Dick and Betsy DeVos have contributed almost $139 million to various organizations. Since the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Education Secretary by President Donald Trump and the controversy it has caused in some quarters, the couple has decided it is time to clarify a few things about their donations.


The DeVos family have supported the GOP for decades, going back to Dick’s father Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. As reported to the federal government, part of the vetting process for Betsy’s Cabinet position, the family made political donations of $5.3 million, over the last five years, this pales in comparison to the $11.6 million Dick and Betsy DeVos made in charitable contributions in 2015 alone. Total donations from the family, including DeVos senior and his four adult children, were $104 million in 2015. Their donations have been primarily to educational programs in the state of Michigan. Schools such as Northwood University in Midland, Ferris State University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and the Rehoboth Christian School are among the many that have benefited from donations from Dick and Betsy DeVos. DeVos points out, these are not contributions to political organizations trying to promote a political agenda but are donations that will help people directly.


For Dick and Betsy DeVos their priority is education. In 2015 26 percent of their donations went directly to educational causes, plus another 3 percent to organizations that promote education reform. Dick and Betsy believe there is a way to improve our one-size-fits-all education system, feeling that many children are denied access to the American dream because of the zip code they live in, deeming it a civil rights issue. They are not critical of the teachers or administrators who are working hard and accomplishing wonderful things. However, they feel it is important to create an environment where these talented and hard working educators can be even more useful and hopefully reach even more children.


Dick DeVos has been a part of the family business since he was a child. As a boy he attended Amway’s annual conventions, doing everything from greeting guests, to washing dishes and ferrying guest to play tennis or waterski. Dick started his official career with Amway in 1974 working in different divisions of the company, gaining experience in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and finance. Becoming a vice president in 1984, he was in charge of operations in 18 countries. During his tenure, Amway opened several new markets and tripled foreign sales, and for the first time in company history, these sales outpaced domestic production. Dick was named President of Amway in 1993 and held the position until 2002, where he was responsible for operations in 50 countries covering six continents.

Trusting one’s Gut- the key to entrepreneurial success

When Nathaniel Ru and two of his friends were completing their final year at Georgetown, they realized that it was really difficult to get a place where healthy food was sold on campus. They imagined a healthy foods place that would also be fun and easy, and started making plans to acquire a 560 square foot tavern downtown to make their dream a reality. Well, good thing they trusted their gut feeling because six years later, SweetGreens has become a farm to store type of chain of restaurants with more than 21 locations. Nathaniel Ru spoke about their dream and how they realized it, on a recent conference on the New Era of Marketing, Choice, Globalization and analytics.


It was interesting that the landlord who owned the Tavern was the landlord of their apartment building. When they approached her, they knew chances were high that she would think their idea was too risky and avoid getting involved. However, as Ru states, they will forever be grateful to the lady because she told them to show her a business plan and that they could begin the discussion from that point. She even helped them make some of the modifications that made the business location attractive to their clients.


Currently, SweetGreens has stores in all the major cities in the North East. These include New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington. The head of digital marketing at the company states that in order to achieve success the company presented itself not as a mere place to buy food but a complete package altogether.


She states that when they started the company, the goal was to do more than simply sell greens and that through the years; the company has achieved the whole concept. As a matter of fact, they incorporated the idea of Sweetlife into the business plan, improving their sales by a great margin.


The idea of thinking about the why before what is what has led to the massive success of the company. The goal is to be social, smart, and sexy and to have a line of healthy juices that are local. The company throws a music festival every year through its Sweetlife ventures outfit.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and CEO at Sweetgreen. He is a graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in finance. He is a native of New York, which is also the base of his company. He is a supporter of healthy and holistic living, and embraces people living in harmony with nature and their community while achieving a carbon neutral footprint on the planet.