Dedication To Helping The Third World Empowers Livio Bisterzo To Innovate Healthy Snacks

Hippeas - Snack That Gives BackOne very good outcome of the true Hippie generation is the possibility of waking young minds to the benefits of socially-inspired commerce. Much of what the original hippie attitude included is not as palatable today, but certain ideals are. One of those is the need to support efforts that encourage  diminishing poverty in certain areas of the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa is a treasure trove for foods that are healthy and meet the needs of people all over the planet. Chickpeas in particular, are favored for their non-allergenic properties and versatility. Hippeas is a wholesome snack that is a successful hybridization of early hippie philosophy and modern food needs.

Hippeas is a “puffed” snack not unlike other corn and rice snacks on the market. The difference between them and their competitors however, is origin and composition. First, snacks made from Chickpeas that have mass market appeal do not include chemicals and additives. Their nutritional integrity is provided completely from the amazing composition of the chickpea.

Second, Hippeas snacks support an effort to increase the viability of third world farmers. This brand uses products from raw sources in developing nations. This means the ingredients are human-tended, devoid of harsh processing procedures, and help support family growers in poor nations. Simply put, with Hippeas, the first world supports the third world by enjoying a wonderful and healthy snack.

Livio Bisterzo is lovingly labelled as a modern hippie. This young entrepreneur is a graduate of the London University of the Arts and now lives in Los Angeles. With almost two decades of business leadership under his belt, Bisterzo has found a calling in his role as CEO of Green Park Holdings, the parent company of Hippeas snacks.

Bisterzo engages himself in the business of helping others through the power of the commercial world. Livio’s company acquisitions include beverage, snack, clothing, and nutritional products based on the outpouring of manufacturers in poor economic world regions. Hippeas is his company’s most ambitious venture into the continent of Africa. With a large health food and socially-conscious consumer base composing the lion’s share of his outreach, Hippeas was a natural choice snack food to champion.

Hippeas supports family farmers in Africa by helping them to bring crops to a modern market. This snack is now being featured in store fronts and advertising campaigns by huge companies like Starbucks, and other major vendors in Europe and the United States.


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