Great Contribution of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is an American based firm that offers amazing global logistical services, facilities management services and advanced technical services to its clients. It serves different clients including the United States government, non-governmental organizations and the commercial market. IAP Worldwide offers a wide variety of services ranging from support services in social media such as Facebook, emergency response in evacuation, medical and supply chain services among others. IAP Worldwide Services operates under the leadership of Douglas Kitani. IAP is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida and has several offices in the states to ensure clients access the services easily.

IAP Worldwide is a top hiring firm. It hires people from all walks of life ranging from the less experienced with minimal skills to the veterans in the industry. Furthermore, IAP Worldwide Services has a good number of trained and competent staff in all departments. The support staff ensures that all services and amenities necessary for day to day activities are available to ensure smooth-running of operations. This firm also hires freshly graduated individuals from colleges, trains them and eventually absorbs them officially to their workforce.

Career Opportunities in IAP

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Depending on the needs of clients, IAP Worldwide Services is constantly recruiting candidates to efficiently fill in different positions in various departments. Some of these units include operations, logistics, construction, engineering, accounting and program management among others. People seeking employment by this firm can always look up to confirm on the available positions to be applied for, at the firm’s career site. The career site provides job listings and the necessary qualifications been looked for. Furthermore, IAP Worldwide has created a platform to enable applicants upload their Curriculum Vitae. This platform also ensures that they get updates on available job opportunities matching their qualifications and the requirements needed.


Over the years, this company has managed to build a good reputation following the services it provides. IAP Worldwide contribution and services in relation to disaster have been very instrumental. One good example of a disaster well managed by IAP was the Hurricane Mathews. This firm responded by offering assistance to the affected areas through It also went ahead to supply emergency power to specific FEMA regions. Being a company dedicated to provide the best, IAP Worldwide puts great innovation to work every single day to ensure that complex challenges posed by commercial customers and the government are well solved. Being present on social media, individuals can access IAP services at their own convenience.

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